Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Game Changer


As another  Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The first time I saw Donald Trump, had nothing to do with Mr. Trump, as it was Arianna Trump, who was on This Old House featuring the Trump Towers with Bob Villa.
I knew that Donald Trump was not the son of a rich man, but a man who knew how to get things built in New York, where it takes bribes, kickbacks and every nefarious sort of deal to make things work in that corrupt city.

I had doubts about Ronald Reagan once upon a time, just as I have doubts about Donald Trump. Mr. Trump though is making me pay attention though, as he is now the Game Changer, a real one, and not the put up fraud of Birther Hussein Obama.
Donald Trump took a stand on the Birther issue, and for that reason the Obama regime in Jerome Corsi's work had to buy the corpse of Shiek bin Laden, which in turn got the SEALS mass assassinated in another regime cover up, and the murder of Andrew Breitbart who discovered the details of all of this.

Donald Trump has changed the entire invasion issue in America. Now the Big Koch and Chamber of Commerce puppets are forced to come out and lie to each of how they will "fix" this criminal invasion which they were all for, before Donald Trump changed the game. 

I have stated from the beginning, that this was about stopping Obama's 3rd term in Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. At this point, there is hope as Donald Trump has just forced a change of focus........and those Boehnerite bend overs for Obama in Congress are going to have to scramble for a message too, as the Americans are awakening for one last fight.over the dead American Virgin.

The reality of all of this is how taco up the ass all these Mexicans are. Read the following GOP insider who is Mexican not getting the point, that INVADERS ARE FELONS, and not just some Obama buster given a fed gun to murder a woman in San Francisco.

Hector Barajas, a prominent Latino Republican consultant, also agreed that Trump shouldn't have singled out Mexicans for blame because immigrants from all over the world enter the U.S. illegally or overstay their visas.
Though there are some "bad apples," Barajas said, "for the most part, the immigrants who have come to this country are hardworking individuals who are just trying to get ahead."
Latinos, he added, "draw the line on felons. ... We don't want to see felons let loose back in our communities."

These are ALL AMERICAN COMMUNITIES and no one who is not collection plate or paycheck kickback connected to the border busters, wants any of these diseased, squatter Mexicans in their communities.
Blacks do not want them. Whites do not want them. Asians do not want them. American Indians do not want them.

That is the reality. This is an invasion for the possession of America, and these arrogant latins are holding stolen property, standing on the corpses of Americans, and acting as if they are not all a bunch of damn criminals!

Name one damn latino who stood up for America, when Mexicans were flying their flag at US SPORTING EVENTS? Name one latino who stood up and condemned the diseased, the criminal and the slave import of Mexicans?
None of them said a word, because deep down they agree with it all like Muslim terrorist sympathizers as this invasion mob promises them political power as a voting block, first to replace blacks and then whites in America.

Instead of showing one ounce of responsibility these latins have doubled down, like their Birtherzone leader Obama, in THREATENING AMERICANS as latins "have long memories.

Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, said Latino voters think most politicians "are missing what the real issue here is: We're living in a violent society ... whether immigrant or not." But politicians who broadly scapegoat Latino immigrants should beware, he said.
"Latino voters are not short on memory," he said. "They will remember who has been on their side or not, and who has spoken well of them or not."
Donald Trump is thee only American in this race, not politically handled, not answering to the cartel. On the issue of American Invasion, he has touched the patriot nerve which has been in Obama shock therapy.

Donald Trump has changed the game in taking a stand for America in saying the things you think. Stay with him when the cartel sets him up, and let it be known if anything happens to Donald Trump on a grassy knoll, that this will mean damned lying 9 11 committees with reports, but Revolution of the people, both right and left taking America back.

You do not have to vote for Donald Trump, but by FACT, do not abandon this man the way too many did George W. Bush in the last leg.
Donald Trump changed the game, and you are in a game, because he gave you a field to play on. Now do not squander this opportunity as you are not going to receive another one.