Friday, July 17, 2015

Donald Trump's Message for California


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not an adviser to Donald Trump, and he really does not need advice as he is doing well enough on his own personality, but TL thought I should post something we were talking about, and it is this.

California as everyone knows is in a meltdown. All of that refuse out there has been escaping and infecting other areas in the northwest, Colorado, Missouri, Montana,  Arizona and New Mexico, and ruining those states as that trash keeps voting liberal with their million dollar bank accounts.

Donald Trump really should go to California in one of the drought ravaged areas as a backdrop and deliver a message like this:

Californians, your foreparents created one of the greatest nations on earth. People forget that Gen. Robert E. Lee as much as President Washington always referred to their states as their nations, as each state is according to the Constitution sovereign, and only bestow limited powers on their own elected representatives and the national government.

Like you, I have come to conclude that America has been changed into a regime and we have too many petty despots stealing what is ours. California is such a condition as your water has been confiscated and your lands have been opened up to hordes of illegal invaders.
20 million illegals not in California means California would have enough water for all, your interstates would not be hours in rush hour dangers and your fuel prices would lower. California has enough for Citizens and legal immigrants.

California is a national treasure and California is a strategic interest for these United States which have become disunited under this Obama regime and fractured under the Jerry Brown regime. America needs the produce you produce as much as the revenues which you generate, which have now become scorched earth and your money handed over to those using your money and your courts to criminalize you for their leftist agendas.

I am asking for a voter revolution, where people from the right and left join together to take America back. As your President, I will secure your borders to protect you, and I will if necessary by force of arms, get you your water rights back. You have had your property taken from you without compensation and what you have has been divided and re divided for transforming an America which was Ronald Reagan's Shining City on a Hill to a glowering third world state, with the priviledged elite few dictating to you  behind a police state in this gulag.

I am a businessman and I have proven I can get the job done. I can make deals. I can work with unions. I can work with immigrants. I can work with the investors. I can work with the people to make a better world for all of us.

I am Donald Trump and I can make America a tower of rights and prosperity again as I did with my towers in New York.

Thank you and let's take America back for us!

Simple message, and I believe that Donald Trump should visit all 50 states and speak to each of those sovereign states, along with the territories, addressing exactly what he will do for those peoples in getting their state prosperous and their rights back........along with the promise, that the entire federal police force which has been turned against Americans, is going to be unleashed to serve the American people, as it was in the era of  J. Edgar Hoover.

America is fractured, and Donald Trump has to go to these disunited states and inform each Citizen that he understands what is grieving their hearts, and that he is going to fix each state, and this means in some states, he is going to meet the divides in Upstate New York to the City, Outstate Minnesota and Metro Minnesota, the Florida panhandle to Dade County Florida.

This is the Trump National Campaign by making it a local campaign of the disenfranchised Americans. Personalize this and he wins in a landslide with more power than Ronald Reagan with Congress, as Donald Trump will have an armed militia in every township and every city block backing him.