Thursday, March 14, 2013

It was not the smell of sulfur

It was not the smell of sulfur which made mourners eyes water at the service for Hugo Chavez, with noted Christian like mercy from President Ahmadinejad of Iranian Marxism, but it was the wisps of rotting flesh.

Did not I tell you my babies that Hugo had been tits up for some time and the reason they pulled the plug is he was mortifying on life support?

MYSTERY: Hugo Chavez's body may have decayed too much for eternal display...

Yes my children, you heard it here first once again, and now the Matt Drudge mystery is posted today catching up.

But it should be noted that auditioning Vice President Rand Paul was not stating that John McCain was dead and that "condition" on Lindsey Graham's genitals was not part of this diseased decomposing process which has been noted in the Congressional soap dropping showers that B. Hussein Obama Chin used to be lathered up in often.......

RAND PAUL: 'GOP of Old Grown Stale and Moss-Covered'...

Odd isn't it that Aspen Institute Marco Rubio likes Foster Freiss necromancy in not needing any new ideas on positions.
I guess the MAID POSITION made famous by Obama, in having men on their knees sucking and snorting is what the olde boys and Cubana boys club is most comfortable with.......HELLO!!!!!

Speaking of dead, did not I tell you that the super collider in Europe found what the cartel was looking for in that God particle......the thing that Baby has been created to form the host for in the immortals?



But then who needs God when you got Hugo Chavez swinging Jesuit black robe Marxist appointments to the Vatican.

Maduro claims Chavez swung race for Argentine pope...

  Sort of getting crowded with all these dead bodies, Zombies for Obama, St. Hugo, Popes in black with Obama in designer black for the audience to keep track of thangs.

I really feel bad that Comrade, Amigo Hugo, is that liquidy rotten that is putrefied like jelly. Am certain he is just beautiful like Terri Schiavo was when Obama voters were saying that, and Jeb Bush was allowing her to be murdered.
I do though think that everyone should die, as Hugo really looks good dead. I had no idea that dead Marxist saints got red bush jackets instead of white robes with a Vampyre looking Simon Bolivar glaring down at you.
No 70 virgins though.......Ahmadinejad got the better deal, but he ain't dead yet so is stuck hugging Mrs. Mother Hugo Chavez for a little extra.

Apparently South Florida residents were just thrilled over an angel in the sky in the new Pope Francis. Odd how people who want things always think that things like Obama are a good sign.

Last time I looked, Angels were white in appearance as that means pure and demons are black unless appearing as Angels of Light........

I did check and is a Bible verse:

And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. Revelation 6:4

So you got that gull flying around to double things up in the announcement and gulls mean a coming storm.....then Florida folks see a red angel which means.......oh no peace on earth and no good will in men toward each other.

Seems like bad omens to me, but then I did not have Hugo in wherever Hugo is installing this Pope or Obama on earth installing this Pope.......and not being Catholic or Marxist, and only Christian in Jesus is my Lord and Master, I probably notice things a bit different.

Enough of this chit chat for now, as I think I almost broke two of my toes. Is almost a pleasant pain though compared to the pains of this world.
I wonder if Sean Penn and that Kennedy laddy can ship some super glue to Venezuela to fix up Hugo at least some anti fungal jock itch stuff for Lindsey in the gay ear Graham.

There now, I feel better with Dark Angel watching over us.

PS: Note to Jessica Alba, how about buying a t shirt and accidentally take a half dozen cell phone poses and leak them to my email with a donation. Pervs seem to really like that buzz and it great publicity....course might not help the beauty products contract as the things which go on here make me too popular with the regime in dates.
You might like it though jet girl as ......well I get to live your character, minus the cat gene and cast which dragged the show down.

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