Friday, June 19, 2015

Speaking as a Viking


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Holy Ghost led me to the Book of the Judges. I have from the Thrift Store a used Tyndall Bible, with book mark tabs and all. It is a real bang up job, and I often check the free religious section to look for a replacement Bible to the one Mom gave me when I was 10. Yes I am one of those people who has read their Bible so much, that I have worn it out literally. This KJV was apparently not so common though and it is hard to find. I am just hoping that God someday removes someone from this planet and their worthless children dump all the Bibles into the junk shop to provide me with one more need I have.

Now onto the lesson.

It has come to me by the Holy  Ghost that America is entered into the Book of Judges. Yes America has that Edomite foreign ruler like Herod in Birther Obama, but it is a reality that like the Book of Judges, Americans are now doing what every person judges is right. Israel faced disastrous consequences for this in wars, invasions, repressions and death, and America will too when she is fully a nation now without God and the people are immoral thinking they are good, and none is standing up nationally to correct them.

This Tyndall Bible called the Book, in a modern translation has a most interesting forward to the Book of Judges and I include it here as it says it so very well.

"Tragically, the people never seemed to learn that rebellion against God is a sure road to disaster".

 The most certain American epitaph as well as the people of the west is this theme:

" The grim lesson of Judges is that "the wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)

Sin takes many forms, from the sophisticated sins of kings to the barabaric events that close the book, but the net result is always the same: When people do as they please, chaos and destruction are the natural results. (Judges 21:25)
But God continues to save people from total destruction when they turn back to Him."

For those who are not aware of Judges, the short version is this. After the assistant to Moses died, in Joshua, the people after a few generations started following their own decisions on what was best for them. This unleashed as series of horrific periods for the peoples who are now led by Americans and British modern peoples, along with the Western Europeans, who later in exile migrated to the places God now planted them.

Judges closes with the story of a man with his concubine, traversing through Benjamin. He is going to camp in the city common, but a moral man invites him in, as this Benjaminite knows what his people have degenerated to, in being sodomites.
These gays surround the house and demand the man to be given to them to gang rape. Instead the man puts out his concubine to appease them. The woman is gang raped all night long, and when the man comes out in the morning to collect her, she is dead from being brutalized.

His next action is to cut up her body into pieces and send it to all the rest of the tribes of Israel as a call to war for what was done. This act actually shocks the people into a moral rage, and they descend upon the tribe of Benjamin and almost annihilate those peoples. Literally almost the entire nation of Benjamin was vile, and there were only a few people who were left by God to continue them on as a people, which we know today as the Icelandic peoples, who are the moral remnant of that war.

In America and the West, this is a mirror image of what you peoples are. You have your sophisticated Obama sins of blasphemy in your own messiah and his non Christmas tree with blasphemy on it as the rest of you brawlers are now in bed with sodomites looking to rape men, women and children as your satanic lusts are what you have been given over to.

 You should catch the reality of the Tyndall line in TOTAL DESTRUCTION, in God does save a people from Total Destruction, but that does not mean Judgment is not any destruction, but the reality of what Israel in the Northern Kingdom had 90% death rates when their Judgment came.
I do not want the Icelandic peoples to feel this is some burden in their past as their evil was purged, but their 12 other tribes were equally vile butchering babies, allowing other religions in and the elite few robbing the nation to poverty.

It is the strangest of human conditions that when Israelites were in their tents as shepherds and farmers, they flourished. When God prospered them to cities, they rejected God and became sinners. All the Western European nations, America and the British Commonwealth prospered very well when they had their little farms and flocks, but as soon as they rose to urban wealth, they became the worst reprobates of any peoples.
It will only be a Judgment which rectifies this for Christ's return.

This is the reality in Americans have no moral government. Each of them is doing what they think is right, as God is purged from the national identity. What will follow is the closing curse of Deuteronomy 28 as God keeps His Word.

When Judgment comes first to the children of God, it will follow even more complete on the rest of the world which has rejected His Christ.

Now you know what I was Inspired a few weeks ago to know.