Friday, July 17, 2015

Gay Terrorists


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to post this as evidence of what I was showing as proofs that there is a homosexual terrorism unit operating out of Homeland Security.

I received the following email about a Gay Pride event in San Diego California. The problem is for those who doubt this, is this:

  • This email was recently created by me using a unique Lame Cherry signature which could not be duplicated by accident.
  • This email receives NO OTHER EMAIL, in that it has ONLY been used for private use. In explanation, I do not email out of it, unless I am sending research to my Yahoo mail dump box.
  • No one could have known of this email, unless they had access to my wifi hook up.

Someone on Friday, July 17th is flipping her curls at me and stating they have tracked me down to my home location. In other words, I have just been warned off to keep my mouth shut.

They have not had this level of blatant criminality before. I fully intend to report this, but it simply is more proof of what I have posted here in exclusives, in a sodomite terror group is piggybacking at Homeland Security and getting away with intimidation and terrorism of people.

The reality is though, when the revolution comes, the records of who did this will be at NSA, and this group of sodomite terrorists are going to face the full fury of the Robes Pierre courts.

1600 Penn Avenue created the ISIS Terrorists, and now the Obama regime has it's own Fag Terrorists to join the Black Panthers........and that freed Mexican Dope Lord Joaquin to try and intimidate Donald Trump.

Onward Christian Soldier, one more foot ahead. Sappers in the wire.

You ungrateful rich people who haven not donated can thank me by donating, as I just took fire again, protecting your ungrateful little children from the legalized rape which is coming. The Lame Cherry just exposed an immense criminal scandal in the Obama regime's intelligence division of Gay Terrorism against Americans.

Brothers and sisters,
The Labor Council has completed our move to a new email system and will be launching a bi-weekly update of labor community news and events to ensure you have every opportunity to get involved!  Send your questions or contributions to next week's email to me - Samantha Peterson, Labor Council Communications Director at
New and Events: July 18 - August 1, 2015
  • San Diego Pride Parade - Saturday, July 18 (please arrive by 10:30 a.m.) The Labor Council will be marching with numerous LGBTQ and allied groups to celebrate LGBT Pride. Over 100,000 people typically turn out for the parade and it is an opportunity both to show our solidarity with the LGBTQ community and that issues affecting working people affect every community. We will also have a lot of fun! The parade steps off at 11 am at University and Normal in Hillcrest, proceeds down University Avenue, turns left on Sixth and ends in Balboa Park. Our contingent is number 115, hosted by SEIU and located on Normal Street between Polk and Lincoln. There is no parking in the immediate vicinity, so please plan to use off site parking and the shuttle service. Information about that can be found here . Please plan to be at Space 115 by 10:30 am.
  • ALEC Rally - Wednesday, July 22 (Program at 3:00 Embarcadero Park North, 400 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, Rally at 4:30 p.m.) The most powerful, well-funded corporate special interest front group in America is coming to California this month. The mission of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is simple: shower the 1% with special privileges and advantages at the expense of everyone else. ALEC's agenda is an affront to progress. It’s an affront to basic rights. It’s an affront to democracy. The goal of ALEC’s annual conference (July 21-24 in San Diego) is to put corporate special interests and right-wing legislators together to plot how to further undermine workers’ rights, environmental protections and basic fairness. Corporate lobbyists and multi-millionaires will have a chance to wine and dine these politicians, promise them fat contributions and a taste of the good life in exchange for supporting bills that keep paychecks low, corporate welfare high and restrict the rights of their political enemies. Join thousands on July 22nd in San Diego to send a message to ALEC: We respect workers and our environment in California. You ARE NOT welcome here!  Download the flyer here.
  • Sign making party for ALEC rally - Monday, July 20 (5:00 p.m.) On Monday night starting at 5pm will be holding a large sign making pizza party at UDW’s community hall located at 4855 Seminole DrSan Diego, CA. This will be a fun time with food music and solidarity as we make tons of signs for our upcoming mobilization against ALEC’s annual meeting. Please RSVP with Josh Anijar at so we know how many people are coming so we can make sure there is enough yummy food for everyone.
  • CANCELLED Delegates Meeting 7/22/15

Happy Weekend and we'll see you soon!
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