Friday, January 18, 2013

The murder of Aaron Swartz

As Mike Gallagher goes on the attack dragging the dead corpse of Aaron Swartz through the media mud in reinforcing it was a "suicide" and questioning it all as Gallagher plunders the legal facts stating that Aaron Swartz broke into MIT, and that this is all his fault........let the realities bite Mockingbird Gallagher in the ass.

Gallagher is the problem in this along with all the right, who have this smiling face of apologists, in parrot repeating the regime line. Gallagher and this crew could not spout the line of Andrew Breitbart's murder was heart trouble as Breitbart's empire was divided up to be taken over by the cartel ending it's investigatory work.
The widow Breitbart has not donated to this blog either, but then neither has Orson Bean, who I really like, now that his Ros Carter euphoria has worn off and he is an American.

Meanwhile back to something more..........

Aaron Swartz was exactly like the government at MIT. He simply walked in, placed a wifi system in a closet and pulled the data out.
That is what Aaron Swartz was adept at, in he never had to break into any location. He was exactly like the government coming into all of your homes every moment with surveillance systems to spy on you. Mr. Swartz simply would drop off his conduit and begin gathering data.

This blog will reveal something exclusively again in this in matter anti matter. Aaron Swartz in his VARIOUS wifi conduits......yes he had more than just the Justice Department and MIT operating, and it is the ones which Justice is not talking about, is where Swartz got room temperature over.
It is concluded that Aaron Swartz sometime in the past months figured out in part what he had accidentally gained access too. It is concluded that Aaron Swartz went gonzo and did hack into classified Obama areas, which did detail the murder incorporated lists.
Aaron Swartz it is concluded obtained the raw talking points which would have exposed the murder for hire of the Obama regime, and he made it known that either the charges were dropped or this was going Wikileaks.

That is what set the suicide protocols in motion. The information that Aaron Swartz of the diaspora obtained was equal to the damning informaton that Andrew Breitbart had his conduit download which would have brought down the Obama regime for crimes.

This is not a Foster Freiss / Mike Gallagher smear of Aaron Swartz of "intellectual property". This was a reality of classified information that these computer geeks gained access to and for this a growing list of them has been murdered.

They are telling you exactly what Aaron Swartz found, and it was about the murder lists that Obama has engaged. Connect the dots children in that list IS LARGER AND HAS MORE AMERICANS WHO HAVE BEEN MURDERED ON IT THAN HAS BEEN MADE PUBLIC.
It was one thing for Swartz to envision a rats in the maze polling protocol to win elections that would thwart the Obama Scytl, SOE and Sequoia operations which got Andrieu Riera murdered in a "car accident" on a night of no rain, good weather and no other reasons a car should crash in Spain.
Andrew Breitbart was onto this list. His work though was on the bin Laden corpse in how that was set up, with other interesting details that dovetailed into the Swartz murder.

This is the Jewish contractors who were hired in 2008 for the Obama election theft. They installed a back door surveillance system of the internet and turned it on Americans via Yahoo, Google, MSN etc...., along with Obama's horde of commenters who moved onto sites with mania to create the Obama illusion.

Aaron Swartz was too arrogant like Breitbart. He showed his cards. Breitbart's files were wiped, but in the forensic profile of Aaron Swartz, I conclude that he placed his files in several locations and they have not all been located.
Swartz was intelligent enough to dead end some copies. These are deadly files and whoever blunders onto them is going to get the message......"if you are reading this then I have been murdered by the government via the executive order murder file".

There are two files in this that the Obama regime is operating out of. The classified file which is the one quoted and the operational file with the names of Americans like Aaron Swartz.

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