Sunday, November 25, 2012


My children, you have pleased me. You are learning. Mockingbird has been exposed in RIP that Republican Insider on Ulsterman.

It is textbook Stanford and Tavistock. One can view the manipulation:

1) Ulsterman says the election was a clear choice.
2) RIP tells you there IS no choice in a "two sides of the same coin" revamp.
3) Limbaugh says we must wait for events.

As all deflect from Barack Obama stealing his third election with vote fraud, it is working. You have them concerned in investing this type of resource to provide each psychological group the illusion that their fears are being addressed.

All to keep you from revolution and to keep you waiting for the next election and one more bit of gossip to keep you sedate. They know it is that close and they are trying to shut it down. They do not want anyone looking at the electronic voting machines which have installed nothing but Marxists in every western nation since they have been installed in the voting process.

This type of protocol to be initiated means a final phase in this step. They are tracking you and monitoring you and gauging your response closely like rats in a maze. You are doing well but they will keep trying to sway you. They will perform an event designed to distract you from this and move on to 2014.

God keep you thinking and learning, my children.