Monday, June 8, 2015

Sean Hannity's Obama Panties

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter and anti matter.

My children and brats, you should be commended as you had a celebrity star of the Mockingbird chirping today in you are getting at him. The individual perpetraitor is Homo Hannity AKA Sean Hannity AKA Gushy Elton John Boy from the Rush Limbaugh wedding.

Yes Homo Hannity, that good practicing Irish Catholic boy, was squirming today about you people apparently harping at him about his stance against Islam and Sharia outlaw in it's mistreatment of gays, lesbians and women.
Before you get led away by this, you need to be pulled back out of the abyss in God created man and woman, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, not Butch and Eve. Being a female is a righteous creation by God's Christ as the Word of God, while being a sodomite is a sexual choice brought on by a warped mind, so warped by satan, the adversary of God.

See Mockingbird mic head, Homo Hannity, is playing the same game as always. It is the Albert Pike game of the cartel which was predicting in the 19th Century that the last great world war would be fought between Christians and Muslims, before the new world order took control out of the chaos. Meaning destroy religion and blame it as the reason for WMD warfare, and then an antiChrist comes in with the satan religion.

Anyway I digress......

You children and brats though delight me, as just a few mentions of Homo Hannity and he begins bitching about moral people, right with God, correctly yelling at him for trying to tie being a sodomite to being a woman.
The reality is, the Islamic code is right on sodomy, not on the mistreatment of women. The problem is though as I have exclusively pointed out here, is that Islamic women are the subs in the relationship, and being as sub, they are the dominant over the males, as the sub being more powerful, allows things to serve her interests by the Dom.
Watch the old Mistress Heather episode of CBS' CSI if you do not believe me, as the writers explained it all correctly. In Islam, the women do rule from behind the burkah, even if the mullahs think they are in charge.

Put it to you this way.........

OK the burkah supresses women in their skin can not see the light of day.  Who though gets to die in suicide bombings. Men. Who get to die from working to death. Men. Who gets stuck taking care of a dozen wives and 40 children which kills them. Men.
Power is a misunderstood commodity. The suffrage of the west and feminism, which the latter was geared from the cartel protocols, did not liberate women, but turned them into work to death males, taking from them their roles of the hand which rocks the cradle and rules the world. It was a Ponzi scheme trade. Women gave up their power and became work to death slaves and whores to the system in birth control purchases.

We return though to Homo Hannity, the Vatican Voice gushy for Elton John.

Hannity in Mockingbird is perfect in the misdirection. He links to the new talking point of whatever people do is just fine, as long as it is fine with them. That is not what the Bible teaches as those types of Bruce Jenner nonsense examples lead him to hell. Bruce is mind zapped as was outed here. Bruce should realize that all of us have our burdens, and that the Bible teaches that we will be sexless in the Kingdom of God, like Angels, in no marrying or giving in marriage. (Sorry Islam, your 70 virgins are not going to feel your suicidal light saber piercing their darkness. You murder people, and do not have Jesus to redeem you, you end up in hell.)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so Bruce in Christian terms needs to be a man, as God created him, like all these sodomites are created normal, and they need to deny the satanic lie which has warped them, and overcome it all in Jesus carrying you through, just like every Christian overcomes whatever is their weakness to pasta.

Ok, so we are still on Homo Hannity. Good job my children and brats, as Sean is out of the closet and squealin about Baptists donating to Hillary from Cameroon and things like that. Hell's bells  if Westboro Baptist rich folks want to donate the big bucks to this blog, or bin Laden's ghost wants to shoot his wad in a big money donation, they are welcome to it, as they are not buying me, and Homo Hannity trying tie his immoral superiority to religions rightfully pointing out that sodomy is an abomination to God's Law are the moral superiors.

I have told you and you witness it coming true, in this sodomy is nothing but a stepping stone for child molesting being legal, like in old Greece. That is why ISIS is being allowed to crop them off in pansy boy hunting squads. The cartel elite do not want Brian Williams dirtying up their clean little Ukraine boys. They desire that for themselves. So when they get the Obama dancing boy sex orgies, the fags will be out of vogue like blacks and the wheel will turn against them again.

That is the real problem with the cleverness not of Homo Hannity, but of Mockingbird talking points. It places an issue before you, which is a non win and makes you choose sin every time.
Consider the reality in Sodom and the sister cities of the plain were fire and brimstoned by God, not for being Muslims, but for being sodomite crooks who enslaved foreigners and cheated people out of justice in the courts.

Read that last part again, if that is not a mirror image of what America has been degraded to, and Sean Hannity, the Vatican boy is yelling at you for being wrong, when he is the devil's advocate for sin and the destruction of America which is Deuteronomy 28 curses coming true before your very lives.

Look if Rush Limbaugh the plagiarist, or Sean Hannity the plagiarist, or Mark Levin the cut and paste boy, would just pay the 11 plus million dollars that Limbaugh owes, I would not have to keep lining up the richtards daily and pointing all of this out. Same goes for I Columba Bush.........the thumpers could save all the time monitoring this blog and just make the big couple million dollar donation. With that, I would post stuff about God, projects like Chickwagons and when so moved point things out about the Birther Obama things in the unrighteous leaders of America that God says need to be posted. Otherwise I could care less about such frauds as who is the new American despot for this cycle. Jesus is my Lord, I await for Him, and I would be off......building a lake and raising baby Jersey calves......and Homo Hannity could bring out the vaseline bottle daily and bend you over for the cartel and ram some more lies up your ass where the sun don't shine to confuse you.

I conclude that this should deal with the Homo Hannity lie of today. Calling Islam bad when Islam is right on one issue, and then tying it to the sub ruling females of Islam who choose to be in that religion like sodomites choose a sex act, is incorrect data.
Women in Islam are like all women in having the power to cut off their sleeping husband's genitals when they get out of line. That is what ruling as a sub looks like and is. Women are not sin for being born women. Women in Islam sin for choosing to preserve and dominate their lives in Islam to gain power. So comparing the burkah babes to sodomites is another Homo Hannity farce from his script writers.

Sodomy according to God is a sin, and an abomination to God. There are no Homo Hannity debate points in this of any merit or form. He though continues like Levin and Limbaugh to rail against things they are paid to rail against by Big Koch.

I am going to leave this lay again, but had to congratulate those of you who have been talking about this amongst yourselves as it got to Homo Hannity and you made him squeal today in the most confused obfuscation.........since Obama spoke about blaming America for his policy of not having it complete in how ISIS ISIL IS is going to manage the oil Mideast for cartel profits.

Yeah Sean Hannity, your menage et tois is one man, one one, and one million dollars in cartel bribes to spin things for their sodomizing of America. The cartel understands completely that by making America sin, that God will punish America as God always does.

nuff said