Sunday, June 14, 2015

fuck and tard


 By Obama I Hope It Cums Again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"Intelligence is a wasted thing on an intellectual."

- Lame Cherry

I had someone make a note in how this blog should be written, as it was too difficult to understand. I will make certain I inform the people who have made attempts to assassinate me, that I will be more plain, so their masters will be certain I am not insane.......that way the few will be able to know what is being written here before an EMP short circuits my central nervous system.

Obamatrade is a fascinating creation by Orin Hatch. The thing which makes it fascinating in the old traitor wrote the thing, some democrats signed onto it for retirement millions from the conglomerates and Paul Ryan, the hippie child of the Aspen Institute murder cult, was brought on to do the hatchet job.
Think of Ryan as the epitome of evil compared to all the good which Tom Delay accomplished for Americans.

As this blog noted from the start of this, Obamatrade is a sham, as much as the Obama regime has been making absolute economic warfare on small businesses. As the democrat House Ways and Means Committee listed the Obamatrade bills in Hatch and Ryan form, the reality in the lies is it focuses on small businesses and small family farms to "gain same entry into foreign markets".
That is bogus as there is not any family farm or donut shop which has  the resources to market things to Vietnam.

The reality is the small business listing in Obamatrade is only cover as I have stated. This is proven now in Boehner and Ryan, who now occupy the name FUCK and TARD, are going to fund Obamatrade with massive IRS fines on small businesses who do not alert the IRS they have made payments to others on time.......I make it like if you have some property and rent it out......if the renter does not file the correct form on time telling the IRS you have gotten a payment.....then the massive fines appear.

The list of people who the GOP are making road kill is astounding. This is even Rush Limbaugh in his tax dodge businesses in the mind fuck books for children and his horse piss tea. Limbaugh does not file his paperwork on time, and he will be hit with fines which are huge.
The very thing which will bring an American recovery in small businesses, are about to be sunk by these massive new fines.

Honestly it is a bizarro world. This is BOHICA, By Obama I Hope It Cums Again, and the boy toys are Boehner and Ryan. The last time America was betrayed this horridly, was when Dennis Hastert of Chicago was out jizzing a brother and sister for the cartel in suppressing the Americans who trusted the GOP to restore rights and stop Bill and Hillary Clinton. This time it is Boehner and Ryan taking the GOP to political suicide.

The way this is shaping up, Hillary Clinton has finally got out in front of this in praising Pelosi and asking for a "good bill". Jeb Bush is playing with his Obama doll yet and has thee worst political instincts in none of these Republicans comprehend that what Boehner and McConnell are foisting upon America in Obamatrade, will create a 2016 backlash which will not just elect Hillary, but elect democrats to republican seats.
This is beyond a disaster in the cartel cronies. Hillary Clinton is going to have the Senate and the House in an Obama majority for 2017 in the way this is settling out. The GOP has Hastert'd themselves to political suicide again. No one has noted this or stated this, and this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What Hatch and Ryan have carried this poison pill for in the international conglomerates has set the rationed death of the Republican Party. This is a political disaster which has reset the entire political stage.

After reading this Obamatrade bill, there is no secret in it. It is a scam and now everything all of you worked for in GOP majorities has been pissed away again as in the Hastert fraud.

If people think they can do this blog better........then start your own and let yourself be Breitbarted. If you think you know more about Obamatrade nuances then what has been published here as you defend your pet snake in the GOP, go ahead if you think parroting the same bullshit the mic heads are scripted to serve up in warping the public is something people want to read in a crowd of half brains.......they can have at it.

Let it be stated clearly. John Boehner and Paul Ryan are traitors to America. The same Tory dicks from 1776 which George Washington loathed. Talk is cheap from the always experts as they hide in the mists and expect me to mouth their lines or do their thinking for them. Apparently the sunshine patriots need to be told as others were in the past that I decide what is posted here, and I write for a reason for God. This is a private conversation you listen to, and it is what most of you cheap thieving trash living in luxury steal from daily.

Obamatrade is Obamacare and is rationed economic death instead of physical death. This time no one cares what Sarah Palin says on it as she sold out long ago.

Scott Walker Pushes Obamatrade On Eve Of Vote - Breitbart
3 days ago - Scott Walker crossed most conservatives by coming out in support of Obamatrade on Thursday evening in an interview with Bloomberg's Mark ...

Yes I am aware of what Scott Walker pulled for Big Koch.  It is better to know for certain the traitors before they get to 1600 Penn Avenue.

Here is the list:

  • Scott Walker (Tentatively supports)
  • Rick Santorum (Supports TPP and Fast Track, but wants it passed under next President)
  • Marco Rubio (Voted for it in Senate)
  • Rick Perry (Supports TPP)
  • Mike Pence (Supports TPP)
  • Ted Cruz (Voted for it in Senate)
  • Jeb Bush (Huge advocate for TPP)
Those who haven’t openly supported TPP.
  • Rand Paul (Opposes and Voted Against TPP)
  • John Kasich (Says supports free trade but refuses to endorse TPP)
  • Bobby Jindal (Opposes fast track and hasn’t agreed to support TPP)
  • Mike Huckabee (Opposes TPP)
  • Carly Fiorina (Opposes TPP)
  • Ben Carson (Opposes TPP)

As this redresses, I am for Free FAIR Trade, not Obamatrade, nor conglomerate cronyism. Cruz is finished in the GOP and when it becomes more understood what Scott Walker chose to do in betraying of America, that massive share of votes he had will be divided up for the proponents in the lower bracket which looks like Paul and Kasich.

How the hell hard is this really. If Hillary Clinton, who would have signed this in a heartbeat can lie to American democrats for their votes, then how hard is it not to talk to the CIA's two biggest stooges led by Mark Halperin to end your political careers.

PS: If Pelosi and the unions cut another "deal" like for Obamacare, then it will pass. That is the key in this in how big the bribe and how big the kickback for the unions in the money up front as there is no place for it in the bill.