Thursday, July 30, 2015

This is most certainly True

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Every religion claims they have the answer in who God or god is.

The Muslim has a god which is feared.

The Jew has a God Who is revered.

The Buddhist has a god that is a good thought within.

The Hindu has a sacred god.

The liberal has a god of sin.

The Catholic has a Pope filling in for God.

The Christian though is unique, in having One God Who is the Father in Heaven, but Whose Thought is so Life Giving, that this God desires for every human to have a relationship with Him, and when that Thought enters a human soul, this Life of God becomes a Presence which grows within that person a Spirit like God.
The Christian God in the beginning created all by His Word, for the purpose of having people in this world who could choose or reject a simple offer, "Either they can become Spiritual children of God and be His Spiritual Family, or they can reject it and become the alternative to God, in spiritual death.

The Christian God, through Jesus the Chirst the Word of God, with the workings of the Holy Ghost of God, is thee only complete God. Other religions have only fragments of God or make a god in their own image. The Christian God is the One Way, the One Truth and the One Life, all other beliefs, no matter how much the regime threatens, the religions berate or the sinner attempts to silence, can not vanquish that One True Message of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ about the Kingdom of God.

I believe the Holy Ghost Wills to end this lesson here, as the Truth has all been spoken, and there is no need for thousands of words or hours of reading, to teach more than whoever believes completely that Jesus is the Son of God for their redemption, changes to that life abiding in God's Law of caring for others in confessing Christ as their Savior and by their actions proving they are legitimate Christians, they will be saved by the One True God.

This is most certainly True.