Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are You a Continentalist

I just turned off Mark Levin, as he is the alternative of the liberal mind constepated for thought and is the intellectual mind of shit for brains on the right.

That is not an insult to those on the right, but their reality as they can not comprehend how to speak to the masses, as Levin states he is rural Citizen that lives in rich urbania Virginia to lie to his segment of America, as he lectures from some anal mind concerning the Rovians which this blog has been outing for years, and Levin Mockingbird now perches upon.

Lame Cherry is a Continentalist and I belong to the Continental Party. This is my Inspired creation by God and I define it.

Barack Obama, a foreign agent, who Levin will not name as such, has deliberately destroyed America with other feudalcrats. A feudalcrat as defined here and first exposed are those elite managers who hiked up inflation to make all poor, use national laws to criminalize the Citizen and believe in the confiscation of wealth from the many for the few.

Having destroyed America after gang raping her, America is dead as first written of here. In that, there is only the alternative to look to America's birth in the Continental Congress, the Continental military and the Continental Forefathers as the definition of America, against global feudalists of that ancient era.

Lame Cherry is a Continentalist and as I first in synopsis explained, here am I a John Adams Federalist and an Andrew Jackson anti Federalist. The Continentalist is the embodiment of the first American Leader in George Washington, melding the two beliefs in the need for strong central authority with extreme limitations to protect the People and the States, and any measure beyond that, the Federal government is in violation.

This Lame Cherry believes in Alexander Hamilton and Theodore Roosevelt in a central bank to manage national projects and to fund wars, as Abraham Lincoln utilized the Treasury in bonds to lengthen the costs of war out to not produce huge tax burdens on the people which would hurt the economy.

This Lame Cherry believes in Andrew Jackson wiping out a central bank whose purpose is as now to lend money to the masses, in creating debt they can never repay to enslave them.

The Continetalist is a Party which is Ronald Reagan common sense. It breathes the fires of the untamable souls of Sam Houston to Davy Crockett. The Continentalist is America from the nesters of the farms building lives to feed America to the industrialists and bankers creating commerce so the merchant class can enrich all in trade, as each part of this is vital to America.

There should be a standing military which is well regulated, there should also be the militias of the state well drilled to offset the federal authority, in the event the federal turns it's military against the people.

The Continentalist is beyond "taxation without representation" as that was a moral mistake of the Founders, in the true calling of taxation is not of representation, but "taxation not beyond the cost of 10 percent of any individual, business or corporation as Biblically it is immoral".

The Continentalist believes in 7 year Sabbaths and 50 year Jubilees in canceling of debt, so that debt is never something the larcenous look to in preying on the misfortune of those caught in the drama of life.

The Continentalist believes in a pinpoint of centralized power of the common good for defense and national projects with the broad decentralization of power for the common good that the people remain at liberty.

You can exist in the gulag of the democrats and the republicans in one wills to enslave for power and the other wills to enslave for profit, and both become wealthy feudalcrats preying up on the masses, or you can stop the self butchery, cannibalism and carnivore nature of being consumed for conglomerate interests fed off this global feudal finance and become a Continentalist.

It does not matter if this party is numbered only in myself and the rest follow the pied piper into the abyss of Obama and the lords. What matters is once again I have the way out of the darkness and place it here.

The Lame Cherry founded the Tea Party and they could not comprehend that a movement was more than throwing tea over the sides of a ship.

I refuse to be part of a mob as am a rugged individual of the brier patch of where I was conceived and born. The Continental Party is not a 3rd party, but is America's First Party. It is the Party of the Declaration throwing off tyranny and it is the party of American Rights first at Philadelphia.

The democrat and republican parties are immoral. They are slave traders and the rest of these fringe groups are as immoral. The District of Columbia is a leviathan and she bears a spawn of leeches sucking the lifeblood out of the veins of liberty. The Body Politic of America is dead, and a cancer of self serving tumors  that feeds off that body  has now become the maggots of decomposition spoiling that corpse

Lame Cherry

Quote me on that, as this is the Continental Party, founded here, to the resurrection of America for which she stands, one Nation, under God, United, with Responsible Liberty, Responsible Justice and Responsible Taxation for all.
So help us Christ.

 America is founded a nation of prayers and not a nation of prey.

Lame Cherry