Sunday, December 30, 2012

silence of the trees


If a forest falls among a tree, does the forest know what the tree heard.

Lame Cherry

Last night someone did not appreciate this blog. I once told a Texas slut I could sneak up on people in there sleep. She freaked as naughty liars have so many secrets. Secrets are a prison of fear and only have power whem kept secret.
Is nice the the spiders keep shutting this down as they either appreciate or do not appreciate things posted.

You know that comet is coming now. It is the first global sign. Is coming out of the nether where events are born. Showing up in the twins and the crab.
Look for Two or three gathered in my name my space children. Symbiosis as expect a dark twin to twin to this oba precursor. More will come as something big dislodged this. The destroyer looms on the horizon and he brings in his shirts a host of lights to fall to the  ground.

You made me your slave for thirty pieces of hire. Some gave all as the price of their Spirit. Some paid the worth of the price of their souls to Judgment from the One Who comes Whose Way I was commissioned to prepare.

The antiatter matter exclusives are only here. Try to live without air when the time comes. You will have your Bible quoters but they will do you no good. You need someone who deflects the stars. There will be a shroud over  the Light and all will grope for the Prophet. All will grasp for the Seer. The Real Word will not be heard. Now how much is all that gold and stock going to buy you as the silence is come.

The crab is of the shore. The twins are the ocean of space in the demons and minions who have ejaculated this omen. The Sign is of God.

Shemiahkah. TL had a dream of that Prophetic word. Is an adverb which changes a name. Into an action. It is the kah of the here and the here is now.

My little trees 2013 and the Prophet is mad and those who listen are insane. The love song is so pleasant and they hear but will not do. These things will come to be, but with proper time lapse to expose your faithlessness.
I do not need the stage but only TL. The revelations will come and we will know. How much condemnation is required for those already damned.

What will you do my little darlings now that you can not read the signs. They have known what was coming and have been bribing theasses with debt to keep them in the target of the skies.
Try slaying the dragon of the sky with Lea and powder. You should have been moving pennnies with prayers.

Will see what the Lord says. You may hear the silence of the trees.

agtG 323 Y