Monday, July 27, 2015

Economic Illusion

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am pondering things, the signs which are appearing for horizon events. Signs which have been mentioned here and now more signs are appearing.

For instance, John McCain off on a mission to either sink Donald Trump or help Donald Trump sink Jeb Bush in what is quite a brilliant operation he has been sent on.

Then there is the Control, making certain that the three and a half tons of ammo, a regime operative had to spread around, just happened to have Jeffery Allan Lash decomposing for a month in California.

Jade Helm running mid July to mid September.

The Astrology experts all pointing to the stars lining up for economic upheaval from September to mid October.

The penchant for October crashes by the elite liking the power of that period historically.

John McCain appearing again with Hillary Clinton nemesis, Elizabeth Warren, sponsoring a bill to protect your bank deposits from another meltdown.

Then there is the matter of Hillary Clinton's criminal email activity at State. Yes all buried and suddenly two Inspector Generals are probing Hamrod for criminal activity.

Look at the signs my children and my brats, because those with the power, are signaling an economic implosion is being staged, the one which all of us are aware is out there, and it is in a time frame before November 2016, and a date no later that Elizabeth Warren can sweep into the Clinton machine and replace her on the ticket.

Maybe the game is not any fun, when the Lame Cherry informed people years ago this was a Jeb and Hillary one act play, and now things have become more complicated just to show the world how very talented the people with power are.

One can discern by what is taking place, that McCain and Warren have been informed of an economic implosion date, in which their law would be a savior and make them both look so very much like saviors.......McCain a second time as he was pushing for bank reform and was stymied by democrats, before the 2008 Obama staged economic implosion installed that foreign fraud into power to loot America dry.

Then there is this little Morgan Stanley warning:

"Morgan Stanley       

We have been expecting the current downturn to be as severe as the one in 1986 – the worst for at least 45 years – but not worse than that. Still, if oil prices follow the path suggested by the forward curve, our thesis may yet prove too optimistic.                                            

Our constructive stance on the majors is based on four factors: 1) supply – we expected production growth to moderate following large capex cuts and the sharp decline in the rig count; 2) demand – we anticipated that the fall in price would boost oil products demand; 3) cost and capex – we foresaw both falling sharply, similar to the industry's response in 1986; and 4) valuation – relative DY and P/BV indicated 35-year lows.               

So far this year, we can put a tick against three of them [but] our expectation on supply has not materialised: US tight oil production growth has started to roll over, but this has been more than offset by OPEC, which has added ~1.5 mb/d since February.

On current trajectory, this downturn could become worse than 1986: An additional +1.5 mb/d is roughly one year of oil demand growth. If sustained, this could delay the rebalancing of oil markets by a year as well. The forward curve has started to price this in: as the chart shows, the forward curve currently points towards a recovery in prices that is far worse than in 1986. This means the industrial downturn could also be worse. In that case, there would be little in analysable history that could be a guide to this cycle.

[There are] strong similarities between the current oil price downturn and the one that occurred in 1985/86. The trajectory of oil prices is similar on both occasions. There were also common reasons for the collapse.

A high and stable oil price in the preceding four years stimulated technological innovation and led to a high level of investment. This resulted in strong production growth outside OPEC, exceeding the rate of global demand growth. When it became clear that OPEC would no longer rein in production to balance the market (as it did during both the Nov 1985 and Nov 2014 OPEC meetings) the price collapsed"

A translation of the above for laymen is, oil is being over produced again as when Reagan's recovery was being implemented. Too much oil, meant the price dropped, but all the richtards had invested in oil, and more oil had to be pumped up in North Dakota to make up the difference in profits. At a tipping point, the supply outstripped all demand, but not before oil had begun collapsing prices in the corporate structure.
This is what is termed the "industrial downturn", in consumers have glutted themselves, and the contraction begins, which led to the Black Monday retaliation on Ronald Reagan in that bubble being burst.

This operation is in motion. The signs indicate a time frame of interesting events.

Would a stock hit, take the money from Donald Trump's campaign? Would a stock upheaval thrust Mr. Trump forward even more as people looked for the guy who understands money to save them?
Would Elizabeth Warren be a savior, in an economic implosion, as Hillary Clinton was cast aside by those in Obamaland who dislike her lethality to their legacy, as much as Jeb Bush being steamrolled as one of those Bushites who always think they are playing on level one.

These signals are made known, so one can appreciate how talented the people are who manage all the world. Anyone can shoot up an Afroid church in South Carolina for a legacy gimmic, but it takes real puppet string attention to details to put people into place for "that's the stuff that dreams are made of".

I would at this point that there was more detail in this, but it is not like I get emails from the elite nattering away at me about all they are going to accomplish.

Somewhere in this is the focal point which will be engaged. I know a bit more, but that will probably be for another post. When the implosion does initiate, it will be exactly on the time line which has been cast about for the answers. There is so much in this which is projected out in best scenarios and it all of the many reasons the plasma minds are so vital to all of this in seeing the realities as they appear.

You must understand that all that cash Obama looted, has been laundered in world markets. I provide the example of how this system works and why bubbles are employed.

1 billion dollars goes into the stock market. Stocks rise on a false demand. The same is true in commodities etc... That billion then increases in value, as does the rest of the market value in inflation.
In the meantime that billion is making 100 times over, the original theft from the US Treasury, but it is still debt to you Americans.
Your stocks though that you trust in, just like the Dotcom bust, have you thinking you are millionaires........problem is, that in a crash 90% of your money is gone. The cartel though has moved out of the markets, taking that billion or Obama looted trillions, and no trace of it the world is told all that wealth is gone.
Gone unless it is JP Morgan in 1929 buying up things cheap, and doing the same thing in the 2008 Obama crash.

What is coming is not some slight thing which is going to be fixed. There is so much global debt and looting having taken place that in 2013 the San Francisco Fed was predicting a 15 year bear market in which almost 70% of the market value will be evaporated. Other sources were looking for a 100 year bear market.

I published here what inquiry was pointing to, in a controlled collapse like air being let out of a tire. Every asset will be neutralized. For those billionaire buffoons buying up Australian lands like lingerie for a whore..........those lands still need to have taxes paid on them, worked and in an upheaval, the squatters will just take those lands and that hedge is gone.

The cartel has been putting off the "fix" as the image Obama jinns things up to set off American angst in sodomizing them and prowling around to rape their babies.

None of the above is predictions, but most is observation. There would not be actions being engaged in, if those in power were not whispering something to move events and your mindset.

It continues.......