Saturday, June 6, 2015

Political Code

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a review of the GOP field, which CNN not surprisingly states that all lose to Hillary Hamrod Clinton, one views the reality that the way one defeats the GOP in the American right majority is factionalizing and fracturing the party before the general election, in order to grasp a McCain, Romney or Jeb Bush primary win.
If the Christian Right appeared in America, armed to back up their votes, there would never be any e vote election flipping as Obama engineered on the Karl Rove model. The power elite would be too intimidated to ever steal an election.

What America needs is the Steel Talon which is the American version of the Iron Fist. America needs a strong man in order to resurrect her, and that strong man is going to have to surpass even Richard Nixon in dirty tricks. For the reality, America does not need a nice guy Ronald Reagan in the Bill Casey model of American propaganda. America needs a candidate who is going to scorch earth their political enemies when they flame him for being pro family, pro gun, pro God, pro military and pro American.

What America needs is someone with the devious nature of Hillary Clinton, but turned for the force of good, as they employ every Richard III moment to scour the political, educational, media and conglomerate landscape. America needs a ruthless President, being ruthless for Americans.

What instead has been foisted on America are these pansy fagsexuals. Barack Hussein Obama Chin had two elections stolen for him, and the only reason he was able to accomplish this, was that magic 10 million vote margin, which was part of the Prescott Bush design to keep things viable for Jeb Bush in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.
You must understand that George W. Bush for his brother, oversaw the destruction of every Conservative leader in America, in the same way Birther Obama made a political scapegoat of John Edwards in destroying him, along with other rivals.
The last thing the Bush family desires is another Ronald Reagan uniting the political right in America.

If you desire to judge both the democratic and republican candidates in the coming debates, just listen to Bernie Sanders or Ted Taco Cruz, not take the stage and point to Hillary Clinton and say, "We do not need a Queen Hillary to fiddle while America burns", or "We do not need a King Bush to Wall Street pick the bones of our children".
The enemy of America is this entire political farce which has been set up on the right and left to place Jeb and Hillary into a Presidential run off where the victor has already been chosen as much as Obama was  appointed to oversee the destruction of America.

That is the reality in this. The entire mass of candidates are stage actors meant to bring about this multi act play to the same American Tragedy.

The candidate America requires to resurrect her from the worms of her grave is the one who promises to give the America back to Americans who are too cowardly and sloven to take back themselves, and to do with with every lethal means available in turning the police state loose on the media, university, conglomerate and political satrapy of the feudal few, and to place such a fear in them, that the mob shot is not lamented, but cheered as they cower behind their closets.

America though will not receive what she requires, at least until Jesus returns with His sword to glean support, but America will get exactly the political squat assassins she has given herself over to.

What America needs is a political thug to deal with the thugs in calling out their mob to intimidate, and when they are met with the police state to respond with a revolution to bring that state to heal, as it has been set loose too frequently on the populace to serve the despots.

Let us not inflate this to high levels though that the Bush or Clinton is a dynasty, no more than Birther Hussein was a legitimate American. These are all the lowest common denominator of opportunist politician, unable to rise in rank by legitimate means, so they turn to the mob method of grabbing power to intercourse their deflated ego to pregnant pauses of grandeur.
I have stated that God revealed to me that George W. Bush was Americas last chance. I supported him, but the political assassins in the cartel brought his ruin. That stated, America can not be anything but a Wall Street feudal state if Jeb Bush somehow steals this from Hillary Clinton, as Jeb Bush will not be a George W. Bush. As this blog stated, W was a social democrat. Jeb Bush is a feudal socialist.
This means no support for Hillary Clinton, as she is a feudal minder, like Jeb Bush, born to a lower station in the heirarchy and esteems to sit upon the parlor sofa with the adults to pretend they belong too.

Hirelings are what this entire lot is. They have sold their principles for the mirage of the illusion of the phantasma they are. Birther Obama promised to be Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton promised to be John Kennedy, George W. Bush and HW promised to be Ronald Reagan with a rubberized steel hammer hitting those over the head. Clinton succeeded to be a pervert who prospered America as Kennedy had, but the others all became what they were in communists and socialists.

The Paul Revered are no different, even though their deluded contend they are superior politically and could never be duped. The family Paul is in hire and are the white niggerlopers in the same mirrored image of Birther Hussein as the piper boy leading that black race to it's oblivion.

So America has a political code, like now those of Eurasia esteemed by John Kerry and has joined the ranks of the banana republics which people the pasture of the feudal few, as their resources are plundered like the rest of the world.

Yes let us all pick the boogers of the nostrils of the elite to rule over us, as our personal booger is vastly superior to the other nasal discharges.