Sunday, March 3, 2013

The First Face Seen

Pondering things in new horizon points and projection lines, I toss this into the blow one's own Horn mix of Napoleons not risen and other such things, as the great anticaption waits for Vatican white smoke from chimneys.

Nostradamus points to an anti pope before World War III. The two quotes are as follows:

 [VI.30] By the appearance of the fake holiness, the seat will be betrayed to the enemies, in the night when they thought to sleep safely; the people of Liege will march near Brabant

[V.49] Not from Spain but from ancient France will he be elected for the trembling Ship. He will make a promise to the enemy who will cause great plague during his reign

The French mirror seer, mentions an anti pope, a fake, perhaps Malachy's Petrus Romanus, and is most interesting in challenging those who have laid stakes in this that the next pope will be named Peter and a Roman.
As this blog has published, Petrus might be Pater as in the father of the Roman system.

It is evident in this, that there will be a Spanish cardinal as contender too.

Now notice this for pondering in what Nostradamus was seeing in the mirror.

[VII.46] Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rome, the two nearest flee the oppressed monster. When Mars will take up his horrible throne, the Cock, the Eagle of France & the Three Brothers

We see a pope named Paul, and not Peter, and  this one is dead during the coming war, one which speaks of invasions and war in Italy and France.

The Spanish cardinals who are below age 80 are:

Rouco Varela, Antonio María  Spain 24 August 1936 76 Archbishop of Madrid, Spain. Pope John Paul II 21 February 1998

Abril y Castelló, Santos  Spain 21 September 1935 77 Archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Pope Benedict XVI 18 February 2012

Amigo Vallejo, Carlos, OFM  Spain 23 August 1934 78 Archbishop emeritus of Seville, Spain. Pope John Paul II 21 October 2003

Cañizares Llovera, Antonio  Spain 10 October 1945 67 Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Roman Curia. Pope Benedict XVI 24 April 2006

Martínez Sistach, Lluís  Spain 29 April 1937 75 Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain. Pope Benedict XVI 24 November 2007

The French cardinals who are below age 80 are:

Barbarin, Philippe  France 17 October 1950 62 Archbishop of Lyon, France. Pope John Paul II 21 October 2003

Ricard, Jean-Pierre  France 25 September 1944 68 Archbishop of Bordeaux, France. Pope Benedict XVI 24 April 2006

Tauran, Jean-Louis  France 3 April 1943 69 Protodeacon; President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Roman Curia. Pope John Paul II 21 October 2003

Vingt-Trois, André  France 7 November 1942 70 Archbishop of Paris, France. Pope Benedict XVI 24 November 2007

We shall see if the French Seer saw what is to be or if his eddy and current was another time structure which reached vanishing points after hundreds of years.

What is congruent is all the seers see upheaval and tribulation, matching the Bible.

In the Catholic Church, the senior Cardinal Deacon is the Cardinal Proto-Deacon of the Holy Roman Church. He has the privilege of announcing the new Pope's election and name (once he has been ordained to the Episcopate[1]) in the famous Habemus Papam announcement given from the central balcony at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City State. In the past, during papal coronations, the Proto-Deacon also had the honor of bestowing the pallium on the new pope and crowning him with the papal tiara. However, in 1978 Pope John Paul I chose not to be crowned and opted for a simpler papal inauguration ceremony, and his two successors followed that example. As a result, the Cardinal protodeacon's privilege of crowning a new pope has effectively ceased although it could be revived if a future Pope were to restore a coronation ceremony. However, the Proto-Deacon still has the privilege of bestowing the pallium on a new pope at his papal inauguration. “Acting in the place of the Roman Pontiff, he also confers the pallium upon metropolitan bishops or gives the pallium to their proxies.”[2] The current Cardinal Proto-Deacon is Jean-Louis Tauran.

We will see how the Reubenites stack up to the book sellers.

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