Saturday, July 20, 2013

Michael's Moore

Michael Moore is the PT Barnum of modern America, and while I do not appreciate his American nightmare for people as he was most successful in his American Dream, I take no relish in his marriage breaking up and Drudge focusing on Moore being worth 50 million dollars.

Michael Moore Files for Divorce, Worth $50 Million...

Michael Moore is a person I know.. The real Michael Moore never comes out most of the time like the real Chuck Schumer or the real Jesse Jackson.

I recall Mr. Moore doing an early shockumentary where he was cackling at a big snake killing and eating a huge rabbit. It was just a creepy thing of nature, but just the same there was humor in it and Moore was most concerned about the trouble he would get into.

Moore preyed on the stereotype of rich America not caring for poor America, which is evidenced by this blog in no large donations which would do the saving work much better and easier. That stated, he is a pure huckster and very successful at it. I would that I was that successful and had 50 million dollars.

Whatever happened in Moore's marriage it is not to be relished. People having shattered vows does nothing to help America nor any family. Money does rip and tear at couples as they trust in it, instead of God. That is the problem in people have the latitude of going off on some isolation time, instead of sticking it out with the problem spouse and grinding the raw nerves to a settlement so no sun goes down upon your wrath.

Part of me admires the success of Michael Moore and how he brazenly did it so well. People on the right would not hate him if he was Andrew Breitbart, who was another most successful showman who was assassinated for knowing too much.

For me, I am TL's Official Foot Rest. This is a most important position and it is something that couples do as when one come to a union as two servants, and not two royals, then things always work out so much better as two people giving is what nurtures always as two people taking, or one person doing the taking, ends always in disaster.

Michael Moore is not going to be void of fornication and male and female companions, no more  than his 25 million dollar ball and chain will. Wives tend to go on money binges in buying things and then obtaining swarthy cabana boys to have their former husbands pay for the royal screw which follows.
Marriage never ends really. It just becomes a competition to see who can inflict one more dig into the other, before they usually become friends again and evolve into what they should have been from the beginning in not having sex, and just learning to live together after the sex wears out.

To me it is sad. Al Gore cheating on Tipper to now Muchelle Obama a widow and having a Jinn impersonator as her appendage. I have always thought that one marriage is enough for any person, as one person knowing all your business is enough and who wants to go through all that education again, so it is just more logical to behave and love the one you are with.

Mr. Moore like all the talking heads is a living lie. Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews, Mark Levin, they all come out with that common man bullship in telling audiences how wonderful they are or apologizing they are Matthews white. They are all multi millionaires, and when they phone up people who are important or those in service like doctors or politicians, the phone is answered and other people get the cancelled appointment while they get in at any hour.
That is what the frumpy cap wearing Moore on stage was about. The Rochester to Mr. Benny in having the big money while all the Negroids thought he was poor.

Michael Moore simply was Cher for those who can understand such things, and Cher was Elvis Presley as he started the come back thing, that Johnny Cash then picked up, and Madonna grabbed and whatever pervert is now doing it for fame.
Moore understood that tormenting a brain dysfunctional Charleton Heston was exactly the big bunny getting constricted by a snake to get his audience worked up to a lather as they wanted to beat on Moses.

There is no difference in Dinesh D'Souza stealing all the work bloggers did for that Obama propaganda film that lies to the public as it buys into the Obama magic act. No I'm not speaking of the Limbaugh magic negro, but Obama is not some anti colonialist in the least. He hides in that like black liberation as much as Marxism.
Obama is a feudal colonialist, in he just wants his thugs in charge instead of the other thugs. D'Souza used George Obama in the same way Moore used Charleton Heston and that head of GM named Roger. It all makes money and the masses suck it up on the right and left, and make a fortune for people who claim to be just like poor little you.

Honestly, the people on the right would in a normal human situation like Chuck Schumer and would like Michael Moore, as they are about as base as they come when off the stage. They are for all the big lights still small town cafe. They know about the common things and that is why they comprehend the big manipulations so well, as they know what makes the mob tick at it's baseless core.

Look, Michael Moore could be a thin, primped, designer clothes wearing hunk, but he chooses to indulge as he is enjoying himself, and playing a Goober Jones role with his frumper clothes is where he likes passing the time.

Moore is a fat, greasy guy who wears trailer park trash clothes and he is worth 50 million sans the wife's 25 million cut, and Muchelle Obama is not ragging on his fatness and no one else is calling him a redneck as he is doing it his way, in a John Wayne American way.

Most would figure I would skewer Moore and open season on him, but I have compassion as while he has hurt America in the stage show just like Rob Reiner has, but he is someone with a shattered marriage, a family that is scarred and a reality of failure at the most basic thing in life at love.
Having millions of dollars can not make up for that. I once heard a story of some Detroit mogul in the auto industry who had been married a pile of times, and he said, he would just have traded all that money for one good marriage.
That is really sad, and I'm sad for Michael Moore and his wife. I would that they could work it out and deal with it, but the money is in the way as all that persona of the lies.

I doubt most people will feel bad for Michael Moore, so I will feel bad for him and have pity on him as he is a product of savage America, who savaged people and now the second most important thing in life of family is gone, because this couple was not focusing on the most important part of life in serving God first.

So I honestly pray that Michael Moore in the better angels of our natures have things fixed for him and his wife, as more broken marriages or people who are acting out is not going to help any remnant in America.

It is as Jesus said, "What profiteth a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul."

Perhaps I could be quoted here too......

What profiteth a man to gain the whore world and lose his wife.

Lame Cherry

The Holy Ghost did a typo in the whole to whore, and that is where that Inspiration came from.

The line is, Michael Moore is as bankrupt as his nativity of Detroit, as is Jinnamerika.

But that is the way it is with a nation of takers in not enough are giving anything back and poor moral people are expected to pay the way for everyone from donations to this blog to keeping their marriages together when the rich can donate a million to lawyers to keep the sodomy the immoral treasure.

nuff said