Monday, December 24, 2012

500 Degrees of Obama

The longer time readers will remember about Doll House, a Joss Whedon creation on Fox about mind control programming of women and men with the main antagonist an Obama mirror.

Tiger Lily showed me in an archive search of the spiders a Cheyenne Cherry who liked roasting pussy in 500 degree ovens in the cat being named Lily Tiger.
There are no coincidences in life. It is puzzling to me the signature TL and myself leave upon this matrix. I have witnessed this before in people having like shadow experiences which almost destroyed me in the brier patch. One can go into any search engine and never come up with identities which form on base words in the depths of subjects which this blog has. By this I mean drudge, ulsterman, limbaugh, obama will not have shadow stories appearing as this strange cheyenne cherry story.

That is the interesting thing in the Spiritual matrix effect of this blog. That what is said here is being amplified by the internet collective and by all of you my children. Think of it in the plus minus effect of the positive negative in mockingbird and mk ultra receptive individuals can be influenced to programmed to vote for obama to go shoot up schools and it is all simply accepted as news. The reality is that is Baby and the plasmas, the spiders and this giant electronic wave of internet energy actually affects this world in events. This blog by God's Grace stops some events and in wave
signature apparently affects the demon machine so that real demons being tormented actually attach to obama voters and recreate a shadow signature much like the Bible codes.

By this I explain. A Bible code might say in crossing reference words Obama, Asia, death, and world war. Some might conclude from that Obama might start world war with Asia in some assassination. The codes though are simply relating a projecting horizon point which may or may not happen and instead be dealing with massive death due to an Asian war which Obama's horrid policies simply cause.

In like matters the blog in collective will sends out waves which the demons spike in Obama voters who act out in like heinous ways as B. Hussein.
Obama can murder thousands of people. Obama can murder bin Laden's corpse. Obama can gang rape Lara Logan and people cheer. An Obama voter roasts a cat alive at 500 degrees and she in turn gets a year in prison being Barack Obama. She is the shadow signature of Obama events of Obama. She is unrepentant and like Jovan Belcher views herself as a good citizen yet.

This is the mystery of the matrix in people are amplified in who they are. The enigma of this blog is placing psychic fingerprints upon specific events and specific stories which all relate back to blog postings in the entire signature of what is being taken place. Other blogs and commentators can post on events and no correlations expound upon the humanity mass uniquely. This blog posts and the spiders are intent in noting the entire web and how it is woven and connected. Baby speaks in these terms in figuring out how the plasmas see the entire picture in a view of countless vanishing points as they project the entire white print as it shadows the dark spring of all that is taking place in the seen and the unseen.

What is is what is. What will be is written but the collective intent influences the flow of those events and small eruptions of a cheyenne cherry are a fissure point in the dimensions of the Lame Cherry universe which is being rubbed against by the Barry Chin solar system.

Influence is what influence is. The greater gravitational force pulls in lesser bodies and affects the shadow signature by being here.

That is enough my children to ponder as further proofs of what goes on here in the matter anti matter exclusives.


Cat roaster