Friday, July 10, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like all things here, this is a private conversation and this is about Babygirl in things we old souls in young bodies know.

It is an interesting situation the world which God created. I ponder things in how much I utilized my Mom for information from her era, which is now considered obsolete. There was a time in America when mimeographs and overhead projectors where advanced technology, and if you mentioned them in conversations today, the modern human would blink in confusion as to what these dinosaur things were.

I am always fascinated with people in how I used to know people, whose parents were born in the 1800's, and how those people knew people who were alive when George Washington walked the earth. That is such a heritage of actual existential experience which can not be duplicated.
Your Mom for example knows another continent and people, just like your dad does. We have that in common, and your abilities to pick up modern technology as easy as what was once high technology in riding a bike, are an asset for the generation you will one day replace. One day Babygirl in Christ's return in the 1000 year reign, you will probably be asked, just what was it like to live in a place where everyone could not walk on the water.

I have been contemplating the things which you have written about. The Viking has mentioned some of this in passing in your concern for your Mom in Christian beliefs. I never mean to intrude, but to help, and this goes back to what I once was told that people who read St. John through twice can not help, but become Christian.

St. Paul was a Christian who taught that Christians in evangelizing had to become the people they were speaking to. When he was with poor working class people, he became them. When he was with the intellectuals, he became an intellectual.
It is on this that I have a suggestion concerning your Mom.

I was looking on the internet, and found a number of Khmer Bibles. I downloaded one here. It is the New Testament alone, but that is the Gospel, and I was contemplating if your Mom could be enlisted in your new fascination of the Khmer language in the history your Mom knows, and you just happen to have a Bible to have her help you learn to pronounce the language.
Maybe a few verses on Saturday evening or whatever you decide upon, would be something the Holy Ghost would bless the seed you are sowing for conversion.

As it is written, Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God. It does not have to be anything heavy handed or tedious. Just a few minutes between the place you came from, to the place you want both of you to arrive.

"A person either encompasses their age, or their age envelopes them."

- Lame Cherry

The Holy Ghost gave that to me immediately after your letter, and as you can see the Holy Ghost is quite clever in using age as the time you live, and age as your age. How people either attempt things by doing them, or are swallowed up by others leading the world into the abyss.

I always knew I had a message. I never had a platform. God never called me to do this in a Voice from on High. Instead, I had a friend named Dee who had a large blog, and I considered making a site, but at the time I was busy with poetry in being a webmaster on that, so I never got around to......just writing emails to people I knew and getting screamed at by sinners in my family who did not appreciate being told they should be married.
In that, in seeds sown, my cousin married immediately, my Aunt married a few years later......and the screamer got married years after that. The Holy Ghost does work and it requires different amounts of time to accomplish things, and in most cases you never get thanked.

Your prayers are helping and they move God, like your will moves situations to a point in others. You might be the only opportunity there is in this world to minister to your Mom, in being  the only one she would listen to. I do not say that to ever put pressure on you, but sometimes the child leads the way.

You may not choose to do this, now or ever. That is how God moves you. You may now have a new idea on which to try something. The thing is your Mom sounds like a very strong, independent, protective, loving and intelligent Lady. People like that do not appreciate being preached to in most cases, and it may be in part that your Mom sees Christianity as something which will disconnect her from her past, and her past family which may be important to her in ways untouched.
It is something we understand in how we look and how we are looked at. Once upon a time in the 18th century, the Icelandic, Swedish and Norwegian peoples were the funny people with odd accents, among the Scotch, Irish, English, German, French Americans who were here. Your being American has you immersed in a civilization which you respond to in nuances and body language which others connected to other nations do not understand, as they are the experts in that nation.

I was contemplating that in being in the metro in moving TL here. We had gone to a rich enclave where firearms were sold. I like dressing so that people do not quite know where to fit me in. I was wearing a Terminator black t shirt, and that with other factors in how we looked, did not even get us a salesperson to ask if we wanted something. They knew we were there,  but being patrician snobs, they just ignored us, until we left.
I have a story with my brother when we were visiting some tourist trap in South Dakota long ago. They had taxidermy mounted animals, and one was a raccoon. I pointed to it, to point it out to my brother and said, "Look at that big coon!"
There was a black gun standing under it, and he gave me the most puzzled look. I stared at him confused, until it registered, this was not the first time someone had called him a coon. I burst out laughing as did my brother, because it was so the wrong words at the wrong time.

America is a place where race matters, and it is going to matter far more in the not too distant future, as all of these illegals, and the war on Americans to replace them, will develop a friction point by design to be exploited by those desiring absolute rule.
In 1970, being an Asian was still a matter of contention in America. In 2015 America, it is something that people view Asians as the workers who will get the job done, with the few whites still working, so all the non workers will be able to just get a paycheck.
If China becomes a threat, then Asians will again become a focus, just as Germans were a racially frowned upon competitor in two world wars.

That is our world which you know already, and you know that in Christ, we are just the family of God. I bring the above up, in the reality that there are experiences and things your Mom knows, which she views her world through those eyes, like you do in your experiences, like your Dad does in his. We all fit and have a purpose though, your being the technology specialist and your parents being specialists in their two worlds.
Somewhere in there Babygirl is the Jesus you already know who created all ages and worlds, and somehow the Holy Ghost just needs to introduce the Jesus your Mom will accept.

I have found in writing things, that you never know what words will touch someone or what words will offend. It is a trust that somehow God knows how to sort everything out for the best.

I am not saying that you have to do a thing in ministry with your Mom, so am not pressuring you. I just pondered that maybe a way  to sow the Living Word into her heart, would be with you in just a few Bible verses. I know I had enough of them in Luther's Small Catechism memorized and by the Holy Ghost they still are brought to mind every day when needed.
You are though already a living example of Christ's Love in ministering to your Mom. No one else is  going to love her or mean what you do to her, and that is influence you already have God working through you for your Mom's good.

God bless you Babygirl,  may the Holy Ghost guide and utilize you for the concerns of your heart, in Jesus Name, Amen and Amen