Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saving the American Corpse from Charlie Daniels


My children, I preface this with an abiding admiration for Charlie Daniels as a wonderful American, but if Mr. Daniels and yourselves keep repeating the old mantras, you are whistling not in the graveyard but on your coming graves.

CNS can publish editorials by celebrities quoting Hitler on gun control and other things Mr. Daniels revoiced which have been deafened upon American ears, but the reality is all of you are too slow to understand the joke that Obama is laughing at.

I have warned you repeatedly this past week that gun control is a diversion to things Mr. Obama has under way which are more heinous.

This blog is the only one which has pointed out all of these Obama plagues the past several years, including the hybridized West Nile that Dr. Germ cooked up which by lab work crossed over into day time mosquitoes which it has never done in 6000 years in Africa.

What are you looking at in the new Obama 2012 - 2012 flu plague which has only been covered here, in this flu WHICH I EXPERIENCED as I did several years ago the actual Spanish Flu, has mutated as no influenza has as it is now INTESTINAL which can not be, and this flu virus mimics the Obama Napolitano Flu of 2009 which exhibited cotton mouth.
This flu which is going on under your noses and is killing more Americans, was engineered and by it's fast spread was inoculated into the population by several common associate methods starting with spraying the postal mail.

While Charlie Daniels is fiddling, Rome is burning down and Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin is the arsonist.

Gun control has no purpose for any regime which has access to biological and electronic warfare as the new Obama plague reveals. This regime has through conglomerate structures just spread a laboratory engineered pandemic across America in one December mass exposure that is still spreading as there is no immunity to it, as the vaccines which you are being scared into taking were never meant for this new genetic hybrid.

You do not comprehend the game Obama is playing as you are still playing by the old dogma being spewed by dinosaurs Chris Matthews and Mark Levin. Charlie Daniels is no better in making people focus on gun control when gun owners can be wiped out in mass whenever the decision is made.

Gun control is a cover for what Obama is doing in America in covering up Obama's electronic election theft  to what Mr. Obama is conducting in the Middle East as he installs terrorist regimes. The only thing that has slowed Barack Hussein Obama down is ANALGATE in the Jews and Muslims are blackmailing him over that botched 2012 campaign event in the kidnapping of Chris Stevens for an epic rescue so he would not have to steal the election leaving that evidence.
Obama wants to be "elected" to a 3rd, 4th and lifetime of terms. That is just part of what is generating in this in the American Gulag.

You can not keep wasting time gulping down the same vomit that was puked up out of Rush Limbaugh's blow twenty five years ago, as Barry Chin has maneuvered this with his benefactors so far out now, that you are locking the front door when he has ripped off the back of your house to get in.

My children they would not be floating legal pedophilia if the game was not won already. They have you grabbing your guns with your warm living fingers as they already have you dead a hundred times over.

I apologize for my French, but Charlie Daniels needs to get his head out of his ass. Charlie Daniels needs to fund this blog past what he spends on Skoal. This blog is the best at this game and has regrettably become the only source of information which is thwarting at least some of what is taking place in slowing it down a smidgeon.
There is no time left and the Maginot Wall of Charlie Daniels is going to be as effective as the Georgian border when Putin blew threw it, as this Obama ledger file has been planned out by the best and Barry Chin is implementing it all as he has done everything with brute force.

This is for me like watching a car wreck in slow motion and everyone is in real time and still not getting out of the way.

Do not cheer Charlie Daniels. Kick him the ass and tell him to get moving as he is making the American corpse a stationary target.

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