Tuesday, July 28, 2015

AmericOn Connection

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Delusion is a measure that when one sees Obama with an halo around his head, that you are drawn to it in being unbalanced, but when Jesus is seen to save you from your failings, you are terrified and attack everyone who is Christian.

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The subject of this is Maureen Dowd and her psychotic type. In her reprints of her boring New York Time screed, she writes this concerning Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense.

Dowd quotes Dana Priest in her book, MISSION, and in her screed titles it WHAT WOULD GENGHIS DO?

"In her new book, the MISSION, about America's growing dependence on military to manage world affairs, Dana Priest says that the Pentagon commissioned the study at a time  when Rummy did not yet have designs on the world."

The "study" was one in which Bernard Lewis and Newt Gingrich, authored a Pentagon paper to study empires of the past and learn from their mistakes and successes for a modern era.

In noting this, I return to the Dowd line concerning what Donald Rumsfeld was initiating, before the American Connection, the Insiders performed a coup against him, and "looked the other way", so 9 11 could take place, exactly as FDR did to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor for American enterprise.

"To the dismay  of his four star generals, the new secretary (Rumsfeld) was talking about pulling American soldiers out of Saudi Arabia,  the Sinai Desert, Kosovo and Bosnia. He thought using our military to fight the South American drug trade was "nonsense".
He hated to travel and scorned "international hand holding", Ms. Priest writes, adding that the defense chief ws thinking that "maybe the United States didn't need all these entanglements to remain on top". He canceled multinational exercises, and even banned the word "engagement". His only interest in colonization was in putting weapons in space."

So you get this literally in it touching the Ron and Rand Paul liberatarians. Before webhosts like Jeff Rense started repeating the racist "Neocon" and following the Dowd Mockingbird talking points of "Bush imperialism", the Bush Administration in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, was literally following the John Kennedy Doctrine of rolling America back from policing the world. Note in this, that Rumsfeld was doing this, and within 10 months, 9 11 took place, and changed the entire Bush Administration active response to meet the threat.
I will inform you, that so the cover was complete, those Insiders and you will remember Ulsterman's "SIR" and his Pentagon sword tongue who was going to short sheet Obama and told all of you that Romney would be in the White House in that wag the dufus stage theater you fell for, that this American Connection was the same one which Dowd stated had put Bill Clinton on a leash, was part of the 9 11 connection, and is the same Insider group who kept Obama in power, made fortunes under Obama and expanded their authority in operations like Jade Helm.

I am going to repeat something for you again, in you Libertarians. Rush Limbaugh just came out again in attacking Rand Paul for the same doctrine which Donald Rumsfeld was implementing. All of you have to get this in Limbaugh is Big Koch, which is Big Frac, Big Wall Street and Big Gun, and they do not want America rolling back, but being a security force for their global exploitation...........yes Obamatrade is this package and it was why the GOP voted for it, as it is more of this Socio Conglomerate Internationalists exploiting Americans to America's death.

Dowd does quote Niall Ferguson, the adept British historian, in stating that Americans do not like long engagements in hot poor places, and that "The technological and economic differences between modernity and premodernity are colossal".

For you children who speak English and not intellectual, Ferguson is just saying that the world of Rothschild banking and nuclear bombs is different from bags of gold coin and Roman spears. I would make the point though, that the human condition under Nimrod's despotry with pure sin, is no different than the American gulag under Obama in sodomy. Humans have not changed, and the same city squares and wide streets that the mob riot in, and then are corraled easily by a few men in black, are the same mob in Rome in which the Centurian controlled the city.

Dowd was incorrect as was Ferguson in Americans do occupy with gusto. America for starters, Cuba, Philippines, Okinawa, Germany are but a few areas of American occupation for at least 50 and over 100 years.

I return to this so you get the point in George W. Bush was on a mission. He had two Ronald Reagan mandates to complete in making America oil independent under Dick Cheney which Dowd and Mockingbird attacked him, and in Donald Rumsfeld for completing Star Wars which Rumsfeld did for around 80 billion dollars.
And when Rumsfeld too on the peacenik roll of rolling America back from the world in not being the bully with a club, then Dowd was poison penning about Rummy being a dolt for Star Wars and then for Rummy taking out the WMD threat of Saddam Hussein.
I repeat this that Saddam had WMD's and they have been used in Syria for the Obama War there.

You have to get this entire 9 11 junction in what it was about on different fronts. The cartel was retaliating on American Bush41 and Clinton policies. Russia had flipped Dr. Zawahiri of al Qaeda to move Shiek bin Laden to attack America in those passenger jets.
The Al Gore security was seeking to arrest the hijackers, but lost them by the cartel overseeing this operation.......and the American connection in the political minder Pentagon, was only too pleased to perform the complete coup on Donald Rumsfeld, so their budget would not be cut, but it would instead  be satiated in new wars. Those are the facts of what Dowd is glossing over and mentioning in Rumsfeld's generals being displeased with him.

That was 9 11, and everything from the Obama Super Depression of 2008 to Benghazi, all are linked back to that September event, which was a game changing as John F. Kennedy being assassinated in Dallas Texas.

Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney, and that means George W. Bush were Libertarians, but their agenda was hijacked by the insiders from the cartel and by American traitors, exactly like World War I, II, Korea and Vietnam. In order to cover up this massive crime, Mockingbird, which is from the Nazi insiders imported from Operation Paperclip, cleverly blamed George W. Bush by clacking keyboards like Maureen Dowd in making Bush the imperialist.
All of this matters, because it is what has been foisted upon America again in this Obama regime, which is one of thee most successful on world record for plundering a country and bribing the very people who you are told are "right wing", like Big Gun, Big Pentagon, Big Koch, Big Frac, Big Farm, Big Pharm, Big Limbaugh.......all have made a fortune off of Obama while Nancy Pelosi takes her bribe over Obamatrade and votes it through, after pretending to stand for America.

So with all that Neocon racism, you now have before you the Truth, to right your thinking processes and understand in the distance of time who Donald Rumsfeld was, what he was accomplishing for America, and who Dick Cheney was and what he was accomplishing for America, before this Administration was attacked, and forced to take action. The problem was George W. Bush took more action than the cartel desired in taking away the billions if bribes coming from Saddam Hussein. That was the friction point, and it is one of the main reasons the foreign Muslimite Barack Hussein Obama Chin was installed into the White House, in order to hand everything back to the cartel proxies and more.

Obama's cover was Nobel Peace, and more people have been murdered under his regime including the Vietnam era. Obama made the Pentagon a sodomite enclave to fondle expensive new toys to terrorize the world in knocking off Muslims who would not be dope lords for the Obama regime in select countries. This is the nefarious union, not the Military Industrial Complex of Dwight Eisenhower, but the Socio Conglomerate Internationalist of the cartel and the American Connection.

Now you know.

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