Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arrest B. Hussein Obama

I wonder how many are going to get the real insult.

I will not be sucked into B. Hussein's nor Aaron Burr Biden's infringement upon gun ownership, because the reality is this:

A well regulated militia means a civilian population who is armed, and not a standing army.

A well regulated militia means not regulated by laws, but regulated as in Naval gun terms in well trained.
The US Government has been in violation of this Constitutional mandate, in the Government should be providing firing ranges and ammunition, and arms necessary to every Citizen to be well practiced in firearms use.

The shall not be infringed is simple. You know what a fringe is on cloth. It is anything that frays the cloth. Anything that gets in the way of any Citizen owning a firearm freely, is an infringement.

For the record, the 1968 Gun Control laws are an infringement as they stopped the ability to order firearms through the mail. Anything that hinders a person's free access to firearms is a viiolation of the Constitution.

I have a great fondness for Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer in Tombstone, but the banning of firearms in any city is a violation of gun ownership and the right to have ready access to those firearms.

What Barack Hussein Obama, and for that matter the unConstitutional mandates of New York and Chicago, are illegal. What Mr. Obama is engaged in is the overthrow of the US Government on many fronts, with the Second Amendment his latest attack.
Mr. Obama literally with the Congress and Justice shredded Article Two of the Constitution in he is not Natural Born. In this Mr. Obama can not be impeached, as he is not an American.

Mr. Obama can only be arrested for high crimes against these United States, as he is in fact unConstitutional.

The reality of all of this is simple. Congressmen threatening to impeach Obama are ignorant of the reality of this foreign agent, B. Hussein. Barry Chin should be arrested and can be arrested by anyone from Justice to the US military.

“It was all focusing on enforcing existing law, administering things like improving the background database, things like that that do not involve a change in the law but enforcing and making sure that the present law is administered as well as possible,” said Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.).
The very laws that the NRA and other violators of the Constitution have imposed unConstitutionally on Americans is an infringement. The Citizen has every right to order a Browning II Machine Gun if they can afford it through the mail according to the Constitution, and that without background checks or illegal Class III federal firearms regulations.

If said person is criminally insane, it is the local jurisdiction which is responsible for convicting them, and once convicted legally, they are then legally barred from owning firearms as they are barred from voting.

That is the key in this, in Mr. Obama wants illegals criminally voting for him, but he coddles the criminal wanting their vote too, instead of securing them in the courts while allowing the medical establishment to enable them because threats are not "crimes".

The enabling of criminal misbehavior is the problem in this, whether Mr. Obama not being a natural born Citizen in the enforcement of the Law.

If any of Obama's Jokers had threatened Obama, they would be in prison. They instead threatened others and were allowed to continue on being initiated on drugs and mind control.

Enforcement of laws is the key, in laws if someone uses a firearm or does not use a firearm in a criminal act, bars them from owning a gun.
In Hebrew Law, parents were responsible for bringing their children before the elders of the city, to denounce them and provide evidence so they were stoned. There was not any aspect of the need for the reprobate to have raped someone or murdered someone first. Unruly conduct was all that was necessary to bring this before the Judges to start the process.
It was not a matter of degrees in banning sword ownership.

That is the Constitutionality of this and it falls on Mark Levin and his apologists for not dealing with Obama being disqualified from the Office of President. It fell to Terry Lakin who they abandoned too.
It has now fallen to this blog and Dr. Kate who are still marked as Birthers to tie this entire criminality together.

Barack Obama has had no authority to do anything from the White House. His executive orders are subversion of a foreign agent against these United States and that has been proven here time again according to the British Nationality Act and Indonesian adoption laws, along with Mr. Obama's illegal re entry into America, after being the adopted son of Stan Ann Dunham, with Obama's Asian Chinese roots as is proven by his genetic traits.

Arrest B. Hussein Obama, that is the Law of these United States. Enforce the Second Amendment and get rid of all of these gun laws as every one of them is an infringement and unConstitutional.

Someone breaks the law in a felony, the execute them. That solves the problem of the criminal misusing firearms which are the Right of every American Citizen.

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