Friday, March 7, 2014


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.........

This blog has always dealt in patterns. Patterns are God's intelligent design, as from all chaos emerges order or patterns which point to a will behind Newtonian Laws that what goes up must come down, and what assembles must break apart violently and settle into patterns from the original matter.

In 2008, Joss Whedon created as series called Doll House. I noted at the start of this that Carl Lumbly was prototype of what Birther Obama was in a sinister mole in an intelligence operation. Barack Obama has always been a shadow event for a greater darkness.
I have had errily manifestations in my life of shadow signatures of myself. It points to life lines being repeated not just in history repeating itself, but as strong lines are manifesting, there are other signatures mirroring lives and making alternate choices bringing disasters.
In my noted test study as my being the subject, I almost died and ended up in hell. A shadow signature which made all the choices I did not, had individuals sanctioned, murdered and imprisoned, all involving like storyline...........including the strangest of happenings in a central lead in this had a strange Asian name.

Chance is one event, but when one has a repetition of those random events, then a pattern has formed and is imprinting on the matrix in other patterns in conduits reacting to the directive energies.

This is all the fringe and in denial by regimes, but it is what directs all of these regimes at core, as they constantly run the viewers projecting out scenarios and correcting outcomes now to manipulate horizon events.

The black actor, Carl Lumbly appeared in the Mrs. Ben Afleck series Alias at the start of this Obama pattern as the intelligence lead at the CIA. The reason I note Alias, is the entire series is about fringe science and while I never bothered to watch the series when it was created, what is of interest is the stories which this group of JJ Abrams and Orci writers brought forth were speaking of things like Money Mule in a less complex form, before these operations were being implemented by US intelligence.
Mockingbird does indeed script and fund everything from Rush Limbaugh, CNN to Hollywood to condition people to expect things, so when Matt Drudge puts the headlines up, you have already reference points as this has been generating for some time. Combined human thought on subjects are as prayers and they do manifest better blooms in aura assistance of the matrix of thought.

As this blog is the only one discussing the event of June 13, 2013 in which the Designer Negro was terminated and an image of Obama took his place in the White House with Joe Biden being defacto President and Muchelle managing the show through O'CREEP, there is something which generated in this as Barry Chin cools his taters in a chicken entree box at the doomsday site 1 mile from 1600 Penn Avenue.

It was the above photo in the center of a British polo player, the Queen's favorite who somehow fell off his polo pony and was killed when events like this do not take place. The New York press where I found this photo was making a splash about it, that anotehr blonde female equestrian jumper had died like Christopher Reeve in the same time.
If you observe the polo player, he looks like Obama, as does that Filipino from 1900 which this blog exclusively featured.
Obama is Filipino in origin and he admitted it before the world with the Filipino President standing next to him as was exclusively covered here. There was an Obama signature on the Philippines as was the Jerome Corsi Indonesian photo of a shadow signature.
Now there is a British polo player who was killed unexpectedly who again looks like British subject Barry of Kenya. This recent event is a signature event and it points to something which the matrix is generating, as has been noted here in the Widow Michelle has been plotting how to relieve herself of the selfie Fang Jinn who humiliated here and is endangering the Obama legacy.

That is why the polo event is important as a focal point. Stories have been put into the press for deliberate conditioning of the public concerning the Obama marriage, their separations and their retirement in different locations.

The matrix was generating a decade before Obama arrived on the public perception a black intelligence agent you could trust, but as Obama arrived, the matrix revealed the sinister nature of this intelligence asset on Doll House.
It was not a chance event that Rush Limbaugh in Mockingbird suddenly was moving everyone on the right to watch FOX with the black All State President with that white shrew Hillary President too. Mockingbird was conditioning you for already decided elections and Rush Limbaugh was the Pied Piper for all of you rats in the maze on the right.

That is why I pay specific attention to anomolies of an Obama looking polo player of British origins who bowed to the Queen being terminated in an unexpected accident. With the shadow signature of June 13 Obama looming like the two ton ape in the room no one is discussing, this polo event manifested out of the matrix of thought. Those powerful individuals were plotting something as this blog predicted, and that energy level spiked, and like a lightning strike it released, and the victim was a polo player.
It is not just time that runs in eddies and currents, but energy also does, and when wills manifest for events, that energy just does not sit in the matrix, but it finds a path to conduct that energy to manifest into a physical event.

That is why the polo event matters. It was a shadow event and the energy spiked to such an extent that it generated a like event. This blog catalogued Baby and the spiders talking of a Dead Pope and about an Obama event. The matrix accepted a Pope being forced out and a Sandy Hooker event, but it regenerated to a June 13 event.
Something is spiking again on the material which was covered here, and the fringe divisions noted all of this as they always do, and made a record of it as a conditioning agent to the mass population.

"They tell you what is going on as the mass will assists their actions to being completed. They tell you what has taken place to establish that action as a platform in your accepting their performance on the stage."

- Lame Cherry

I have to accomplish laundry now, but for as intelligent as all of you think you are, there is a myriad of shadow signatures manifesting which you are missing, but are conditioning you, and your will in accepting them is assisting their projections.
You should if you "feel" and contemplate what you are feeling, conclude that yes you feel like you are rushing down a river of thought with billions of others which is pulling at you, as you try to resist. That is the matrix which you are a part of and it has a magnetic pull drawing on each person. It's current is rushing to events, as the mass will is being directed through overt media and covert frequency signals.
You do not realize they are utilizing the mass will as an amplification device. Yes all Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.........just as it was explained here on other subjects.

You are now aware for the moment, until the recognition of the moment fades in the conditioning, as signatures and shadow signatures stimulate you.

For now, nuff said.

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