Sunday, July 5, 2015

Do not forget the Trojan Lie


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not want any of you to forget that just one day ago, all of the press was reporting that Greece was in a 40ish 40ish type tie and the undecided was like 12%.

The actual election though had this:

More than 60 percent of Greek voters rejected austerity measures demanded by creditors for a bailout package.

It is impossible that every Greek voter at the last minute decided to vote NO for this plus 60% vote, and others voting YES, suddenly voted NO.

I do not want you to forget your being lied to by the press, as the same pro sodomite propaganda is being used. The entire overt process was to enslave Greeks. The Greeks though voted in such huge numbers, that even e voting fraud could not flip enough votes to make them slaves.

I am personally pleased in this, as it means we are closer to that 10 nation beast for the antiChrist.

Just remember the lesson.

Remember that Greek debt is still there. Greeks will be punished and made an example of. Remember Americans that your Obama looted your money from your accounts, to force German banks to buy up Grecian debt, and that is THREE INTEREST RATES on one loan, being charged to Americans, Germans and Greeks to their economic enslavement.

Remember the lies and the lessons as you are not done paying for this nor being manipulated and punished by it.