Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vladamir Putin's Iron Shield for the World

In a game of wins and losses..........

Obama has a bluff.

Putin has the Ukraine


Th reality is the Russian Parliament is trying to recall their Ambassador to Washington before he experiences Obama anal sex Benghazi style.

Obama costs are not allowing Putin to rub his magic lamp later this summer.

If Vladamir Putin was an oracle vision of evil, then it would be interesting in Ukraine becoming Soviet, as this would relate that as the Russian frontier  moves east, then the oracle will not have Prague ploughed. If the frontier is Ukraine, then that is where a Great Eurasian War will start as the oracle points to.

It is a reality that America is not  Ronald Reagan good, nor is Britain Margaret Thatcher principled.  America is evil, so the question is what is better for the world, Obama cartel evil or a Vladamir Putin Iron Shield of protection for the Slavs?

The map of the Crimea is important as this is the homeland of American Germans. You will never hear this, but this part of Russia was civilized by German Israelites who later came to America.

Crimea is vital to the Black Sea control, and the Naval heart of Russia. One must understand that Ukraine is about exposing Russia as antagonist, so the cartel can gain to soft under stomach of Russia and gut her.

This blog first dealt with all of this, and prays that Vladamir Putin becomes the Cyrus in the Lord's hand.  Vladamir Putin does not hold all the cards. The threats are the economic dismantling of Russia in "retaliation".

From an Obama regime standpoint, he represents a greater evil than Vladamir Putin. Think of the game in this manner. Adolf Hitler wanted what the cartel took, and that was Russian people for slave labor and their resources. This is what the Neo Roman Empire desires for slave labor and for resources. What do you think the Romans would have become if they had American energy and natural resources with a combined work force.

From an American Patriot standpoint, what is more danger? A Vladamir Putin who has not launched nuclear weapons, or a European cartel which started the American Civil War, and used America to genocide Germany and is now gutting America with the knife of Obama?
Consider that cartel now as a Superpower in control of all western Asia and eastern Europe.

In logical conclusion, a Putin is an asset to America to a point. A Putin who is a Cyrus in the Lord's hand is a complete American asset.
So I pray the Lord keeps Vladamir Putin as a Christian asset.

That is the assessment which is necessary in this, and you will not find one intelligence analysis in this as all are MIC and the cartel, none have American Christians as the focus.

At this juncture of history, Vladamir Putin is an asset to all that is good. If he acquires the Slavic nations under his protection, then it isolates the Neo Roman Empire from power and means hundreds of millions will not be slaughtered.

Will the cartel risk Russian spears in Rome, Warsaw, Paris, Vienna ploughing those cities compared to Prague, Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade?
The conclusion would be no.

That is what strategic assessment reads like, and it is what you never experience.

UPDATE: Russia Seeks Access to Bases in 8 Countries for Its Ships, Bombers...

Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua...

You are trying to be herded to fear Russia, which has no projection ability and could never maintain a front against America in any war.

Sarah Palin is bragging of I TOLD YOU SO, but where in her FOX prostitution payment in leaving Patriots abandoned on the field in September 2011. Saying she told someone something, is a great deal different than projecting end game scenarios in making the right judgment now.

That is what the Lame Cherry does by God's Grace every time.

As Ronald Reagan said, "doveryai no proveryai".

Trust but verify. The Lame Cherry trusts Vladamir Putin on Faith more than on the verified reality of what the Obama regime has done to Americans and the world. 

In this great tribulation, it is not the better the devil I do know in the Obama regime, but better the devil I hope bound in the Russia not going down to Sodom.