Monday, June 22, 2015

Cloche Sandwich

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If this goes right, I will have a receiver in the tower and pictures will come to this post as this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a reality that the world is always 20 years behind me in innovation. See I pioneered the little plastic bags over tomatoes to make little greenhouses to make them grow..........

See I gave that up, as God grew for me tall tomatoes in my plastic bags...........problem was at July 4, I had tomatoes and blossoms, but it took until less humid weather in August before my tomatoes would set on. There is the reality that early tomatoes taste like grocery tomatoes, as they require heat to give them flavor.

So I observe all of these fools out encasing their plants in plastic.....yes it works, but it is pointless as tomatoes require heat, heat and heat, not inside a bag, but outside in the world.

I do not have a greenhouse, and I look at plastic cover rows and see expense and things that will degrade too quickly, along with being hard to put up.

In this, I was moved to try and put together something for a fill in and I found just exactly what I needed.

This is a poly or plastic sandwhich in reality which is durable and quick to deal with. It is not for acres of plants, but for gardeners in need of manageable types of enclosures.

Building it is simple in I had old woven wire which was 5 feet in height, and I simply cut the four inch square woven wire to 18 squares and folded it over. This is your metal wire bread. The meat is the plastic in between.
Besides getting a few wire pokes and do not do this in the wind, as plastic likes flying around, these Lame Cherry Cloche Sandwiches are exactly that is called for. The plastic is that that is all that I had in being clear plastic, but it will last 3 years at least.
I can put  a dozen pepper plants in this......same with egg plants. I figure that for cukes and melons, four hills would work on the ends and being open, they can trail out as they grow in climatizing.

Yes when the big donation comes in, I am going to purchase fiberglass sheets for cloches and a greenhouse coldframe or two, but this is my fill in, and this is the most effective and durable cloche which is fast and economical to construct.....they are easy to move too.
I have an electric fence post or rerod on each side and I have not had any problems with these being airborne and blown away.

These are the enclosures which allow you to get your plants outside and covered the end of April. They will take blankets during freezes too in this wire is sturdy.

So that is the million dollar knowledge, and I suppose in 20 years some boobers will be having these things all over their gardens and some intellectual thief will be selling these sandwiches and like all you richtards not donating to this blog.........but going to hell.

Oh PS: On a happier note for my children, these would work for things like autumn greens, fall  radishes, turnips and things which will benefit from being kept a bit warmer than having December snow on them.

Nuff said