Thursday, January 10, 2013

jokers and hookers for obama policies

We got this neighbor in a white kid who does the ghetto thing. Great subjects in study of degradation of the human form.

All out of the jungle book of tavistock mind you in that Beatles stuff to warp kids on the beat but the beat now is off to frustrate and play out jokers and sandy hookers.

Think of it in the scream in your ear followed by shock therapy frustration on the beat which is always off. Is like crapper christian rick meant to sedate or that crotch country to key up Jethro and Ellie may nascar . Different strokes but all in ear shot to condition the babies like Obamas brain on the light show scramble.

 Where was I?

So the boys speak inonotone primate deep but on edge of fear as they do not fit in and the skirt likes screaming like a cat in Huber pussy delight of she protests too much.
Skirt wears a little Mercedes whyich is white for virginl reasons even if she joy sticks all weekend or more like 7 minutes start to finish as you can gauge it by the tonkling of the bells . If she was getting the big O she would not be screamindg after I'm hopes of more

They stomp in the males on the stairs and slam doors. All show of need for power like little Mercedes and little grey SUV. The sonic tones all mean frustration and the urban babies graduate to that t big the same way nice create. This ain't kum vaya Kenya tribal but that cooked stuff to ramp the brain. It is coke tunes .same stuff as coke and built to trigger aggression and bring about depression lows so they repeat the process in the societal disconnect that was engineered.

It is the coke frequency to create jokers and hookers. Spike with some clinic sopw, suggestions and digital games and  next thing you got is a shooter assistant while the real batf gin walks away.

Another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

 Limbaugh is an intellectual thief and a gutter mime of thee cartel.

These jokers and hookets are created for implementing Obama cartel policy. No accidents in any of them.

agtG 465