Monday, April 15, 2013


I realize that sites put up attractive ads to gain revenue, but it is strange in how Hollywood looking to turn males into lesbians with the addition of soy milk, that the women there are growing more repulsive by the day.

The absolute opposite though is the reality of most of the school marms who are f*cking little children in school as most of them are quite hot.
Even the church fraus in America who are allowing themselves to be taken advantage of are hot.

Sin and crime used to have ugly people involved. You know the broken nosed, yellow toothed male who never bathed....well sort of like the males in the crimes photos featured in the ads.

Women though who are criminals actually look like something the male would like to be involved with, and this is not a Hollywood stunt.
Attractive women in America apparently are now in a class which their beauty has overcome them, in they have gone insane in thinking  their pretty smiles will get the police to not arrest them.

Now why would a woman think such a thing, unless she had experienced that previously in smiling and cooing at a cop, got them let off........or perhaps a blow job or a quickie got them let go after they had the cops called on them.

Crime in this world, used to be ugly, like the males usually are. That is how Ted Bundy and Barack Obama got away with so much stuff, as people just expect heinous people to look horrid.

I have not studied such things, but the ad person seemed to think that blondes were hot as criminals, but did put a brunette on the top billiing as the eye catcher.

The males appear to be fat, bald and hairy, in equal combinations. Males though are never interesting, unless of course to women who are drawn to mass murderers in thinking they can tame the beast and validate themselves.

In that, I wonder in all of this as most males and lesbians like blondes to sully them up, but what attraction is there really in having a blonde who is already suffering from dyke drench.......that would be for chivers and chivettes not attune to non derp speak, the condition of having to suck on some butches twat in lock down or get your teeth feed to your ass for lunch.
What attraction is there in a Cinderella already the dirty girl? I mean catching crabs is hardly something one finds in fetishes like water sports or BDSM.

So is it really a draw to a site to put up bad girls? I suppose so in World Net Daily makes great paper on child rapist females in posting pictures, as the majority of them are not brown baggers, and it allows nice people to "read the stories" while jacking off in their minds.
There is an attraction for the slut and tramp who is easy access as access is hard for males and lesbians to gain in most cases, so an easy screw with some bad girl is attractive.
Never mind like the Ted Bundy and Barack Obama friends, who ended up murdered, as I'm certain a woman who thinks it is fun, being frisked, strip searched and having an ugly female matron cop put on a rubber glove and shove it up your ass and pussy is something to smile about.

Yeah that is what you get before the mug shots, so you are looking at blondes who were having a blast being introduced to latex rape.
Once again the brunette did not appear she liked it, or had one hell of an orgasm and now wants to murder the SOB or is that DOB, daughter of a bitch.

The males seem to appear it was their first introduction to things up their ass named latex. They will of course find that out in the grey bar a spit shine to lube them up to all sorts of new anal fissures.

None of this has any real meaning as being evil is what the majority of Americans are drawn to. The more whoreish the women can be in cinema, the greater the appeal for that thirty seconds of sticky hands applause, until the consumer moves on to some new illuminated delight.

Not that long ago if a child was misbehaving or found on the street, a criminal would do the right thing and find the parent or send them home after a scary lecture. Now the homes in America can not abuse, molest and rape enough children to turn them into delinquents who think arrests and mug shots are something fun.

How far America has come, as someone like Charlie Manson at least knew he did something wrong. People these days have on conception that they are this screwed up and doing things wrong.

nuff said