Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Obama Murders

The reality is Lame Cherry has been absolutely correct from Day One on Benghazi as thee entire machination of the Obama regime imploded upon 1600 Penn Avenue being the head of al Qaeda in the terrorists of Afghanistan melded with the terror bases of Libya, all wed in weapons shipped about Africa and Syria for Obama's constant Muslim revolution of Islacommunism.

The cowardice of the Mark Levin types along with Congress in not stating what this blog stated from the start that Chris Stevens was in Benghazi trying to take control of weapons the Obama regime gave terrorists as his mission, but the terrorists were engaged in kidnapping Mr. Stevens on contract so Mr. Obama Chin could then stage a rescue by undoing the Ghost of Jimmy Carter's loss to Ronald Reagan, is what is at the political base of this.

SENATOR: 'The dam is about to break on Benghazi'...

REPORT: Special ops held back...

OFFICIAL: US could have stopped attack...

White House tries to deflect...

State Dept Won't Vouch for 'Credibility' of Officials Set to Testify...

Americans were slaughtered for the express purpose of Birther Hussein Obama to inflate his ego and to gain the White House without needing to steal the election from Mitt Romney, which is what the 2012 election degraded into.
The use of the 3 electronic voting machine operations to flip Romney votes and to undo his 5 point lead on Obama is what the high crimes against the United States Constitution and the reality that Americans were slaughtered in Libya for a political Gulf of Tonkin.

Jimmy Carter bragged in 1980 that if he had just launched a war with Iran he would have defeated Ronald Reagan. That is what was behind the Ben Afleck fiction in rewriting history and Obama was to star in the real hostage rescue that Carter dawdled over.

This blog was the first to define Birther Hussein Obama as a Marxist. This blog utlized the definition of Barack Hussein Obama, while the Levin types were still to Mockingbird cowed to utter such a thing. It is past time that this ilk hiding in Conservatism starts calling this Obama who runs like a duck for what he is in being a CROOK.

There once was a list of the dead of Bill Clinton. The difference with Birther Hussein is most of his dead are piled up overseas and not in Arkansas or Fort Marcy Park.
Andrew Breitbart the head of the Diaspora Dead slaughtered by the Obama regime are the Americans in the grave here, but Andrew Stevens leads the list of THOUSANDS OF MURDERED AMERICANS overseas from Navy SEALS to the American Diplomatic corp.

So let these mic cowards actually catch up to this blog in the autumn of 2012 in breaking ANALGATE and stating that the American rescue was not sent in, because Chris Stevens was to be taken hostage so Obama could chest thump and rescue him.

That is what Benghazi is all about at the worst of it.

Those folks like Mark Levin and those in Congress are now the anal rapists, and no different from the Ayatollah pissing on the charred remains of a dead US Soldier in Iran abandoned by Jimmy Carter in a failed "rescue" to save hisself. Anal rapists as they rape the corpse of the Americans of Benghazi in not having the manhood or womanhood to stand up and make the charge with the glaring facts proven here.

Birther Obama runs al Qaeda. He trained al Qaeda. He arms al Qaeda. He transports al Qaeda. He uses al Qaeda to murder Nationalist Muslim leaders and then hands over those nations to these Islamocommunists.

Americans have been murdered for the benefit of Barack Hussein Obama, and the reality is the silence over this is a damning reality on these Mic Levin types too cowardly to state what has taken place in the crime and defiling these dead Americans again, by allowing this criminal jihad running out of 1600 Penn Avenue to pile up a few more dead as Boston was weeks ago now, and certainly more dead will be offered up to this messiah complex as the beast must be fed.

Is it really so hard to say that Barack Hussein Obama got people murdered in Benghazi?

Is it really that hard Mark Levin.

Mr. Levin, Birther Obama did more than go to sleep on September 11th, 2012. Birther Obama Chin got Americans murdered.

Just say it.