Friday, November 30, 2012

Obama Clause

My children, what am I to do with you, for one week I visit Sleepy Hollow and all of you have followed B. Hussein Obama deeper into the abyss to the melody of the Pied Pipers.........

"They" are concerned over each of you or else they would not be attempting to distract you.

Stock Market Drops

Tax raises

GOP selling out

3rd Parties

Oh lions, tiger and bears oh my, what is Dorothy going to do?

She certainly is going to stop talking about Obama stealing the 2012 elections, so that you will scamper along and dream of 2014 stolen elections so all of you can dream big dreams for them, while the gulag puts up another mine field about you, so you will never escape.

It is  a study really as Limbaugh snoozes with his blondeberry and his Mark Anglo and Mark American fill in with mystic dreams of blaming stupid children for the fix America is in, as the real problem is rich people do not have enough money to pay for Obamaland.

Look Obama Clause is a talking point they were fed on the right so all of you stopped talking about the fact Obama and others stole the 2012 elections. It is pure bogustry to say that people voted for Obama because Obama was giving away things.
I know for a fact that you could approach any Obamite and ask them if they voted for Obama was because he was giving them something would never enter the conversation. That black idiot from Ohio who was remember that cell phone bandit was all part of the stage act to get you conditioned, so when Limbaugh came out out with Obama Claus that you being fed it would shift you from election theft.

The people who did vote for Obama voted for Obama because he was a democrat, and like all democrats they protect their interested parties while the GOP does it's damnedest to destroy their base as that is what the GOP leadership is in power to do........George H.W. Bush told you to shut up and go away and Mitt Romney cut off the Conservative's heads in a palace coup to shatter the party as that is what patricians are all about and why they get the nominations handed to them.
The reality is it was not a give away by Obama, but protecting a racket in those who voted for him, and the rest of the votes were flipped by Scytl, Sequoia and SOE in phantom casino vote programming.

What the process is now in Limbaugh and he has it down to Tavistock and Stanford forensic triggers is simple. Limbaugh is by designed mental manipulation, pitting Baby Boomers who are the coming welfare wonks against those stupid working children who are voting for Obama you are being told.
Do you  think you can win the White House by pitting geezers against kiddies? Hell no you can not.........and you notice it is Mark Levin spouting off about 3rd parties which will effectively destroy the right in America as a voting block.
It is Ron Paul's libertarian bleed off which is now more pro gay than Obama in being hijacked as a Godless leftist ticket who are going to be melded into this quasi Mark Levin CONservatives selling you a confidence game, the same damn way that fraud Ariel Sharon split up the Jewish Conservatives in fracturing the Israeli right.

The problem in America is not Baby Boomer geezers nor is it working kiddies as you are being lied to about. The problem in America is not Boehner and Obama raising taxes. The problem in America is election theft by the powers that be who simply if you have not noticed dealt out to the patricians their picked candidate from George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now Barack Hussein Obama to loot the American treasury and American's saving's accounts. Every one of the above made wars for oil for the cartel, the Bush boys in Iraq, Clinton in Kosovo and Obama in Libya.....and it is not for American oil importing, but European oil imports.
That is what patricians do, and H. W. got his election frauded by Lawrence Walsh to unseat him. Clinton did a Chicom money dump, W. squeaked in Florida and the reality is it points to Karl Rove stole the 2004 election for Bush43 and Obama stole the last two elections.

None of these people run fair elections. They all know they are frauds as Romney flipped elections in Maine and Ohio, and it appears someone flipped an election in South Carolina which entangled Newt Gingrich. It is hard to call the cops when you knowingly have stolen elections.
Obama knew Romney flipped Maine, so Romney has to keep silent about what Obama did in stealing the general elections. Romney and all the polling thought they had it won, but Obama was more  savvy in his operatives.

It was not about key give aways in certain counties in Ohio and Florida, but it was about how votes were repressed and flipped, especially in rural areas who vote Conservative. You will remember this started with Romney beating Santorum in Ohio in RURAL AREAS as was espoused before it happened by Karl Rove on FOX on election night.
Yes, rural voters who are Conservative are going to go in election flipping mass for  Mormon crank over a Catholic boy who lives next door in Pennsylvania. What a load that is, but it is all this machination mess of frauds from top to bottom having set up Romney Strawman as they did McCain, and the end result is Obama carte blanche in the orders are out for no one to speak of this as the Americans are given new things to chew on in dead Jews to raising taxes to 3rd parties.

The 2012 elections were stolen and this is the only place this reality is being spoken of as the sponsors from Mockingbird have threatened to remove money from anyone in the lower levels from speaking of this and the Limbaugh talking points are what is being forwarded to keep these crimes from being examined and spoken of.
They will heap your emotional plate high to other subjects and you will soon enough patter off after Obama and your talking heads deeper into the abyss as you no longer have the mental ability to withstand their narcotic electronic effects they are bombarding your brain with.

They dropped your fuel prices 20 cents to pacify you, and now will raise them again as the peak and pique of the revolution has passed. George Orwell in 1984 was comprehendable to the American mind as sinister in being greys and blacks as a warning. Your minds will not warn you of the abyss you are in, because it is all pretty colors, girls in short skirts and talking heads telling you how right you are.......but just wait around for 2014 and focus on the new dramas being created for you to deluge your thought processes.

The Holy Ghost brings to mind now the reality of Scripture in God assaying the situation and seeing there is no one to save you. Yes I bring the message under duress, but my job is not about saving people. I have been witness for the prosecution in this commission to this point. I have shown the way to Life and the mass has chosen the way of death. It is what it is. I still ponder about this blog even with the Holy Ghost speaking to me about my future. I wonder of this brood of vipers in our midst in the sorting process being engaged in by God. How easily you scatter my children and too many sing the parrot part in repeating what is being heard.
Do you really think this immense lottery was by chance and not manipulated to bring Obamass to the masses in something to misdirect the pie in the sky groups who without that might just trigger to some other anti government events?
Geithner can dump a trillion into the stock market to drive it up. A few million into lottery purchases is not that difficult by stealth either to create a psychic spur.

Call that a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as all is here. Never heard that insider stuff before now did you......yes you only hear the real things here.

I think I'm going to go eat a chocolate chip cookie without the chips that Mom baked awhile ago. I see you my children and my brats. Scattered in your shelters in the cold and no one to guide you, prey before the predator. The light fades as a cold gloom shrouds your minds inducing you to not remember the things you should.
The evil is in control. You are my concentration camp children with no minds to concentrate. You are like the Jews in those work camps in some of you are well fed and some of you starve, but none of you rise up nor walk toward an open gate.

They eat the feast of the beast
From the greatest to the least
The greatest grow fatter
The least just die not knowing what is the matter
Not knowing what is the matter........

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