Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Obama Apologist

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The ludicrous psychopathy of the Obama apologists is one which requires answering as the reality in the plus minus is, why so much ado about nothing if Birthers are such a group of fabrication.

The answer in this lies in the lies of the Designer Negro, Barack Hussein Obama Chin, as those who were drawn to a designed image to prey upon the psychopathy of the leftist, can not come to terms with the reality that everything they thought Obama rescued them from, instead bronzed them into an effigy of all their phobic manifestations they are in denial about.

The vote for Obama was to reprieve and relieve these festering pustules of their sexual perversions of men who could not handle their women to get them put in their place by a evil black man, women who became aroused by degrading sex with a wicked black man, and the racist who abused minorities was to be exorcised for their demons in proving they were really good folks in having stooped to voting for a Negro of Design.

The left intellectual was a maniac for the Obama treatment and has devolved into a mania that flat world Obama is really this black man, as to be proven wrong, it unseats all the delusions they have professed, in exposing them to be the refuse of humanity not worth redeeming from God, and their messianic Obama like all false prophets has only led them to the abyss exposing all of their sins.

It is why the chief self promoters in this still clinging to the fiction of Obama, are so malevolent. They conclude that by focusing on things they do not understand or other self promoters in the issue of Barack Obama, that they can deface thee entire political discourse. Theirs is the Obamaphobia which started with Obama closet voters Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters who attempted to smear Patriots the day after the Obama election theft with "Obama Derangement Syndrome" as if the cause of patriotism was some disease as Bobby and Jack Kennedy attempted to institutionalize and were thwarted by the courts against right wing Democrats of that era.

This is a snake eating it's own tale now in coming full circle. There was a venom injected into the body politic by design in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord. It was not though one bite. There was absolute proof that the Obama regime enlisted BATF stooges to attempt to ignite racism by arresting two white southerners who were made to spout all sorts of UFO diatribes. Then there was the proof of an Eric Holder plot from the first days in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, of the Hutatree minders, in BATF again admitting they had hundreds of moles investing groups across America. Hutatree was no threat, but prepared for the day the Obama regime knew a political movement would arise to counter his rapine, which took the form of the Tea Party. The regime protocols were to smear the Tea Party by linking it to Hutatree.
So the issue of the Birther forgeries was literally an operation coming from the operatives inside the Obama camp in their hired contractors. Just as Mockingbird was active in the JFK conspiracies, the same back fire was lit in the Birther issue in those forgeries. Inflame an issue with enough ludicrous forgeries, rough up Lt. Col. Terry Lakin for having an Asian wife, and allow the psychotic to act out with full protection of the police state, and the masses will never gell to impeach Obama, as the fight will be turned to how deranged the Patriots are. This is standard Tavistock and Stanford psychological protocols which have been political fare before they were institutes and John Sherman was branding Sarah Emery as unbalanced in her work exposing the genesis of all of this after the Civil War.

Some of these operatives are moles of the regime as that democrat who shot up Jewish centers in Kansas City was paid by the police state, and some, are phobic delusionalists who can always be counted upon in the lone nuts rising up.

This is legacy time for the Obama regime, and the legacy formed in the American mind, now assisted by the Clintons, is that Obama has ruined America. I have made mention that the Americans have won this debate now, as the regime in shifting to a Clinton phase is not going to have any advocacy protecting it. That means that the evidence which is fact of Barack Hussein Obama being a foreign agent will become the cement of reality which solidifies in the American mind, as the inflicted upon are going to be cussing the Obama regime long after it has vanished in the same reality that Jimmy Carter left such a wound upon America.

That is why it is vital in the relentless smears against the Birthers continue, as the conspiracy against General George Armstrong Custer. The phobic psychotic must have Obama legitimate or they become illegitimate and the regime operatives must have the Birther issue discredited or in criminal investigations they will be indicted.

