Saturday, June 20, 2015

FCC moves to provide internet access to American Poor


 John Thune South Dakota "obamatraitor trade voter"

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Personally,  I am weary of a world where the destitute are rewarded for being lazy and I am weary of a world where the rich are not prosecuted for making people destitute. This is the Unionized and Chamber of Commerce world of cartel America.
You know Obamatrade passed because key votes were bribed or blackmailed, and it is Americans in the middle who are being genocided.

In that, I wonder about rich people like Lucianne Goldberg bitching on her site about a government program which is in the works to provide internet service to poor people. For the record in this, the gripe was that President Ronald Reagan signed the bill which created Lifeline on landline services and it was President George W. Bush who extended it to cell phones.

Those are two Republicans who understood what it was like to be in America and be without. Yet in a vote in committee on party lines, the Democrats voted for internet access to poor people while the gop voted against helping people out again.

I would really like all of you rich people to have to go sit in public library as snotty little children, left their by their parents to be babysat tie up computers. I would like all of you swimming pool jetsetters to have to live in the real Obamaworld which has only doubled all of your wealth the past years, while people like myself that you are feeding off of have been hit extremely hard in new taxes, inflation and more penalties for trying to work in being self employed.

For some reason the proxies who wear the skin of Ronald Reagan, have been morphed into a pull up your boots cuz Rush Limbaugh hates you poor people eating food and it is past time to put the poor house chains on you culls legacy, instead of the Reagan who kept personal checks in his drawer to write out to people he never knew in order to help them with money.

This program is going to cost 1.6 billion. It is a subsidy which will fund the big telecoms. So this is explained, the subsidy is profit, and that profit will move them to expand markets which will increase profits for them. Think of it in your getting some more cash from the regime. Are you going to save it or spend it to get what you want?

The richtards never figure out that this is a win for Conservatives in net access has more Matt Drudge information moving right wing agendas to sway people, than the Obama chorus which is boring. Get poor people online and that includes their minds..........also includes their welfare dollars if this played correctly as why should you not get a benefit from welfare people spending their money.

That is the reality in this. It is a good deal for all, in the FCC will not push up rates for your phone if  the telecoms are getting almost 2 billion more in a money dump. There is another plan in the works which I have read about in a mogul is going to launch more satellites and put all of you onto the internet that way. It will of course have introduction plans, and make competition a reality in the  monopoly of communication currently robbing people.
All of this is good for people.

People have the right in America, to live. That includes rights to think, rights to food, rights to have a roof over your head, rights to education and in this modern era, the necessary rights to internet access for the common good.
There is no difference in the internet highway or an asphalt highway and the Goldberg dinosaur thought of this is going to become a huge deficit program, sounds like they would complain about the regime building Dwight Eisenhower's those poor people are just going to drive on them and cost more money to fix them.

The Lame Cherry is arch Conservative. I am so right wing that I think Ronald Reagan was soft and George W. Bush was timid. I though am a Continentalist as a Christian Conservative, and understand what a money till the world is now and how it is all fraud, and that treating poor people like road kill is not what God mandates.
I am a poor person and I out produce every media outlet and Mockingbird head every day. I do not get the big Homeland Security paycheck though because I am not a traitor to the dead Republic of America. I work, but am stolen from liberally by the Rush Limbaugh types and attacked by the Obama goons, as I do not suffer frauds nor fools. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

So for the poor, your crappy internet service is coming. It will probably be some damn rationed connection like Obamacare rationed death, but it will at least get you there. I doubt it would benefit me in having to have something more than a smartphone to post this blog effectively. That is though not a reason to be against this, as if it helps some moron Obama voter to be exposed to a better world than a Soviet iron curtain hung by Michelle Obama, then that is the light which is necessary.

Ronald Reagan gave Americans the shining city on a hill in Lifeline. George W. Bush lit a candle in the window in extending it to cell phones. It is time the Congress lit a nightlight for Americans with internet access, because you rich people have made trillions in Obama looting the US Treasury which you will answer for, and a hundred bucks for some poor person is nothing of a sin compared to your booty.