Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Eve of disUnion


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The American world has been constructed that men like Jeff Rense have uttered the words of secession as the great Agitator Frederick Douglas would. Men like Rush Limbaugh have uttered the words "outrage" in a call to Americans as Pat Buchanan has joined in with a secession of the heart in his now decades young cultural wars in the phrase "civil disobedience".

These men are careful in their propaganda, and I mean the word propaganda in the correct way, as speaking the real words would tend to get them hauled out of bed at 3 AM in their underwear by the Obama regime and what follows.

The Lame Cherry has correctly used the word RESISTANCE, and now Pat Buchanan has linked it to the heart too, as the place where only NSA scanners can read the mind to know which neurons in the brain are firing off in the aggressive mode of heat signatures.

It is the point though in what Donald Trump means, and why this blog stated again, it must be known and understood by Trump's followers, that if Donald Trump is murdered like JFK, then the elite must know that it will ignite a revolution, and it will then be a matter of what the police state will murder or stand around to police the revolution once it comes into power.

I am trying to explain and educate all of you of the keyboard pansies, that this is a war, it is a fight, and if you are still thinking that playing fair is going to solve your genocide with mass murderers, who have rigged elections, overthrown the government, corrupted the Supreme Court, filled the entire media, corporations and security forces with minders, then you are existing in a delusion. The only thing which is going to stop this is what Rense, Buchanan and Limbaugh have uttered, and that is a fight to the death.

Humans always believe things will be short and sweet. The first time American revolted it was years. The second time America revolted, it was years. When America revolts, it is going to be years again and millions will die. That is not a far fetched statement, because that is what happens when the battles of escalations take place. Some BATF shoots a dog at Ruby Ridge, some kid shoots a black commando agent, some BATF blows the brains out of a mother as she holds her baby......and the kid crawls around in the blood and gore for days, as regime snipers seek to murder the entire group, as dead men tell no tales.

There is one key event in this, and that is what Jade Helm is conditioning. There is something which even Jeff Rense's people have not concluded in this, and it is the fact, it is not just the population which is being conditioned to have the military busting through their neighborhoods, but it is the US military which is being conditioned to view Americans as their enemy, so being ordered to pull triggers as Wes Clarke did on the Branch Davidians will come easily.

Everything is once again being set up for an extermination conflict in America of Americans. The crucial role in this though is to keep the police state from cracking down on the Citizens, as the Citizens perform their Limbaugh outrage.

History is a teacher in what all revolutions are a part of. There is a reason Stalin burned Rothschild factories and starved Ashkenaz rich farmers to death. There is a reason that Lenin and Molotov tossed their cocktails at key sources. There is a reason that the Patriots of Boston unloaded tea and tarred and feathered tax collectors.
Huh, the stuff of Robin Hood legends? That is why it was stated here that Gordon Kahl of North Dakota was brutally butchered in his tax protest, as every revolution from Hitler's Munich beer halls and Krystalnacht to Putin's puche against the oligarchs, all had to do with neutralizing the money horders and cutting off the tax revenues to the state which was persecuting them, so an overthrow could  take place.

Flip the coin my children, and you have Jekyl Island, the Federal Reserve, removal of the gold standard, tying the dollar to oil, and now taxation with misrepresentation in Obamacare. Yes the very foreigners who installed Birther Hussein and have made criminals of Americans, as they raped the population of morals, used the very same revolutionary tactics over the years, and they have been successful in a government coup against Americans.

The situation is though, that none of Rense, Limbaugh or Buchanan have prepared you for the realities of secession and civil disobedience, as this initiates the police state to invade states and to murder you legally. It is why this blog posted for your exposure to facts, that Abraham Lincoln desired to unleash scorched earth police state actions, and not warfare, as in war he had to follow rules.......when it is a Citizen in revolt, then all rights can be suspended and all means from legal murder, exile and property confiscation can be unleashed to break the population.

