Saturday, July 18, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking at girls night out at the Rainbow House and I happened to notice how white these Obama images try to be. The white face paint, as you can see real ugly blacks peeking through the background there.........the Obama straight hair, but none of it can......sickly nauseating hide how ug ug ugh ugly these people are.

They all look like some kind of horror movie creatures that bite the heads off of people.......and for some reason there is no shame like other blacks in the background who understand how ugly Afroids are as a race, but with the Obama image of giants, you just get so much of them.

Harrison Bounell was posting selfies of the Obamas in another million dollar taxpayer outing for shopping, and this all just gets worse and worse, as being bad Muslims the Obamas do not cover their heads so we do not have to look at their ugly, and now they have these timber legs that look like 100 year old growth forest protruding out from under their too short dresses.


This all got me thinking in 93 million unemployed Americans, and how these Obama brats are yucking it up like the entire world was birthed with three fake birth abstracts and we all got a million dollar book deal out of college and the White House handed to us.
No astonishment over the sodomization of America, no horror over Obama rationed death and no tears for dead Marines nor the Muslims who died shooting them in part of Obama's ISIS terror front.

See I got to looking at the above in those little Afroids with big ass horse legs bigger than most fence posts, oblivious to the world, that what you are witnessing is FPL, or it may be CPL's.

The Chive probably has some selfie category for this like FLBP's, but I have not researched that.

What is FPL? Future Pussy Lickers.

No I do not mean Obama or the image, as they never got near a snatch in their existences. I am focusing on the large legged semi black behemoths in the background, who will take their socio genetic conditioning in being like mother Michelle Robinson Obama and her lesbian sex associate Val-erie Jarrett.
I am not privy to the Michelle and Val sex recruitment for new Huma type cunt lickers, as all old hag bag dykes like Hillary lust to have some young girl smelling their crusty old twat, but maybe it has already happened like in all lesbian exposures.........perhaps Aunt Val-erie gave them a cuddle........a little downer in the wine, and next thing the Obama girls know, is they got their heads locked in between Val's legs as Michelle strokes their head and says, "Do it just like Mama".

It must be a jackpot for the FLP in the Obama girls sandwich, as she is obviously being shared by two ugly girls who boys will never look at, and this sort of Ellen DeGenneris friend has found her early life calling, Perhaps after lapping on Val, Muchelle, S & M, she will get an internship at the Supreme Court having her head locked between the legs of Sotoymeyer and that Kagan dyke.
Look this is all the law of the land, and the Obama folks are already in the Psychtards are promoting pedophilia as an Obama right, so this is all open for discussion as the Obama girls have probably already had their first experiences in being manless and who better than Aunt Val and Mummy Muchelle to shock convert these lesbians in the making.

Thing is I was forced to look away from those ghastly Obama girls in their meaty sandwhich, and my eyes fell on the current image Obama boyfriend, the mansucker from flap headquarters in the Air Force.

Just get a load of the mansucker lips on this uniform wearer.

I mean, this guy is pucker up cause here come the missile launch sequence.

Talk about employment with benefits. Extra protein in the air, and I bet with all that salty taste his tequila doesn't need any salt on the rim. Yes this CDS or Current Cock Sucker is the current manfriend of the Obama look alikes. That would be DICK sucker for those in polite company.

You did notice that after 2013 AD on June 13th, that the purple lip Obama ceased to appear, along with that club hand Obama. See there is not just the jinn in the shapeshifter, but there were half a dozen look alikes prowling around like Bill Clinton had the white haired Secret Service guy to take bullets for Bill.....not saliva from Monica.

I have no problem with ugly people. Hell most of us are ugly in the majority. The thing which is disgusting in this is the carnal nature of the Obama court in all this sodomy, all this butchery of the masses, and then there is this nuclear holocaust thing. That just makes ugly that much more ugly, especially when the ugly homosexuals are parading it around like they are attractive.

It must be hell for Val-erie Jarrett having that brace wearing kid gnawing on her clit. Then again I am sure something that old in Val's vulva has calluses on it an inch thick, but I would still worry with all that metal down there, nasty snatch methane and friction that something might explode down there. Be a hell of a way to go. No need for Muslim suicide bombers or decapitators, as it was a just nasty snatch exploding from braces sparks off a cunt as hard as flint.

See America you can still be shocked and smile, and the Lame Cherry, even under the duress of Homoland Terrorism, puts before you the perfect defining moment again to make you feel better.

Oh, did I not tell you that the hackers were not Chicoms, and they were looking for things in the government files in dual identities......and now to divert you, they just put you on the trail of another little Obama regime gem......the race data base.