Friday, June 12, 2015

The Whiteness of Obama Deep


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Frauds are interesting whores, when they are paid political stooges meant to sway the masses to follow their lies, but when their thin skins are filleted off, you find out they are just like the people they are running against.

Yes hippy Paul Ryan, the liberal fraud of the Romney campaign, now the Obama stooge for world rapine, voicing the same words for Obamatrade as was the charge for Obamacare.


So what is the difference in a fraud like Paul Ryan, literally putting into place more "feudal nation" laws where American Laws are being overridden by committee mandates, and Michelle Robinson Obama creating a fictional childhood in South Side Chicago in having to avoid gangs going home from school as her world was just like Ferguson, Baltimore and modern dead zone Chicago.
The difference in the Michelle Obama fiction is that her best friend, the daughter of Jesse Jackson, actually had a father working for the FBI in order to keep the Helter Skelter of Bill Ayers from blowing up the entire black nation welfare feeding off of America.

Let us face a reality here as Michelle Obama creates this fictional past, unlike her and Eric Holder unleashing the new Black Panthers to scare voters in Philadelphia or burn down Missouri, in the Chicago which Michelle Obama was terrified in supposedly was thee entire Chicago Machine of that fine democratic dynasty of the Daleys.
You will remember what the democrats did in the 1968 convention when hippies appeared there? They beat the living hell out of that mob of Clinton dope heads, and sent them all packing.

That was Chicago gun control government and police. There were no rampant roving gangs seeking to prey on the horrendously unattractive Muchelle in the 1960's and 1970's, because this is the Chicago of blacks who worked calling "niggers" for what they were and telling them to get the hell out of their neighborhoods.

This is the same Muchelle who father was a connected political stooge to the democratic party. Do not think for a moment that Muchelle was in any more danger than her friend, Jesse Jackson's daughter. Jackson ran the black community peacefully for the FBI for years. You will notice how bad things have gotten for blacks since Jesse has been deposed by Obama.

It is the reality that blacks have died under Barack Hussein Obama and blacks were living under Jesse Jackson.

“She has found her voice in talking particularly about inequality and the lack of fairness in society, and she has returned to a role that has been important to her since she was a young woman, as a mentor,” said Peter Slevin, the author of “Michelle Obama: A Life,” a new biography.

Michelle Obama was a Chicago political suckling of the democratic state. Everything was opened for this woman like it was for Birther Hussein. She was in a safe neighborhood. She had a safe school. She was  ushered into the finest  universities, and when this Chicago suckling was awarded a diploma she never earned, she was handed a high price series of jobs in Chicago where other people did all the work, because this woman was  too unintelligent to manage anything.

The blind sided nature of Muchelle Obama is horrific like the Nazi officers concerned about their troops who were shooting masses of communists in the psychological effect it was having on them and not that maybe mass executions was not good policy.

In recent weeks, Mrs. Obama has talked of “insults and slights” directed at her husband and caricatures that have pained her. It all “used to really get to me,” she said, adding that she “had a lot of sleepless nights” until learning to ignore it.

Where was Muchelle Obama when her group was making cartoons of George W. Bush as a chimp? How about HW Bush as a wimp. How about Ronald  Reagan as a dunce. How about John McCain as insane? Amazing how Michelle Robinson Obama never had a sleepless night when Clarence Thomas was being maligned by political stooge Anita Hill in all those oversexed black man stereotypes.......nor has had any problems bring the Obama blackness to the black mark upon all Afroids in America, in blacks under the Obama image are now:

Bill Cosby nigger dicking every woman in raping them.

A Treyvon Martin continuous burn down.

Muchelle Obama flying around on her own private jet paid for in this Obama Super Depression by Americans costing millions of dollars a day, while 93 million Americans do not have a job.

How about Birther Hussein and the image of Obama golfing, vacationing and non stop White House jigging while record numbers of blacks have been thrown into prison as Obama Inc replaces them all with Mexicans.

Typical of Michelle Robinson Obama in not having problem in crude and murderous actions by her and her regime, but when someone correctly points out the destruction this racist group has engaged in against every person on this planet not an Obama crony of the cartel, then her thin skinned feelings get hurt and she has to go whine about it to children.

This is a fraud who goes to black Chicago, a black Chicago school, speaking to blacks, and all she does is try to look white in straight hair, white face paint and white nails. The only thing whiter in this story is Paul Obama Ryan whose ghoulish predation of the Obama regime is all done without Predators flying overhead with TOW missiles, but is accomplishing this lawless order all with destroying each nation's national sovereignty.

If you need a reminder in this, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama oversaw with the cartel stooge Eric Holder to strangle the Bush recovery, drive up gas prices, put George W. Bush under house arrest in that trumped up European court action against Bush43, and then you do recall the Obama's parading that pathetic Gabby Giffords around after their police state let her assailant roam wild and armed........oh and rewarded her husband with the position of going to Mars.
Yeah I guess Gabs no longer needs a husband to look after her, as he is off in space on the station.

How about Muchelle Obama making Veterans and their families a priority...........before the 2012 election and now they are roadkill like bin Laden. Yes Muchelle Obama has a new whiteness to inherit her whining fictional history........she now has Paul Ryan carrying the Obama screed while she dresses up as a white woman, telling blacks a fiction of how hard she had it.........pushing all other races out of the way as she was  given first place in line.