Monday, July 6, 2015

Right to Rape Children


Editor's Note: This is part of the Stand Alone series from the Cherrystone Files. The reason it is the lone posting is so you are forced to read it, think about it, and not pass over it speed reading or looking at some Mockingbird story meant to distract you today.
This is the evidence to refute the propaganda of homosexuality and the reason sodomy has been legalized in America.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry informed all even before this blog began, that the entire endgame of homosexuality was the focus of legalized rape of children, for the simple reason that the clique which instigated this in Keynes the economist to Kinsey the sex deviant who produced the scientific data for it, were all pedophiles.
That is what the top cartel mongrels are. They are pedophiles. It is why you never see them with pets, because they have children they own, manipulate, rape and program.

Yes this all sounds far fetched and normal people recoil from this as it being impossible, but the Lame Cherry is going to provide the names, the links and the programme which connects the homosexual movement to the pedophile movement, as they are from the same source.
There are no conspiracy theories involved in this, as this is all hardcore fact which anyone can research on the internet as it is all public.

The entire homosexual pedophile rape of the Western cultures started in America in 1962. A rather innocent programme was initiated which was termed NYAP. This stood for the National Young Adult Project.
When you learn who implemented this project aimed at children, you are going to probably be stunned, but it explains a great deal why all of your church leadership ripped apart congregations in being pro sodomite.

With that hint out of the bag, NYAP started in the administration to be implemented by the Methodist church. The Methodists soon convinced the Evangelical United Brethren, Presbyterian Church USA, and United Church of Christ denominations to partner in this project on the same national programme.on the national level.
Other sects were induced into NYAP on regional and local levels, in the American Baptist, African Methodist Episcopal, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Protestant Episcopal, United Presbyterian Church in the USA, and Lutheran Church of America.

It was this coordinated 50 project effort aimed at children in America, which became bastardized in the form of three efforts by Ted McIlvenna of the Methodist church in California, specifically San Francisco.
Glide Memorial Methodist church was the springboard for McIlvenna's progressive studies, as he stated that there was a lack of sexual research. Knowing that Alfred Kinsey had been publishing sex studies for twenty years proves this was an absolute lie, but in 1967 McIlvenna as part of the Glide Foundation, at a meeting of the Institute for Sexual Research led to the formation of the National Sex Forum.

In 1974, this perversion made the leap to become part of academia, even if the "school" was never accredited, and even in liberal California it was sneeringly nicknamed FUCK U. The originators of this "school" were Laird Sutton to collect who was in charge of accumulating the largest pornography library in the world; Herbert Vandervoort organized and prepared the rats in the sex maze studies on humans; and Marguerite Rubenstein, Loretta Haroian, and Phyllis Lyon to set the protocols for brainwashing of these new Manchurians known as "sexologists".

The dean of this university of perverts was Wardell Pomeroy. This is the first melding overtly of Alfred Kinsey with Ted McIlvenna. Pomeroy co authored the first sex study books with Kinsey, and collected personally 6000 sexual experiences in the late 1940's
By the 1960's, Pomeroy had graduated to progressing adolescent sexuality, or children having sex.

Alfred Kinsey's roots are Harvard at the Bussey Institution in the 1920's. Soon enough the Rockefeller Foundation of the American branch of the cartel, was funding Alfred C. Kinsey. Other notable societal transformers of this era which shattered the world were the national socialist, Adolf Hitler of Germany, along with master race research in German universities, and Margaret Sanger, who implemented the reality of murdering people who did not meet her societal norms, sterilization of unfit people for breeding, and the well known aborticide industry.

Kinsey has been discredited now in being one of the most deviant sexual degenerates in history. Kinsey experimented on children in fondling them for arousal, as in infants, with stories reported he paid fathers to rape their daughters.
Alfred Kinsey was a pedophile, and it is this melding of his group with Ted McIlvenna which established the homosexual links, as McIlvenna was focused in San Francisco with promoting homosexuality in the early groups there.

Kinsey's associates were Dr. Ewen Cameron, the infamous father of the CIA MKULTRA mind control programme, and Dr. Hermann Muller, a colleague at Indiana University. Muller received funding by the Rockefeller National Research Council in 1925, and in 1932 with a grant from the Gugenheim began research in the genetics department of the Rockefeller funded, Kaiser Wilhelm Brain Research Institute in Berlin.
Muller's professor in this fellowship was Ernst Rubin who became head of the Nazi Racial Hygiene Society.
This was a symbiotic relationship, and as Rubin executed undesirables, the fresh brains were delivered to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for research.

Kinsey experimented sexually on at least 2035 children, which included acts of rape which were filmed, and times for orgasm times. This was confirmed in the 1980's by Kinsey's assistants in Gebhard and Wardell Pomeroy.

Returning the focus on the storm trooper, Ted Mc Ilvenna, the story is told by researcher Karen Booth, who found that in 1963 McIlvenna was appointed by the Methodists as director of the Young Adult Work in San Francisco, with complete support of presiding Bishop Donald Tippett.

Into this McIlvenna soon had contact with Hal Call, a sodomite leader in San Francisco of the Mattachine Society. This "society" was a support group for sodomites and advocated for them.
Call was the pimp who recruited lesbians and sodomites for Alfred Kinsey's studies. This link provided the initial contact between the Kinsey and McIlvenna NYAP groups, and Call created an immense influence over McIlvenna.

In 1964, McIlvenna with the Glide Foundation and the General Board of Christian Social Concerns produced and effort to endorse and validate the homosexual community of San Francisco. The next meeting in 1976 produced the National Sex Forum.