It is an especial psychotic class which is the two headed coin of this hydra, in both are a diagnosis of dangerous irrationalism, the type which has people murdering others in panic, as they both are in panic.

The reality is these creatures are so designed by the Obama design, that it is their definition and without it, they disappear. Examine it this way, in order to discredit Obama would you as a Patriot run on the Community Organized ticket to your defeat in an election, write books and create websites demonizing Val-erie Jarrett and her followers as insane, because they believed Obama was black, or, is it for you in your normalacy, that the day this regime is out of power, you will never give these people another thought?
Of course it is the latter, but the Obama class is abnormal, in from the bottom to the abyss, they fixate on George W. Bush.

All returns to George W. Bush, and it matters not that George Bush has a reality of inheriting the Clinton Gore recession of 2000 as a result of the Clinton's super heating the economy for the Dotcom bust in stealing money out of Europe, and the Europeans responded in 2008 in the Obama bust to install him into power, so Obama would dump trillions looted from the US Treasury back into Europe.
When this blog defines Obama as a foreign agent, that is exactly what he is.  He had covert identities created for him to hide his real identity and to cloak his real agenda which is projecting out.

It was ex President, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, who in an ABC interview told the world that Obama's documents were fraud. The Clintons knew the information they were being fed to them by the cartel pointed to Kenya, and the Clinton's were being lied to, in order to create this distraction.
There were people who were genuine in this, and there were insiders like the Sirs of Ulsterman who were there by design to direct information flow to keep people from the facts.

There are low level operatives and these phobic psychotics who have attempted to smear this blog, in order to prop up the image of Obama. The problem is though this blog has championed rescueing blacks from the Obama demise, been the first voice followed by Maria Schriver in being against Mexican slave labor which the Obama regime has engaged in, exposed exactly the intelligence operation of Stan Ann Dunham's revenge in the leads the cartel laid in this nestling of Mockingbird and has taken on every "nemesis" of the Obama regime from Big Frac to Rush Limbaugh, who are nothing but enablers of this foreign the attempt to discredit Lame Cherry, means discrediting their own validation as this Christian Patriot has tried to save minorities and sodomites from themselves, and has equally exposed the capitalist rapine which was bribed off by the Obama regime in North Dakota oil.

This is all one weave. Discredit the Birther issue and all the other liberal issues are discredited by their own pulling on the Obama thread.

Spell Lame Cherry correctly in the smears and soon an avalanche of leftist vermin arrive, and start reading information which the regime and cartel has been censoring with great effort, soon enough they find issues they agree with, which proves that I am like them.......then stories appear correctly analyzed here which begin convincing them that I really do know what I am up to in God's Inspiration.....and then that God thing starts making them wonder that maybe all of that cartel propaganda they based their existences on that they really true too.

Yes Mockingbird invests great efforts to censor me, and then a dimwit comes along and starts posting my name which is like embers in a tindered forest and all of these stooges start spreading all of the other information kept away here.

There is one rule in this, and that is do not ever utter the name Lame Cherry as that blog is not one Sheriff Joe dimensional to ridicule, but opens onto the facets of the gemstones. Those who violate that become the targets of the Obama regime........the very group these dimwits are serving in mania by compulsion.

In Pew research 75% of Conservatives believe they are typical Americans and proud of being American. 51% of Liberals do not think they are typical Americans and are unhappy. That is why Birthers are content with who they are and the day the Obama regime ends, they will not consider it ever again, and why the phobic psychotics are constructing an existence fixated on George W. Bush going on a decade of the end of his power in the 2006 Pelosi overtaking of Congress and smearing Birthers.

The dimwits are self programmed to this in a stupor, but maybe will be awoken to their emotional and mental sickness and be relieved of it by the above treatise.

Perhaps then some penitent leftist millionaire or billionaire will then donate that 350,000 dollars as reality moves them to relieve them of their guilt.
Until then it is escape from Wolfenstein.