Saturday, November 17, 2012

Analgate: Where Obama's Sun Won't Shine

There is an operation in the implementation phase after Director General David Patraeus' leaked testimony on the Obama regime's involvement in lying to Congress in fabricating  testimony, which concerns a like measure which was implimented against Hillary Clinton in the Pretty in Pink operation, in which an FBI file with her fingerprints was left on a coffee table to be "found" and implicate her in those missing files illegally being used to blackmail Congress in the 1990's.

It was called Pretty in Pink as Mrs. Hamrod Clinton appeared at a press conference in a tight pink sweater and was sporting these miracle large breasts.

The discussion has been to leave an ipad , similar to the thing Mr. Obama presented the Queen, and in satire the Queen this time will be the homosexuals with key elements of the Obama Fag File as was exposed here.

Such an electronic file with Mr. Obama's and Ms. Jarrett's fingerprints, with information on Benghazi, the Obama hostage operation, his contacts with terrorists and mentioning coordination with the media to set up Mitt Romney, would by miracle appear in the White House at some coffee table public location, be "found" by Secret Service and turned immediately over to FBI where it would be leaked to the public in the coordinated effort to expose Mr. Obama in the Wrath of the Khans.

It is operational and venues have been noted after some Barry Chin appearance, that this device would be left behind to be found, where it would be then exposed on a local level.

There are several conduits to this exposure, but this one is deemed the more viable as leaking Obama conversations or texts with terrorists would beg questions of national security. The ipad has already been touched by the inner circle and it's replacement instituted. It is brown bagged in a secure location and ready to be placed.

The Military Insider in haste spoke of not  waterboarding Barry Chin, but the tops do indeed intend to do that in a Chinese Water Torture drip, drip, drip to implement this. The message was delivered when Mr. Obama was placed into Rose Garden custody that he should not steal the 2012 election, but he did any way.
This was followed up by the deliberate torture of Americans for Romney in the sadistic "will Romney win this yet" by the puppy press not reporting they knew Obama stole this before they went on air, and only started reporting the theft after this blog posted the information.

The Casey Associates are working this. Patraeus testimony being leaked by Rep. King is  the first step. There will be others which follow tying this directly to Obama.
Obama will be blamed for the next rounds of Middle East wars.

nuff said

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