Saturday, June 27, 2015

Price of Your Daily Bread

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As John Roberts and image Obama ration death and sodomize America to God's Judgment on that nation, there are more signs and pressing realities which you have better be paying attention to for your daily bread.

North Dakota is in need of 30 days of 80 degree dry weather for all of it's crops as fungi are eating the roots off of their crops, and farmers are busy spraying more money on those crops trying to save them.
South Dakota is returning to it's epic drought. The crops there are on the cusp. They will make wheat, but the corn and soybeans which feed your meat crop is hurting, due to cold dry weather with spikes of heat.

The Southern Plains are no better. Missouri has not turned a tractor wheel in a month, as it is that wet there. This carries over to those fools in Texas who were praying for a hurricane to wet things up. They got it, and it cursed them, instead of blessed the region.
Oklahoma is no better off nor is Kansas, which is looking at a ruined winter wheat crop for your pasta.

Into the Midwest it is raining in this drought cycle, and the storms are damaging more crops. The east is experiencing bouts of hell fire heat. None of which is good for food growing.

Out west in border buster Sodomfornia, the world is become a desert with people preying on each other at the water hole.

Some of this sort of makes my work a bit more vital now does it not in trying to keep this nation alive, as you trust in the Obama you curse and your agri business industry which is being  destroyed before your reason to panic though, as it is all being kept from you in diversions, or food would go through the roof, not the Dylan Roof.

I am watching the crops here yellow and curl. I noted two weeks ago the weeds had begun to curl, so I knew a problem was come. It is the oddest of things in we get a south wind and it gets cold, and north wind, it warms up. HAARP has this all overturned and overdone apparently as the easy bake atmosphere is over boiled.......problem is they are depressing food prices illegally, all to keep the Obama illusion of prosperity in the black margins.

The cream producers a few months ago tried to spike prices, but were slapped down from that, as Wall Street only scams the people..even if the Mexican slave labor owners in 10,000 cow California dairies are billionaires too.
No help on eggs though........still small are large, and it makes you wonder just where in the hell all of those large eggs have gotten off to, now does it not eh?

What this is, is the curse of Deuteronomy 28, when a nation does not fear the Lord, the Lord removes the Blessing and Protection, and now all of what you trusted in, is going roots up.

The things I am certain of.......the crops I am growing are for the most part handling these hard cycles as they reach back to their non GMO genetics. I marvel at the weed like nature they exhibit in sprouting at different corn knows like weeds, that weather changes, and it is best to spread out the growing margins, so some survive and all do not die in one quick sprout.

I will need a very late fall though in being warm, meaning no killing frosts for my work. God may have other plans, so he will have to work it out. I am still cleaning up the weeds in the patches and gardens, but am getting to the point of almost having this task done.
I have noted my wee late crops are catching the way early Monsanto GMO's now. My crops look good.......their crops are stressing and in the process of dying.

The best thing for America would be crop failure in getting rid of the big farmers and agri business.....making all of you richtards starve a little.......then all of these despots sodomizing you might find a revolution on their hands.

I though can only do what I can do in preparing on my meager means in the Faithful Few. I need two years and I do not believe the world has those 2 years, but that would only bring us to a point in 5 years in having a base in this. There just are not enough of the Minnesota 13 growers about the hedgerows any longer.

American agriculture is having another dire year. I am pleased as I hate big farmers who made me homeless. I pray to have it soon, that they all have their asses booted off their mansion estates and all of you non donor richtards have the mobs knocking down your doors when Wall Street fails.

Oh and you can do more than thank me, as the Holy Ghost had me contemplating bread for my wheat and as I was discussing that with God, God made it rain enough to make that grain have a crop. I just need to secure a few bushels in the whole for that time of starvation.

Nuff said