Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Second Amendment is Gone

According to the new gun control mandates from Obama and a gulag like New York, the following realities are true.

All military style weapons are banned.

For those who missed this, the military has had single shot muzzleloading pistols, smoothebores and rifles.

The military has had lever action rifles.

The military has had pump shotguns.

The military has had bolt action rifles.

The military has had break open breach loading weapons.

The military has had semi automatic weapons.

In the above, that is literally every type of firearm ever used and in use for defense or hunting.

The obvious Constitutional violation is, how does one have a well regulated militia, meaning a well trained non standing army of civilians armed with militia or MILITARY weapons, when the new gun control laws violate the very principle of the Second Amendment.

I will not be drawn into this bogus diversion, no more than going into details that this blog warned they were going to expand the definition of "insane" to stop firearm ownership, to include people who disagree with Obama feudalism as all Reagan Blue State folks are defined as crazy already.

They have already banned all guns and firearm ownership in America. GET THAT POINT. It is now simply a graduated period to enforce it. It takes decades to do court cases and with John Roberts blackmailed over his Nazi babies he imported from South America, Obama's gun grab will be enforced by the courts.

See it all matters Marky Levin when you Mockingbird sell outs discounted what John Roberts did and did not have your Boehnerites impeach him, Soto, Kagan and Breyer to send the message.

nuff said