The reality which each of you must face is simple. You are not going to talk your way to victory, any more than George Washington did. Pat Buchanan can attempt to link this to Martin Luther King's Civil Right's movement for cover, but that is the worst form of propaganda, as blacks were just minded tools. King was assassinated, and replaced by FBI minder Jesse Jackson to keep the blacks from revolt. Blacks survived as blacks were a base for socialism to be introduced into America, run the CIA dope rings and produce a reason for SWAT protection escalation, and blacks made a nice profit in all that welfare money flowing to the big corporations.
Americans are not going to be coddled for any future. White Americans have firearms and if attacked enough would revolt. Blacks are now a burden in being lazy. The Mexican is the choice in being well trained like the Chinese  to be brutalized and simply work to death and die.
What I am explaining here is the reality, of it is not just going to be one Molotov cocktail at regime buildings or one pull of the trigger or one swing of the bat. This is going to be something which will make you cringe, as I have read of people already cringing at the few words of Donald Trump. It is delusional to think that these international rapists of cultures, who rape Lara Logan as an example to press corps to stay in line and butcher Col Khadaffi are just not going to unleash a toxin on you as they did Andrew Breitbart when he threatened to expose part of this, or let loose some of Saddam Hussein's WMD's in Syria and try to blame it on Assad.
When this happens, you are the ones who will be unleashed on. They will come with absolute sanctioned murder and no one is going to care. You are going to have to comprehend that you are going to stand alone, be a rugged individual, and that you are in this already, and you are going to die in a fight or you are going to die rationed death in hospital.

There is no preference in this for the cartel in how you die. Civil Disobedience is factored out in deaths and your dying of cancer is factored out for profit. This elite has all of the scenarios worked out, and manages this daily, as all of you are progressed to the plus minus. Today it is Rense, Limbaugh and Buchanan carefully ushering in cover terms like legal state separation, righteous outrage and flower power squat protests, but the police state is going to respond exactly as all police states do to, the same actions Americans were involved in, in 1776. It all ends in people beaten, imprisoned and murdered legally, and then the population begins reacting, and making mistakes which brings more SWAT scorched earth to their communities.

In the modern era, it requires blinding the police state with all their surveillance, taking away taxation gathering to feed the beast which will arrive to murder you in extreme prejudice and rooting out those minders in the Homoland lists which are reporting on everyone of you from your governors to you.

I have come to the conclusion that the Continentalist in my party of one, requires a society, a Director of Conscience, a title the publius might refer to themselves, like the fish drawn in the sand for Christians.

I call this the Dead Reagans. This is the society of those who wait peacefully and the symbol is above.

Donald Trump is a feature to progress the Rense, Limbaugh and Buchanan verbiage forward as he  "takes America back".

Salon magazine is at a point yet in Mockingbird of mocking Pat Buchanan, as they are flush with sodomite police state power, in trampling upon moral rights. The steps which follow are the ones which escalate to put fear into those who have the ivory towers, but no walls to protect them from the mob which Obama was threatening to unleash on corporatists.

See when a dictator is in power, he can put boots on the throat of oil companies and use drones to murder Americans overseas, and all is legal. It is only when Hutatree mumbles the things which Rense, Limbaugh and Buchanan have, that the police state activates by design.
There are already people who will be Oswalded as was the case in the North Carolina mass shooting. Examples are there and it is all gauged when the trip wires are set off, then if it is you, your own mother will not recognize the heinous beast which the state says the William Wallace you are being portrayed as could have come from her womb.

For the fool of the keyboard pansies who think this is all something without consequences, I have watched since I started posting these articles 4 G connection run slower than dial up. Mom merely mentioned homosexuals on the phone to my brother and was cut off. Our cell which is set to disconnect after 5 minutes, was on last night for over one half hour. The attempts to post links of Facebook require two attempts as there is so much surveillance in this as is the literal freezing of the blog in not allowing posts.
I am well aware of the Homoland Terrorists running basement NSA operations out of the Rainbow house on this blog in increased fervor, and I am acutely aware how close to the line this is in my being murdered, as no one else is correctly assembling the data in this, and you are instead to be stumbling around in the abyss, to carry out the protocols of outcome in thinking about breaking apart the union, being outraged like Islam, being Donald Trump Storm 'front' as that Nazi epitaph is about to be unleashed in a Trump wag the dog, and you are supposed to without planning go out and be disobedient civilly, to be made an example of, to scare others back under their beds, and to look unprepared and as stupid as you are.

You are being forced to react, and not take reasoned action. It is why this blog is a problem in it keeps pulling you back from the edge of the abyss, and that is not what is being progressed.

I have to stop with this tutoring of you for the moment, as your wee minds are fatigued and stopped paying attention. You focus on the reality though that you are in this to your end. You do not get to leave with your state, you do not have the luxury of being furious and out of control, and you do not go out and make yourself a target of the IRS, your SWAT or holding a Liberty Bell so a sodomite pisses on you. You instead be an adult. Deal with what is being inflicted upon the American corpse and await for the events to transpire in the natural order.
You prepare for that time, in all contingencies from Donald Trump gaining a partial victory to complete anarchy.

You are not ready, any more than the Israelites out of Egypt were ready for the fight. You have to start thinking correctly first. Only then will you then be ready to start making progressions for your actions factored out and if that is......what George Washington would do.