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The problem with all cover ups are witnesses. Witnesses can be witless dolts who could not tell you if an assailant was black or Asian in a couple viewing the same man, and yet with the case of Jim and Karen Reynolds, the police have a problem with living witnesses who actually were coherent enough to give an account of the Christopher Dorner they came across......once again though we have a problem with this Chris Dorner as this is not the complete Chris Dorner of the manifesto just a few days prior.

The Dorner who was the "black man" discovered at the Reynolds retreat, was a man holed up in a property that was leased out to tourists. A man who had become a white fugitive with no planning apparently.
This Dorner appears a stage act, in repeating lines, being quite lucid, but he has absolutely no arsenal or preparation.

The gunman repeatedly insisted, however, that he would not kill them. He revealed he had watched Mr Reynolds shovelling snow around the property in the preceding days, and told the couple he believed they were “hard-working, good people,” saying: “I don’t have a problem with you. I just want to clear my name.”
Mr Reynolds said Dorner “huddled down beside me and said, ‘You’re going to be quiet, right? Not make a fuss and let me get away?’”

Those are UK Independent quotes, and they reveal a Dorner unprepared for anything in dealing with police. They do reveal a Dorner intent on one thing, and that was to clear his name. This was the driving point in all of the manifesto posted. Dorner never once had a profile of dying in a blaze of glory, but instead insisted he would hit the police, retreat and wait, and then be back again.
That would mean planning and positions, and not a cabin he broke into which was leased to tourists who could walk in at any time.

  With her hands still bound behind her back, she called the police from her cellphone at 12.20pm, so beginning the pursuit that would lead to Dorner’s demise in the ashes of a cabin 30 miles away along icy mountain roads.

Now this different Dorner appears in this quote, in we are to believe that well trained Soldier and Officer of the LAPD is going to drive off and leave a cell phone for a woman to phone the police.

In tactics anyone would have the sense to search for communication devices and for funding. One scavenges  and destroys all usable assets. Chris Dorner though or this Dorner, leaves the ability to phone the police while driving a stolen vehicle which can be tracked. None of this is the Dorner from the manifesto and it begins to bring forward an illusion that this well prepared assassin of the Qoan family who phoned them and taunted them afterwards, suddenly forgot everything he was and was on the well laid mission laid out.

There are confirmed cases of numerous Americans who have been targeted by the shadowlands. While I do not believe Dorner was such a primary Obamachurian, there is not any way this man did not set off the Homeland radars in his posts and activities online and off, in he was on the veterans list of those to watch.

So the probability in this, is Dorner was influenced after setting off the red flags, influenced in the sense beyond the Jokers and the Hookers of Batman movies and Sandy Hook. In this, Christopher Dorner has broken profile and that can not happen unless his mind is being influenced by other handlers staging the events.

What this appears as without any data to back it up, is a reality is Dorner was on the edge. He was a prime candidate being watched and if necessary groomed, and in the opening phase, he went off on mission.

Scopolamine: "Devil's Breath" Hallucinogen Mind Control Zombie ...
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May 14, 2012 – "Zombie drug" is a slang term for the drug scopolamine A hazardous drug ... is derived from a particular type of tree common to South America.

The first phase of the mission was complete. Dorner having been drugged at this point, has the effects beginning to wear off, and he begins to come to realization that something more was taking place. The research indicates that scoppalmine has been the drug of choice in the shadowlands and the synthetic forms refined from that odd Oprah nudist in California to that Holmes Joker. Someone is giving key people this narcotic for various effects.

There is a probability in this, that Christopher Dorner on awakening, started putting this together, and was going to make an issue of this in the first days of this, and was about to make contact with the media or did one of the whisperers of Napolitano, at which point he was assassinated by those behind the utilization of this Obamachurian.

The Invisible Crime

Having this too close to source, and Dorner becoming thee worst case scenario in bragging on Obama, gun control and George H.W. Bush, the body was just not something a phone in suicide would allow, as there were piles of dead cops and families, who had to be appeased.

A simple plan was concocted, in Dorner's pick up which had been burned by him at Big Bear, was to be the site of the white man's run. A stand in Dorner was stationed to be found by the Reynolds, at which point he versed the manifesto and drove off, knowing he would be found, as he was going to the location for the termination......the location of a set of footprints leading to the barn, belonged to an operative who had placed the dead body of Christopher Dorner in that cabin to be incinerated in a cover plot.

The scene was heated up, in more shot cops and another dead one sacrificed, in order to bring in the order which would be issued in burning down that cabin, as a 4 day dead Dorner would raise some eyebrows in how he was driving around cars and tying people up hours before.

The place was rigged, and the fall back commands given to police, for the final stage act. A lone detonation device was given for the "one shot suicide" as the place was rigged for a firestorm, which covered up all evidence, until the police blundered and the stories did not add up.

In this confusion of going after the police, the chief protocol was in place and protected in this shadowlands candidate misstep was sanitized and what was supposed to be another Obama gun control event, suddenly became egg on Obama's face.

It was sloppy in this was a DC operation of the shadowlands and it pointed back to Obama, unless of course that was the countermeasure as this little Gemstone does have the appearance of someone running a counter ops against Obama.

That is why the feel in this was off from the second phase of this blog covering this. Something was not right and as soon as this blog started revealing scenarios, the entire operation was shut down immediately.

The indications are the person encountered by the Reynolds was not Christopher Dorner but an Oswald type stand in. Dorner it is assessed was dead sometime after the taunting phone call and the Big Bear burn out, as he came to his senses and the RFID tracking concluded he was off the reservation.
It is believed Dorner contacted someone in Mockingbird media and started talking, and this is what created his immediate sanction.

That is the plausibility factor in this as the probabilities factor out. The man who was intent on clearing his name within hours is committing suicide and being burned up. That does not compute. What computes is an operative quoted the main media points to solidify the deception in the minds of the Reynolds, as they were left to start this countdown, and engage a wrap up of the Chris Dorner saga.

All of this appears in intelligence forensics of too many fingers in the pie, as an operation engaged, mishandled either deliberately or conducted that way, and once the principles were tagged, the operation was wrapped up quickly.

CBS going hard on this as a Mockingbird asset is being utilized to leverage powerful people for blackmail purposes. This is a most interesting case of "in house fighting" going on.

I desire to bury this now as it holds no interest for me, and this entire thing has been "off" after the first posts.

The reality is blacks were told to be hands off in this. Obama's regime had it's fingers in this. The shadowlands were operational and the conduits in California PD assisted in diverting attention to whatever was taking place, and several things were, and a shift took place, under the control of a Caucasian lead.

All boring as watching Matt Drudge's zombie is.........oh you do remember spider Drudge fixating on the zombie and all of a sudden they started blasting people all across America.

Yes Mr. Drudge was fed that from the inside of the outside to warn the astute what was coming, and lo and Obama it just keeps coming......perhaps it will slow up now a wee bit before the scopolamine supply runs short.

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