Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Centurylink Blows

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let's have a quote...........

"Never shit in your own backyard. Never speak of anything you are involved with. Never relate stories of places you have been." -Lame Cherry

As I once wrote that the American company Centurylink sucked, I now revisit Centurylink with the title "Centurylink Blows" as an Obama oral conduit of cartel policy.

In the study of Centurylink I had several contacts to evaluate the cavity of Obama corporate structure. The reality is:

  1. A female of short temper
  2. A sodomite male
  3. A Mexican
  4. A Mexican
  5. A sodomite male
  6. A disconcert white female
  7. Dinesh D'Souza's anal retentive brother, Iget Nowhite Pussy D'Souza
  8. Jeremy Piven
In all of these cases, we find Jeremy Piven has gained a great deal of weight as he slums from PBS. Being the only white male in the herd, naturally all of the other malcontents find employment on his work.

By this I mean, it is an interesting psychological aspect for an Obama cavity to seek out foreigners whose second language is English and their first attitude is to piss off customers, piss off not in Australian drunk nor English bugger off but in American fury. It amazes me how a corporation such as Discover credit card which makes profits tailors its phone service to employ Americans who speak in American dialect while Centurylink employs groups of Obama voters who speak homosexual, Latin, and grumpy frumpy no dispatch in my snatch women.

Compare this to an individual working as a licensed agent for multiple telecommunications companies who was perfectly adept at American linguistics, small town talk and informed of the entire telecommunications industry.

Now here's the rub. We all know that GPS users frequently show up at Lame Cherry's domicile and are lost looking for other people who they are certain live here. Imagine my toxic shock surprise in being informed that my phone account does not exist on Centurylink by the licensed agent looking to sign me up, but assuring TL that the address was internet ready.
Yes is this not the wonderful world of coincidence again. I will to bring you a blog and someone wills to stop the internet connection completely, and has gone so far to actually buttonhole me into the system so my decades-old account does not appear. And I am living at a different address. Amazing as the bill always arrives on time.

One must understand that flight attendants are no longer the fag domain. Centurylink must have a flaming hire policy for gays and foreigners but discriminating against straight white people. The one white male was the individual holding the corporation together with intelligence. Note there were no Asians hired at Centurylink for the purpose of consumer support as Asians apparently do not fit into the Occidental fold of the Obama cartel.

As a psychological experiment suggested by a good friend John, the pitch, volume, and tone of Lame Cherry was increased to agitation with charges of Centurylink being liars. The net result was the gay boy transferred me immediately to an Indian with attitude but whose English was something only a deli keeper in New Delhi could understand.
This is an extremely ruptured state of American social infrastructure as deep as the rift of all of the inferior Chinese metal parts cracking America in two. No business can prosper nor survive on these terms, which means of course that Centurylink is funded trapdoor by Homeland Security to assist in spying on you. That is how the profit structure works and that is how the mandates appear in only hiring fags and foreigners.

Back in the day, a liberal judge decided it would be wonderful to destroy the AT&T monopoly. This was the worst situation for the world. It set loose the Bells upon the world which have now become consumed by these intelligence asset entities. The entire crux of this was free markets. The Reagan administration did great service to the public in offerings of choice, but in 1996 entirely new regulations appeared which created monopolies in every state of America. These franchises are absolute like the post office. No one can invade any other territory of another franchise member working for the regime.
This situation means that your ability to find affordable access to phone, Internet, television or any communication structure is negated by the monopoly. Cell phones are available "in a wide open market" but that market is funded by high price and for the reason of keeping a more mobile surveillance upon you. It is an entire spy network.
To explain this simply, the American regime illegally created mini fiefdoms which are all linked to the NSA to be monitored and run in return for prosperity and to fulfill the original Dwight Eisenhower agenda created for him to Sovietize America from the Republic she was.

This entire programme is as all of these programs a multi-level regime operation based upon the absolute perfectly created Nazi structure of surveillance, control, and policing in Germany and the annex states during World War II.

Dwight Eisenhower rightly promoted for American security a construction of the interstate highway system. If the regimes which followed Eisenhower in Clinton, Bush, Obama were interested in American advancement and leadership, the entire American infrastructure should have been fiber optic connected 5 years ago. This though is nothing about American supremacy. It is about the American police state and the socio conglomerates socially warping the American psyche to a position of failure.

The reality is, corporations employ 2 out of 10 people who will work and those two are white and Southeast Asian while the other 8 are these fag foreigner misbreds, and that is the most certain reason never to buy Centurylink stock nor to rely on them as a consumer. Certainly being Homeland connected they will turn a dividend and the phone will apparently ring once in a while, but the reality is this entire structure would need an entire Ronald Reagan and Bill Casey overthrow, overhaul and overwrite as it is rotten to the core.

Centurylink is expanding like a cancer from Janet Napolitano's wart encrusted anus, and it is due to the viral Homeland control over the population for the profit of the feudal few. This is not the company structure of Alexander Graham Bell nor Henry Ford. This is Big Brother being a little too familiar with Little Sister pretending the squirty dolly is a fun playtoy under the sheets.

This review is now complete, for Centurylink is HIV infected as a Homeland Invasive Vehicle.

Nuff said.