Saturday, December 28, 2013

It is what it is

Lanza said humans were "glorified animals" with a "flawed faculty of judgment."

Adam Lanza

 That amazing world of Adam Lanza was one which the experts all got it wrong with Dr. Phil moneymaker disoders in a profound diagnosis of what happens to children when they have fused psychology from trauma to their sociological layman's terms when a child is traumatized in separation from a secure emotional bond in parents at an early age, they do not develop normal psychological connections and instead become sociopaths.

Sociopaths are the world full to overflowing and the way it was once handled was to beat it out of in military training or husbands beating wives to not kill the children.

If one examines the entire savage structure of the American Indian, they were Adam Lanza. That is what a savage is and Lord of the Flies little boys are savages who can care about butterflies one moment and torture a bird the next.

The reality of Adam Lanza is this subject was both fixated on pedophiles and then he became an apologist for pedophiles. That sock changing deviant, points to Lanza was molested as a child, and later acted out in molesting a child or children as he began to make excuses for the acts.

An eight-page document titled simply, "me," is described in a police inventory as "detailing relationships, ideal companion, culture, voting, personal beliefs, describes doctors touching children as rape."

Lanza said his stance on issues of mental illness, including pedophilia, "would cause others to make snap judgments about him as an apologist," Lanza's theater friend told authorities.

Lanza's mother had no fear of this child, and she of course was correct, as Lanza exhibited absolutely no overt violent nature, no more than any video or Hollywood psycho cinema fans do.

So the question returns again to the base of Adam Lanza and what is more important in this, in who is behind the renewed focus on this story, in the blackmail rites of it against the regime and what was really taking place at Sandy Hook and covered up.

But as one person told the FBI: "Nancy was not afraid of Adam, but was afraid for him."

Apologists can contrive any reading of the facts which they care to groom. The reality is the numbers do not match the reports which are now "official".

Associated Press reports bodies were stacked upon each other in December 2013. in December 2012, Breitbart reported the following:

Chilling, Gruesome Timeline Emerges of Sandy Hook Massacre
Dec 16, 2012 - At about 9:40 a.m. on Friday, Sandy Hook Elementary School principal ... He killed all 14 children, who were found huddling and clutching each ... the scene, they heard a "child's moans from where the bodies of the children in ...
These were not children stampeded and climbing upon each other as some might contend as Breitbart reported, but now the reports are hinting of bodies piled upon each other, in exact opposite of Breitbart in huddled and clutching.

You have missed this. This has taken a year to report this? Not in the least, but what is now appearing is a line of information opposite of what was placed before the public, and that is happening for reason to place pressure on those elements who initiated Sandy Hook and the propaganda in 2012, for a new round of leverage for 2014.

Pedophilia is at the base of all of this in what forensic psychology is pointing to.

Why in 2012 did not the regime desire that element to be exposed and why in 2013 is that element now being exposed by other factions?

You figure it out as my two cents ran out in the first post. It all seems now a day late and a million dollars short.
Another topic of discussions was pedophilia.

Among the documents investigators found on Lanza's computer was one titled "pbear" that investigators described as "advocating pedophiles' rights and the liberation of children." Another, called "Lovebound," was a screenplay describing a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man.

Yes Lanza change between 8 and 11 and his screenplay was about a 10 year old raped boy.........the same pedophile nation now in Obama's regime moving from sodomite unions to legalized child sex.

Nuff said