Sunday, April 21, 2013

Victory in Jesus

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

To the Saints, Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

LC and I have been experiencing an unbelievable resistance lately in Our daily Lives. Things that should be simple tasks or that under normal circumstances would not go wrong absolutely do somehow become a monumental difficulty, from new car batteries that historically had no problems to physical ailments to electronic drag and traps set for this blog to weather interference and hardship on LC's animals to Our sabotage and enmity with others in Our lives for which they are willing conduits, and many other things on the list. I am sure many of You are finding the same resistance in Your own Lives as God's Angelic Protection is withdrawn due to the rampant immorality and injustices, abominations and godlessness happening now in broad daylight in this country. Your Prayers are needed now more than ever, for Yourselves, Your Families, Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Your country. If the devil can distract You from Your time with God in both His Word and in Prayer by any means, rest assured he will exploit that opportunity.

Please Keep Us in Your Prayers for Protection and for God's Will to Prevail, for Healing and Restoration, and for Us to Glorify Him in every word and deed. To those of You Who have been Praying, thank You for Your Kindness. May God Reward those Who are His a thousandfold and overflowing for all of Your many Kindnesses and Blessings to Us, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen!

LC wrote a little while ago of my puppy, Vashti. In the weeks before she was murdered, I sang the lyrics to a song written by one of my favorite artists, Don Francisco. He is a gifted storyteller in his rhythmic lyrics, and I do know the Holy Ghost Speaks to my heart in Healing and Love through them. These particular lyrics are "Praise the Lord, Hallelu! I don't care what the devil's gonna do! The Word and Faith is my Sword and Shield, Jesus is Lord of the way I feel!" At the time I sang those lyrics blithely, never imagining my word would be put to the test. Upon Vashti's death, I realized I do very much care what the devil does as his conduits sent my trusting, sweet, Loving dog to her grave. It seems people forget that We are indeed fighting a Spiritual battle with forces unseen, but that do affect the physical.

If I, a lowly servant of the Lord, a sinner wrapped in human clay, can Care so deeply about what happens to one small dog, imagine how much more the Creator of the Universe Grieves with each soul lost to the enemy, and how much more He Loves and Cares for His Children. He is God of both the Infinitesimally Great and the infinitesimally small. If He takes note of a sparrow's fall, if He creates flowers to blush unseen by any human eye merely for His Pleasure, He is indeed Interested in every aspect of Your Life.

Know thine enemy. the devil is a thief and a murderer from the beginning. he is there to steal as much Joy and Peace and Life and Blessing as he can from each of You, having failed to claim Your souls. I encourage You to Resist him and his conduits (spiritual and physical), whether by choosing to react in Love and Mercy when a wrong is done to You (though You have every right to be upset and to forgive the unrepentant by giving the wrong over to God's Justice) or binding and rebuking in Jesus Name the things that are sent to tempt and afflict You. When things get worse, take heart. God Will Help You to Overcome every attack, no matter how vicious. As the devil realizes You are no longer his playtoy to be batted about, he will search for easier prey. Don't give in, and don't give up! Someday every hurt, sorrow, and affliction will all be like a bad dream that quickly fades from memory, and We Will by God's Grace be Rejoicing together as Inheritors and fellow Sons of the Kingdom. All things the devil has stolen will be repaid and more...including murdered puppies like Vashti.

Remain Steadfast to His Word and His Promises, for they are Life and Peace. He will not disappoint those who Trust in Him.


Don Francisco- Jesus is Lord of the Way I Feel

And just because this is my favorite song of Don Francisco's...

Don Francisco- He's Alive

God Bless the Good.