Monday, July 6, 2015

image Obama Returns Slavery to America


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You of course never witnessed this on Drudge or any major media, as it is of course the real crux of what is the importation in human traffick into America, and that is the SLAVE TRADE.
This story has been known for over a month.

Yes Slavery was re introduced into America by Barack Hussein Obama.

Three Defendants Charged with Operating Forced Labor Scheme ...

Castillo-Serrano and Salgado Soto are also charged with related immigration offenses, along with a fourth defendant, Pablo Duran Jr., 23, an American citizen.
This is not some fringe manifestation, but it comes from the FBI's own website.
Yes while your USDA is fixing prices so your large eggs are small eggs, and while Jeb Bush is open Obama borders, the Latins are busy enticing children into America, to work on chicken egg corporations, in literal slave labor.
10 Central Americans, 8 being children, were being held captive in Ohio, with no wages and no way out.
This was a 10 million chicken operation, pumping out 5 million eggs a day. That is an incredible half a million eggs these poor border buster slaves were responsible for each.
I have spoken of this for over a decade now in the enslavement of Latins, and here is the proof of it all.
You ask yourself in this is one corporate agriculture operation. How many of these Big Farms are slave farms from the milking industry to the slaughter houses? America has 50 million illegals from Obama imports and they are an entire slave class, like most of you white, yellow, black and red folks are.
It is a banner day. The Obama Regime's greatest legacy:
image OBAMA RETURNS SLAVERY TO AMERICA!!! None of these slave traders could be operating in the United States, running the borders, trafficking if it was not condoned by Customs and Immigration, as all of this is Homeland tracked.
It is a banner time for Obama Sin. Sodomy, Slavery, Sacrifice of blacks in churches.