Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chris Dorner Take 2

This blog calls upon the good friends of B. Hussein Obama to assist their man, Christopher Dorner, as he just is in need of assistance.
There must be convened and emergency meeting of David Axelrod, Floofy Plouffe, Val-erie Jarrett, Ron Opie Howard, Rob Meathead Reiner and Spike Lee to assist Mr. Dorner as his operation has run into pitfalls. Yes while killing people is an objective, his performance must be enhanced.

Here are the problems:

1. The public does no fear him, and if they did fear him, he would lose his audience which he needs for his exoneration.

2. He can not kill everyone, and is running out of targets, so the targets are losing the public's attention as they do not know who these unknowns are.

3. He is a black man, and as a solitary person in hiding, he is uninteresting to the public after the first explosive scene.

4. There are no women involved and guns without women are like sex without genitals.

It is assessed by this blog that Christopher Dorner with Hollywood and the Obama election theft team of 2008 and 2012 would establish the following:

First, when fear can not be utilized, Christopher Dorner should appeal to the public in either getting the government to hand out more Obama bribes or make Jerry Brown of California stop collecting taxes which would appeal to all.

Second, as killing everyone is not an option, Dorner must take a playbook from Obama al Qaeda and kidnap someone. It is assessed that taking someone who the public liked, would offend the public, so Dorner with Obama's help should take someone the public does not like. In that way the public would enjoy this kidnapping and Dorner could make the victim do things the audience would enjoy.
It is deemed that a perfect candidate for kidnapping by Dorner would be Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. Even though the NRA helps Obama in gun control, LaPierre is a man that looks sort of like a jester ghoul. The left detests him, and as Obama is all gun control, taking LaPierre would be a very good political move for, political operative Dorner.

As examples, Dorner could make LaPierre wash toilets, pick up dog poop, wear a tutu and other such harmless things, which the audience would appeal to.

Third, Dorner needs a woman. A woman would have great appeal. No blondes and no blacks, as that is too polarizing. It is assessed that Dorner needs some brunette of unknown origins, who would be virginal as sexual tension is the stuff of public attention.
She should have quirks like wearing high heals, leather and enjoy whipping LaPierre as he mops the floor and things. She should be bitchy in a cute way.
This would allow her to appear on the Chive, Maxim and perhaps guest spots on the Young and the Restless for wide audience appeal with no nudity, as the public's attention must be kept in the mystery of her.

It should be quite easy for Ron Howard to craft a script, Rob Reiner to do some comedy, as there must be comedy, and Spike Lee to handle the raw intensity.
The Obama braintrust could forge documents of exoneration like they did the Birther document for Chris Dorner.

The opening scene would be LaPierre with good friend Harry Reid of Nevada, driving down the asphalt when suddenly they spy a large breasted brunette with car trouble.
She of course is an innocent and does not know Chris Dorner is in her backseat, who then jumps out and drags LaPierre from the car, as Harry Reid stands on the hood saying  things like: "Gun control must be passed for the children of Sandy Hook".

Dorner will then pistol whip LaPierre and stuff him in the trunk of the car.

Dorner then orders the big breasted girl to sit on his lap as he tells Harry Reid, "Anderson Cooper stop being HARD on your guests".........and they drive off.

Of course the girl has a camera, and somehow takes pictures of herself in provacative poses as she attempts to escape in lingerie, shorts, g strings and other garments that just happen to be at the Dorner secret hideaway.

This is what Christopher Dorner must do with his comrade's assistance to breathe some project life into his lagging ratings.
Dorner being a black, a cop and soldier, as an Obama voter has no semblance of all the technical things that go into propaganda. Not all can CBS fag appeal to an audience.

On that note, LaPierre must be given a phone where he in Big Brother silent confessions confesses he is gay, is secretly attracted to Chris Dorner and Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.....all black men, and now agrees with doing away with Amendment 2 and ............I will leave it at that as mystery leaves the cliff hangers.

Additional brainstorming note to assist Obama voters with Obama voter Chris Dorner. You need guest stars as Dorner, even with GayPierre and some hottie with claws, you just need to get in some guest stars to mix it up.

Like Oprah Winfrey could be a street hooker with friend Gayle, be Oprah Channel and CBS with Charlie Rose. In this segment Oprah could be going undercover to find Lance Armstro.......sorry Chris Dorner and be dressed with Gayle as hookers, when an LAPD cop played by Roberta Vasquez arrests them, puts them in the back the squad car and makes them do the nasty with batons and semi great lesbian audience appeal.

Then like Stevie Wonder could be looking for Dorner, and accidentally stumble into the zoo, where he falls into a great ape pen where a mama gorilla rescues him and makes him suckle her breasts like Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck, and nurses him back to great for the eco terror crowd.

No more black guest stars than that though, as Obama  taught all of us, that one black in the white house is all people can handle, so the rest can be like.......

Eva Longoria, an Obama fund raiser who be out looking for Dorner and fall into the Los Angeles River and get her t shirt wet, and for the next hour the Eva would explore how to get it dried in trying flapping it, a person's clothes line where she gets allot of picture taken of her, and finally a clothes drier, all with Eva putting on and taking off her wet t shirt.......preferably an AMERIKAN CHE......with only the amount of acting to not tax Ms Longoria's great for the beaner crowd as Obama is importing lots of them and they can just look at the pictures.

Then there could be like that Orca in Free Willy, he could be searching Sea World and the Playboy centerfolds could do allot of lingerie, swimsuit and great appeal to brain dead America.

See this blog is always looking for ways to serve beloved leader in the situations he is already involved in. His supporters like Christopher Dorner can not be expected to do it all, and in all this wonderful reality televison, and all these non directoring directors, and Obama has no more elections as he is in there for life, they are all Obama unployed and it would help Chris Dorner, the Amerikan Che so much in assisting the public to maintain their attention, as this blog knows if something does not happen in five seconds, then the chimps are whining that it is not right.

This is something the great uniter, the wonderful guy in the white house, can all join with Americans who do not have forged birth documents and who do, in showing off what is great about the historical Obama leadership..........a black man in Chris Dorner being abandoned and reacting by blasting the authorities.

nuff said