Friday, June 19, 2015

Clementa Pickney only one star on the Obama Stage


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When this blog reported that Clementa Pickney was targeted by the Obama regime, aka the benefactors who choose who will be the dictators in the White House decades in advance, this is now the published reality of that evidence.

None of this is unique, as John Heinz of Pennsylvania was assassinated as much as George Allen of Viriginia was politically destroyed, all so the cartel's hand which rocks the cradle will have their candidates and strawmen as has been ordained.

Clementa Pickney was called a GIANT, A MORAL COMPASS, A LEGEND in South Carolina by his own political group.
It is a fact that he rose to Minority leader of the South Carolina House. This was a man with 15 years of political groundwork in place, and was in a position to make national moves, in this was a legitimate American black who worked for his position and power.

Ebony magazine in 1999 AD in the year of our Lord, named Pickney one of 30 African American Leaders of the Future.
Want to make a wager that someone named Birther Hussein Obama was ever named on that list with Reverend Pickney?

Al Sharpton as was posted here, tweeted that it was Clementa Pickney who led the prayer vigils for dead South Carolinian, Walter Scott.

Pickney was a legitimate political force who was not a minder for any regime agency to control blacks as his history appears to be one of being a self made black American male. Someone like that who is not a wife beater or cheater like Martin King jr., is someone who can not be blackmailed or destroyed in the press. This is a man who was a legitimate threat of being the first black American President on the heels of whoever occupies 1600 Penn Avenue in the next two Presidential elections.

Ask yourself what kind of threat Clementa Pickney is to the Obama cartel establishment, when it is a black world replaced with Mexican slave labor hordes. What kind of disruption could a man like Pickney create in being a true advocate for blacks and looking out for their interests and not being a control like image Obama or a minder like Al Sharpton?

For those who think this is farfetched, and is off the plantation, I suggest you read a quote from Ebony magazine in an article by Jonathan Alter which records an assault which Barack Hussein Obama made on black intellectual activist, Cornel West.

After the Urban League speech, Obama came down to West's seat and grew angry. "I'm not progressive? What kind of sh-- is this?" the president hissed, his face contorted. West said later that a brassy African-American woman standing behind him told the president to his face, "How dare you speak to Dr. West like that!" and argued after Obama left that the obscenity would have justified removal by the Secret Service had it come from anyone else.

This entire confrontation and assault before blacks in an Obama on black crime, was due to Cornel West bravely making a stand for minorities in how the "exclusive 500 Prince concert club" of Barack Obama was not a true Progressive.
Cornel West informed blacks and all people that Mr. West could not in good conscience vote for Obama.

This blog has deep respect for Cornel West and for his compatriot Tavis Smiley for their advocacy and not being blinded by the Obama halo. As a Christian Conservative, I do not politically have to agree with the entire political structure of others which I believe harms their groups, but I do have profound respect for their standing up for what they believe in and taking a stand against a fraud like Barack Hussein Obama Chin.
When Obama hates Cornel West with this kind of insane passion, then Cornel West is doing more than John Boehner playing golf and handing America over in Obamatrade to the world exploiters.

So is it so very hard to comprehend that the same Obama who had Eric Holder with  BATFE minders almost getting the Hutatree Americans mass murdered in setting them up, sending in the black panthers to burn down Ferguson Missouri in using dead blacks as a political reality, with the reality of Obama's gay lover in Donald Young being brutally slain in Chicago to cover up that tryst, that it is such a stretch that the same Obama screaming and swearing in rages at the White House press which was covered up, to survey the landscape and see a Clementa Pickney as a political rival to loathe and a political opportunity to exploit like Treyvon Martin, if an Obamachurian just happened to be unleashed.
There is only room for one star on the Obama legacy stage. Obama has engineered it that no other blacks have been allowed in the premier posts in his cabinet and he slapped down Rep. Charles Rangel early on in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord.
The murder of Clementa Pickney is all too convenient.  We close with the words these damning words in a reason for a person at 1600 Penn Avenue who has protectors around him ready to Andrew Breitbart anyone, including the Diaspora Dead, just what an Obama rage and the Obama legacy protectors with all the intelligence assets to create and sanction such a James Earl Ray operation to create a world more manageable.
Obama a "Black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a Black puppet of corporate plutocrats." He added, "I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free Black men. It's understandable. As a young brother who grows up in a White context, brilliant African father, he's always had to fear being a White man with Black skin."

-Cornel West

Yes the reality is the enemies of the image of Barack Hussein Obama Chin are strong black men. That is the book on Birther Hussein, no dark shadows on the legacy to blot out the Obama sun.