The brainwashing and degenerate conditioning was introduced next in the SAR programme, or Sexual Attitude Readjustment. This brainwashing programme was 3 to 7 day brain washing where subjects were bombarded with non stop pornography in images and sounds.
It literally seared the consciences of those exposed to it, and sent them back out into the Christian communities.
The groups who were brainwashed this way were, the General Boards of Evangelism and Education, the Chaplaincy Corps, the US 2 Training Program of the General Board of Global Ministries, the California Nevada General Bishop, Cabinet and Board of Ordained Ministry, and the denominational staff and their spouses in Nashville.

The oddest part about all of this is, the Methodist hierarchy were informed of all of the deviancy which McIlvenna was corrupting moral people with. McIlvenna stated that as long as he sent in his written reports on schedule, the leadership said absolutely nothing to him.

This is where the literal transformation from sodomy to pedophilia takes place, or as the Tiger Lily correctly diagnosed, the HOMOPHILIA took place in these degrading HOMOPHILIACS.
In 1976 AD in the year of our Lord, was the  Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. It is this organization which carried on the week long brainwashing utilizing pornography on moral people to desynthesize them. The claim in this group is they have the largest pornography collection in the world.

The researcher Karen Booth, of the Methodists states that McIlvenna literally corrupted, turned into sex addicts and destroyed numerous lives.

This group though currently is what the Lame Cherry reports in matter anti matter exclusive, the platform of what is the reality of what this homosexual indoctrination and legalization into American and Western cultures has always been about, and that is the literal legalized rape of children. What Alfred Kinsey was doing in Rockefeller funded studies in raping children, the McIlvenna group of California is progressing the reality of pedophilia as being normal.

This has transformed into the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The new term like "woman's right to choose" in aborticide talking points, and "homophobia" in the sodomite talking points, has become MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS for child molesters.

In 2003, the American Psychiatric Association sponsored a symposium in San Francisco, again at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. A deviant from this deviant group named Dr. Charles Moser, along with a Canadian, co author, Peggy Kleinplatz from the University of Ottawa, presented a paper  “the situation of the paraphilias at present parallels that of homosexuality in the early 1970s.  Without the support of political astuteness of those who fought for the removal of homosexuality, the paraphilias continue to be listed in the DSM.”

To translate that in layman's terms, sexual deviancy involving raping children was then viewed with the same disgust that homosexuality was in the 1970's. The politicians would next be engaged to remove child rape from being a crime, exactly as they had removed being a sodomite from being a crime.

This Peggy Kleinplatz, is typical of this funded sexual deviancy which is implemented to destroy western culture, so that it can be conquered easily as the effeminate always are. She is a nobody, and yet immediately like Barack Obama after graduation she begins heading organizations and her research starts appearing in places like the British Journal of Medicine. That kind of inroads and ascension only comes when the cartel is involved manipulating the situation psychologically to condition the masses.
This is the absolute link of proof though, that the same minders who brought the world the CIA psychedelic counter culture in California, are the same minders who progressed aborting children, euthanizing those who did not measure up, as sick as neutering them so they would not reproduce, sodomy which America has just been raped by, and what this blog predicted was the focus of all of this, in the legalization of raping children.

I realize for too many of you, the above is too much information and too much reading to deal with, and that is what these child rapists fully intended on this meandering path of history. The fact is the fools who have been cheering Obama Rainbow in that lesbian Val-erie Jarrett blaspheming the White House in rainbow colors in Equalz signs, have just laid the groundwork for the last sexual phase of this as it was always intended, and that is the legalized emancipation of children from their parents, for the police state to allow the elite to rape these children in public.

The deviant manifestation progressing this Right to Rape Children is the group with it's own website, called B4U-ACT. This group is united in pushing the decriminalization of child rape, and making pedophilia not a clinical criminal psychological diagnosis.
Much of this was already taking place in the back channels 5 years ago, while you were being diverted and you were reading comments from the net minders that "homosexuality is not connected in the least to pedophilia."
It most certainly is.

Dr. Judith Reisman who has done such outstanding groundbreaking work in exposing what a deviant Alfred Kinsey was, has been warning everyone of the mind conditioning taking place in this pedophile movement.

For those who are unaware of how intelligence connected this is, the main physician for the aborticide movement in an interview on Our Magazine in the 1980's with Gary Collins and former Miss America, Maryann Mobley plainly stated, the abortion movement before the main thrust began, plotted and planned in detail the words they would use from "tissue" to a "woman's right to choose" to the word "fetus", to manipulate the entire American population. This physician turned against the murder of children and exposed all that had taken place. The same intelligence coordinated and Rockefeller funded agenda for the cartel was at work implementing the rent a mob for sodomite legalization and it is at work with legalizing child rape.

The Lame Cherry warned all of you this was the agenda, and now it has been proven here in connecting every facet of it. All of you will be worn down and conditioned until you simply give up the protection of your children, as some elite deviant is raping a child........but Homo Hannity will be gushing about Elton John singing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, as the popular singer is buying white American babies for his sodomite union.

Mockingbird is not preparing you, it has prepared you. It shock raped you on the South Carolina black Church shooting, the immediate attack on gun rights and the Confederate Flag, and while that was taking place, the sodomite and Obamacare Supreme Court completed the real agenda as you were diverted to lay the walls for the prison of child rape which the world is now captured in.

The Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives again and again. This is something you should probably copy and save, as links this blog tends to feature exposing things, happen to disappear from the archives, and never appear in Google sodomite search engines.

Nuff said