Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obama's Diaspora Dead

One of the brain children was found dead again as a result of depression, and we know this as the Mockingbird article repeated the word depression several times just like Rush Limbaugh kept chanting that Bristol Palin had no talent at dancing as his minder pulled his cord to repeat.

Aaron Schwartz is a nice German Jew sounding name really. He though was a boy genius out of Illinois......wonder who else is from Illinois.

Never mind, in he was from Harvard......wonder who else was from Harvard.

Never mind, in this programming genius created sites, sold them for a booted out after the sale, got depressed and started like a mid twenties juvenile genius in acting out on the hacker fringe at MIT and breaking into US Justice files and publishing them.......had the FBI drop the charges and them come back like gangbusters for downloading journals no one cared about......and the next thing you know Schwartz faced with a gazillion years in prison over nothing..........Mockingbird said he is suicidal and is found tits up.

Sure this is the Diaspora Dead being offed like Andrew Breitbart and Andrieu Riera of Scytl as the boygrammer geniuses of the internet who knew too much.

Brietbart built Matt Drudge's site as well as Arianna Huffington' think Breitbart was getting information fed to him, or did this bright boy actually become the source in what he found?

Let that spin in your 486 for a bit as I keep on typing up this matter anti matter exclusive.

See Schwartz had picked apart a little voting software plan that projected out talking points, target voters, and to spiral the system into a self generating system in getting the voter rats in a maze to literally carry out orders for chosen candidates who had the software........

Sort of put a monkey wrench in the gears of the cartel who murdered Riera and took over Scytl, SOE and Sequoia now would it not?

Just say YES.

Schwartz was a genius and by forensic pattern he got into trouble acting out like a brat. He then tasted the green kool aid in Justice Department files in leveraging himself out of trouble. Eric Holder finding he did not appreciate this, came back at Schwartz who was under surveillance as this child was acting out.

It was round two that nailed Schwartz as when he got into real trouble like all the brains do, decided he could use his intellect of the fringe and blackmail the powers that be out of the problem as he had previously concluded.

There is enough in this in what Schwartz was connected in from Illinois, Harvard to Justice to connect the dots that Schwartz had enough association with information of the Obama contractors who were the Jewish contingent which installed him in 2008 in the first election theft.
This blog was exclusive in revealing this, as much as the Russian connection which this graduated to........and yes a diaspora social network genius from Russia who came to America killed himelf in San Francisco  like Aaron Schwartz did on the opposite coast in linking this all up.
The Russian was concerned about internet tracking of people.......all adding up to the brain children who could read the codex and deduce that the entire information gathering octopus was up and running years ago and they were becoming too obstinate in not just keeping their mouths shut and liking the money handed to Mark Zuckerberg of Face Book who is a good little Jew boy who gets minded by a nice Chinese minder as all of this keeps on cartel track of what is constructed of the plasma mind and the spiders.

Zuckerberg follows orders so he lives. Breitbart talked too much about what he discovered and went puffy pink. Schwartz found things and tried to get himself out of trouble and went bay area temp and the Russian did a temporary stay in America before going ashes to ashes and dust to dust to shut him up.
See you can get away to a point in saying what you know, if you have protection. The game though is changing in all of this as Obama has been egg sucking in the Clinton and Bush reptilian nests.
The Jewish contractors have up to a point the Rothschild protective cover, but even they become expendable in this as things are groused over in Obama in that ANALGATE thing mucking up the anus of the Middle East in slowing down Obama's master plan.

A story like this is fine, as no one is named who carried out the sanctions even as the protocols reveal that Riera was offed by a car enthusiast, Breitbart by a chemical weapons buff, James Holmes old man in his computer logic was blackmailed by his Joker son being fed dope, and now this Schwartz with the mad Russian match a scenario of the fog rolls into the bay.

Sure his name is Swartz but it buggers the spiders looking for things.

Where was I?

These brains just have to not be arrogant and be like that idiot Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Take the money, give the money back to the feudal lords, bang some minder they send to mind you, and then spout of things about how great Obama is and how the world needs to be culled of a couple of billion people.
All common sense stuff really if one thinks with the fight and flight brain instead of the frontal lobe in concluding you are smarter than the exterminators.

In an angry online post, Harvard Law School's Safra Center for Ethics director Lawrence Lessig denounced federal prosecutors' "bullying."

Take the chill pill Lessig as this is the real Obama cartel world of the establishment of the feudal global state.

Boing Boing Aaron Swartz.

It is the way the ball bounces. You can give out Nobel Peace prizes all you like. You can exercise your racism in designer Negroes made in China. You can take the guns. You can rape Jew girls with Afroids. You can even break into court records to ruin Obama opponents if you are David Axelrod, but you just can not get in the way of the world gulag which Obama has been hired to install.

Just applaud the efficiency which the aristocrats who installed Obama have accomplished all of this in handing Obama all this success. Admire the piles of dead brains who thought they were smarter than the lords in how perfectly they were all murdered in plain sight and Jake Tapper just gets bored on election eve knowing the Obama election theft was a done deal.

Jake has it right. Sell your soul. Take the whore money and go take your solace in whatever perversion makes you tell yourself you are a human in the morning.

Aaron Swartz should have just got a nice cartoon girlfriend as it would match all these higher ethics fantasies these geniuses delude themselves with. America is dead as they are. There is no law as the elite are above the law. You just need to smile and believe the illusion in this magik show.
It is more healthy as one can not change this as this will only be rectified with Jesus the Christ's second coming.

You really think they couldn't have cured Steve Jobs of cancer when they cured Fidel Castro and Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Oh that's right another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.


nuff said.

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