Monday, November 19, 2012

Obama Sexond Election

Yes my children, this blog told you that the Obama edits did not come from DOD or State, but from the 2012 election fraud group.

House Intel Chair: 'Appointees from Administration' Changed Rice's Talking Points on Benghazi...

The fix was in and Susan Rice had no idea her pretty little face and figure were being sent out to soft sex sell the message of anal rape to the world in blaming Christians.

Hillary Clinton allowed herself to be deluded into this too in her rampant hatred of Christians.

Obama Calls Burma 'Myanmar' as 'Diplomatic Courtesy'...
Gets top dissident's name wrong repeatedly...
In creepy mural, Obama looks like the Joker...

What is biazarro in Obama's sexond election theft is Obama the bi mate candidate who was all feces penis in his first 51 years is suddenly in Asia humping powerful Asian women like a monkey demon tired of taking it up the arse.

Excuse my French but look at this f*cker as this not Obama eye raping Mrs. Sarkozy in France in which she had to fend him off, but this is Obama putting lip locks on Asian women and not on black dicks in the bed sack.
The photo of Obama with the one Asian power babe in both their heads are down is absolute beyond seductive. These two are wed and are thinking about the mussed up silk sheets behind rice paper walls.

I wondered over Obama going to Indochina as it had no rhyme or reason. It accomplished absolutely nothing in political terms, but it accomplished everything in Barry Chin terms, as Obama spent millions of dollars as 10 year old Barry Chin to show the Asian girls who made fun of him, that this is what they missed out on, and Obama is doing the public f*ck of these Asian women to inform the entire society there he is master of the harem.

The gay boy has done good and has now come home to hump the cheif's daughter.

Sure this is another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, but it appears your little foreign boy has grown up America. He done got on his knees for Uncle Frank, done got men to snort coke off his thighs, done dropped soap, done wed hisself to that guy Muchelle Robinson and had sperm donors to the ishy work, done felt up latin chics in uniform as he leered at the white chics in Europe he could only write about as blondes in Dreams.

But now Mr. Barry Chin is feeling his rice whiskey and got hisself a case of Yellow Fever in this historic Sexond election theft. No American in the White House, not even John Kennedy had the balls to feel up foreign leaders in front of the world......hell Bill Clinton never even tried  raping them in public, but there is the Designer Pubic of Barry Chin of Peking, getting all cum dripping coming home to Asia as he finally gets the thing he was too scared to lay claim to all these years, and that is an Asian lay.

Who knew that the one thing that would make Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran a man, would be a harem of Asian not Muslim women, not black women, not European women, not even lesbians, but if ole Peggy Noonan or Ann Coulter had just put on a kimono, then Barry would have had them over to the White House long ago as the runs like a duck kid, just wanted to run to Asia for a f*ck.

Nobel prizes, trillions of dollars, all those black slaves, two election thefts, nuclear weapons, piles of dead Muslims and the only thing Obama Chin has been lusting after in that entire spree was to show Asian kitties what the missed out on 40 years ago.

Yes the Peking boy Koreans, Japanese, Chinese or Filipinos will do, but Obama like em Indiochinese...not Vietnamese but up on the other end from the South China on the Indian Ocean side.

Can you see the difference really? Obama can, and he goes horn dog over showing these women what a Casanova he is. Oh the great loss these women have suffered in mocking Obama in the 1960's and now what a yum yum he is now as Obama does the fashion walk molesting them in public as the Chinoid that got away.

Could that be why this blog has been featuring Asian women for some time.........never know now do you.