Monday, March 25, 2013


As I have some time in this day, I have been meaning since the death of the Tiger Lily's puppy to explain some things in Revelation Inspiration as the Bible is quite silent on animals in the Life to come and as this has been part of my vocation wherewith I have been commissioned to fill in the silent places of Scripture and Prophecy until things engage, then this is a place to address this so people will understand and be comforted in it.

It might be of interest to know that in Genesis "living soul" is equal in people as well as animals. They though are not the same, as people are in the image God, while animals are creations of God's Inspiration. One will become the children of God and the other are the creations of God.
That does not mean though that animals are relegated to being nullified in the vermin working for current eco terrorist policy in devouring our wildlife, pets and people for predator wildlife rapine instead of human husbandry as the Bible teaches, is sin, while wildlife, livestock and pets are God's good.

Let it be stated what all are aware of, in there are good an bad animals just like there are good an bad people.

I have had wildlife like chicadees delight me in being so happy in my feeding them, just as my puppy Ruby, to my cow pony, to my goatikins......all are wonderfully nice animals being both living and dead.

Animals have life in them, and as this blog has explained, God made different animals with different emotional reflective qualities to reflect humans. Some animals are demonic influenced, some work for God's purposes and all make base brain decisions in being good or evil.

For example, TL's puppy, Vashti. She made a decision to be a good girl. She had personality, character and of course her mistakes in thinking like all bright animals they are more intelligent than people........and these days most animals are more Wise than people, as animals at least know what they are........but the point is, some animals in their "souls" are reflecting people for that next spiritual evolution, which I believe will take them to a resurrected state of being immortal in delighting their owners in the Kingdom to come and eternity.
It is a simple thing, and it extends to wildlife that God is watching as God knows very well which animals are of good character and which are Obama voters. It is something worth contemplating what that poor dog the Obama's pen up has to overcome in having a blasphemous Obama heading that pack and not reflecting that outfit in order to be a good puppy answering to God.

The main point in this is that animals in assocation with humans, and that means wildlife too in associations with humans do take on good traits or they can become base in raping each other, fighting with each other, bulllying, destroying human property, being influenced by satan or murdering each other, other creatures or humans.

Good animals will share a good reward. They are not going to be the children of God,  but they will be on levels of reward in how spirituall evolved they are. The same Patrick Swayze in  Ghost in moving the coin, is the same power humans have and the same growth animals have.

I know my Setter, Ruby is alive. Had her around here after she died. It was not a psychic imprint, but it was her. She poked my hand one time, and I could feel her being sad that I did not let her in the house. I told her to get it together and come in and that she could go through walls now, as she was in a different form now.
I still feel her here, but I think she is heavenward more. I got distinct flashes of her twice before Vashti, TL's puppy was killed. I presume that she was coming to check on me, as Ruby knew what was about to take place.
In a thing which still puzzled me, on coming here from TL's this past summer, I saw a dog like Vashti laying and waiting on an off ramp on the interstate. It was haunting, and I wonder if that was a sign of something.

I do know I felt and saw Vashti immediately after she was killed. She was then quite boundless in energy, busting cover as not encumbered by cold or restrictions. She was busy for days doing this and she did eventually figure this out in she was not being in the kennel any longer and people seemed not to notice her.
Vashti though did make it inside the home, and TL did get bumped by her and the puppy is transitioning in things.

As I type this, I have the distinct impression that my Ruby is teaching her things and with her now. Those two together would be a comedy routine and well suited to the time. I feel good about that in them being together as it helps me in missing Ruby, as she needs someone too.......and more than having me pet her when she shows up here.

People have to know that animals are in transition when they die. Their bodies like human bodies are no longer important to them. God has all that God Light creation material He keeps track of and like the dry bones can knit them all together again just in particles. The good animals live on in an enhanced soul form...........a little lower than or equal to humans who never have the Spirit of God sown into them.
God did not waste all that time creating animals to simply discard the whole lot. He is the God who lectured an angry Jonah at Ninevah about the animals and stock there in taking them into consideration in not destroying that repentent city.

God gave me Ruby, after a prayer and after some very evil people almost destroyed that dream all from satan. I have had some good dogs and some bad I had to shoot. That is life and the way things are, and God can sort out what needs to sort out, and while a Blue Healer I shot for being murderous, it is up to God how things go. Evil is evil though and just as I conclude my dad is in hell, that was his decision just like animals decide their fates too.

Vashti is alive in spirit form. I know this and know I will bump into her again. God will work out all the details.......just like He will work out things in other animals as God enjoys having all those creatures around and why He created them for food or companionship or just for looking at.

If you are a spiritual bastard, your pet is probably as reprobate as you are in being psycho, so both of you will be in hell, if the pet has a big enough signature in being transformed, or it simply left an aura imprint which will fade as soon as the charge dissipates. Hell is a place of Love though in the next step in the Lake of Fire will destroy the lot of you and as that is your choice, it all works out in all get what they desire.

If you are a good person, a Christians saved in Christ, the Spirit of God in you, then the animals of your ministry here will benefit, in their good example and hopefully transforming to a more perfect form, although not as the image of God nor as the children of God.

That should comfort some and clear up things for most.

nuff said in this lesson.

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