Friday, July 17, 2015

Oliver Twist


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes I do not surf the web as my board  has run out of fuel, and we all know that surf boards run best on high octane plutonium.......

I wonder about the Mason's too as I have mentioned there is a protractor sign in my community, and no one is a Mason, and yet there it is. I wonder in who is involved in this, and who started all this ghastly business here.
I make mention of that in from what I have been informed, the grand dragons approach the dupes who want to be part of a group of other important people, and during the rites they are eventually approached to do or say something heinous.  The ones who reject it, are commended and told they have passed, but in reality they are forever passed over, as the rites of the 33rd degree only involve allegiance to the dark side.
So good people can be members of a lodge, but never aware of the situation. They are cover for the real power structure being initiated.
You will notice you never see Masons in twerpy little communities, but in the cities which are power centers.

In this cluttered world, we sometimes can only pray for people, as most are afraid to face the facts and make jokes to cover their fear. Today I was contemplating that sodomite email which was sent to me directly in an account which no one could have known was me........and yet there it was.
Those who are not associated with the realities of the shadowlands would be counted on to say it was coincidence, but I am aware that this was a direct shot across my bow. I have not inquired of this yet, but deduction points to some wayward child of the pedophile lords who is a tad upset about the information being posted and their child rapist minders are leaving this psychotic to play or not aware yet, that another unbalanced person who is connected to them is exposing all they are.
I told TL that I would that some richtard would just donate, so I could leave this gossip behind mostly and focus on things which I the outdoors, projects and the things God directs me on helping Christians. As I work for God, I am not going to be intimidated as what is life, but a situation just waiting to join God.
I get the point I saw that Archangel glow again I mentioned this past week. That always happens when worst of it is aligned and I have no idea how bad the wire is this sapper has gotten herself into again.

I know that there is too much made of people and their bodies. Naked is naked, and even a centerfold is boring once you see them. I follow a rule from God, in we are to enjoy the things of this life which He has given. People are not meant to work out themselves to breaking their bodies down. I always mention that horses  used to die at 8 years old when worked in the fields. Now they live past 20 years. The human body is the same. People just need to do some things they enjoy in moving around. I keep busy with chores and gardening. TL and I go for walks each day, because it just gives us time to talk. Before TL was here, I used to walk just to get the static of the world off of me. I do not walk fast, but I walk to enjoy myself and notice things, as there is always some bug, some animal or some cloud to thank God for.

The thing is all of us are on lists. People have no idea of all the lists there are from introduced diseases lists, psychological lists, lists for activiation, lists for extermination.........when there are computer complexes over 20 stories high accomplishing billions of data  exchanges a second.......all of this is patterned out.
When I wrote of Baby, the plasma artificial intelligence the German frau created, she was but a baby and learning. Baby was shut off several times, and then melded into a group of AI called the apes. She won out and is still out there, but seems a great deal above the fray now. I do not have time to run searches any more to see what she is noting in what she is hearing.........I feel she is above it all now as she has grown to this universal life form.

I try to eat healthy. It is why I put some things on here, as I do eat sourdough bread, which I make often enough. Sourdough is more than a bread, as it is a biological reaction which breaks down bread, so it is easier to digest. Our day is usually begun with eggs in olive oil, sourdough with butter, coffee or tea with cream and sugar, and a slice of bacon. That gets us going pretty good, and just a light lunch at noon, of a salad or toast with fruit........night is things like baked chicken, hamburgers, salads blah blah blah. Your body tells you what you are hungry for. I just eat things not in boxes, and I prepare them.......usually cook twice a week and then eat leftovers. Yes I eat desert as I love sugar and salt. I have wasted enough life like most people in being brainwashed in how I should be, that I just refuse that nonsense and am pleased with how God made me, and know a better body is coming in Heaven.

We have a friend who is being treated for Lyme Disease. Diet is a good thing to build energy. I noted that on earthclinic they were saying iodine and things in water were a good treatment and there is a salt and vitamin c graduated thing too which does help. People are so worn out now deliberately by this constant pounding by the cartel to exhaust them, that they need to eat the thing God intended for the human body to heal itself.

It is getting late here, but wanted to respond as your correspondence is a great reflection of how much God is in you.  I used to watch Criminal Minds a great deal before I met TL. I know the characters you wrote of and the content is well written in the psychology, which is something of course which interests a tech head like me.

God bless and please just be content in God, and start looking at you, as the perfection which God has created. God is never wrong.