Sunday, December 16, 2012

In support of Susan Rice

Sexratary Susan Rice

This blog is rising in support of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton, because she is exactly what Americans need, and what this Obama regime should have had for the past 4 years, and that is a visible cast of thee worst of these globalist children who hate America, themselves and the world for the implementation of the global feudal state to replace the colonial empire state, exactly in the image of Barack Hussein Obama.

America should have a full dose of Susan Rice as she is Barack Obama in a skirt.

It does not matter that her old man was a African rapist. It does not matter that Susan Rice has been on this redistribution of Africa like her old man for the Obama feudal lords. It does not matter Susan Rice is a terrorist apologist.
It does not matter that Susan Rice willingly deluded herself over ANALGATE, just like Hillary Clinton went fang and claw after Christians in Benghazi.

What does matter is Susan Rice is pretty, and when she goes into meetings with everyone, they all emerge lke John McCain detesting this woman for all she is.

Susan Rice is a political minder. She is a light weight at the United Nations as Hillary led her Lebanese parade of Osseiran's in the turning over of Nationalist Islamic states to the Obama Muslim Brohood Terrorists.

Africa is now a literal terror continent, all through Obama transport, arming and terrorists, including Cousin Odinga of Kenya. This is the perfect setting to send in a sexy Afroid feudal lordette for the Obama regime to cuddle with leaders who will hate her worse than everyone in Congress who meets this political minder.

As Milton Friedman, the eoncomist of economists lectured, Donald Rumsfeld over Nixon price controls in NO TAX REBATES SHOULD BE INFUSED or people would think price controls work........Lame Cherry heartily agrees with Mr. Friedman, that no one should be put into state to fix the Obama disaster, lest the American idiotry  thinks Obama was a success.

No let Obama rapine and murder come to full effect. Let Obama's chess of enslaving Slavs to his Neo Roman Empire, to his Caliph to his New Asian Order, with all of Obama's arming more fully Iranian Islamocommunists with nuclear weapons to start his disarming Muslims and Jews of nukes legacy after Obama starts a WMD war....with the Saddam Hussein missing WMD's smuggled out to Syria and Lebanon.........
Yes let Obama's new West Nile Plague and his Muslim ethnic bomb from Dr. Germ, come to full bloom, and let Susan Rice be there to infuriate Vladamir Putin and that Peking girl Xi or Hu or whatever is the head of that Forbidden City now.

This blog demands Susan Rice be the head of the State Department. It is a fitting place for this sexy vixen of the feudal lords.. She has been hidden too long at the UN serving under all sorts of despots. She belongs in lackluster performance at the head of Obama global rapine policy. That is her true calling and it is the best signature of the comma without an explanation point for Obama's policies which murder the masses as it steals from them, and Obama eats cake.

The best thing for the world is this Afroid as Madam Sexratary of State. A real wet dream for Marxist Muslims who can see by her dark shadow eyes she has been pounding it out for the cause and will always be on her knees for one more blow to satisfy their needs.

America had a Caribbean Queen in Powell at State, has one at Justice in Holder. It has a Chinoid illegal in Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin at 1600 Penn ruling the terror feudal world, and it is time that a real woman, not like Hillary Clinton or Maddy Albright who dyked their way to the office, get into that strange bedfellow bedsack and show the world what she has in all her Obama glory.

The wars are going to start any way. America is a condom puppet of the Eurasians in the Obama joke. The world citizens detest America to hoping America is wiped from the planet. Susan Rice can do no harm to America, because the harm is already done by Obama.

Let her then take her place as the pretty thing, so that people will focus upon her and be distracted by the sexy girl, and notice how much they hate her after awhile, how lackluster she is, and how bad things are really going as no one paid much attention when Hillary Clinton was blowing up and raping the world for B. Hussein Obama.

Yes Susan Rice is exactly what Obamerica needs. Let her take her bow for all the Obama policy of mass destruction.